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Now This Is Clever

A Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube That Floats In The Air Is Completely Hands-Off

You’d be forgiven for assuming that this video was the work of a talented animator, a visual effects artist, or an illusionist. But the only magic at play here is magnets and a magnificent execution of miniaturized robotics. This is a real Rubik’s Cube that can completely solve itself while floating in mid-air.

We first saw ‘Human Controller’s’ creation about a year ago which started life as an off the shelf Rubik’s Cube puzzle that was invisibly upgraded with servos, electronics, wiring, and even batteries allowing it to spin any of its multi-coloured sides without any human intervention.

It was also able to automatically “solve” itself once scrambled, but in reality, there wasn’t much logic required to pull off that trick. Since it required a human to do the scrambling manually, the electronics inside could just record every twist and turn, and they recreate them in reverse to create a colour-solved cube.

There don’t appear to be any improvements made to the self-solving Cube’s speed: it would still be trounced by the fastest robotic and human solvers in the world.

But thanks to some strategically positioned magnets inside (and a cleverly hidden magnetic base) the upgraded Rubik’s Cube no longer needs a human to precariously grasp a corner while it performs its self-solving feats. It now gracefully floats in the air like an illusion straight out of David Copperfield’s repertoire — but somehow even more captivating because you know how it works.

Freedom to Choose

Australia’s one & only ‘not halal’ butcher stands his ground

A butcher shop in South Australia has refused to change its shopfront signage despite being told it was “inciting hatred” towards Islamic people.

But the judgment panel took issue with the sign’s wording and the use of Australian animals, saying it gave the impression Islamic people might not be welcome inside the store.

Infidels are not welcome wherever Mohammedans have been able to settle in large numbers. Why would they want to go to an infidel butcher to buy non halal meat?

A complaint over the signage said it “pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief”.

There’s no fun in Islam. Is that ‘judgement panel’ trying to enforce the sharia?

“Using the phrase ‘non halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian,” the panel said in their judgment, which was handed down in August.

A majority of the panel also ruled the signage gave “a strong impression that people of a certain religion or ethnicity might not be welcome in the store”.

“Had the sign stated ‘not halal approved’ or ‘unfortunately, non halal’ this would be less likely to have been considered discriminatory or vilifying signage,” the Ad Standards panel concluded.

The business has since changed the sign so it now reads “not halal certified” instead of “non halal certified” but is refusing to remove the images of the emus and kangaroos.

“As long as we own the shop the sign won’t ever come down!” a Facebook post read.

Good use of a Drone

Surfer warned of lurking shark by amateur drone operator using speaker system

A surfer, unaware of a shark lurking beneath him, has been warned of the impending danger by a quick-thinking amateur drone operator.

The predator was spotted just offshore at Werri Beach, south of Wollongong, as the board rider waited for his next wave on Sunday.

Christopher Joye says he used a speaker on the drone to alert the surfer, who quickly headed for shore.

“At Werri Beach today this large shark was approaching a surfer, and I used my drone’s speaker system to warn him,” Joye wrote.

“He looked up at the drone, then bolted, with the sudden splashing warding off the approaching shark.”

A good use of drone technology in an time of bad reports recently. With the world waiting for the oil prices to jump following the drone attack on a Saudi oil refinery yesterday, and the threatened drone strikes at Heathrow last week.

Not all drones are bad. I have a fishing drone still waiting to be used for the first time. Just need to find the time to use it.