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  1. Dr. Robert Malone does a narration of why he sees the world is being possessed.
    No magical formula, just be real. Do what you can, and this may help you figuring on how to cope and to be able to safe guard your self with some others.

    13 minutes

    A “Mass Formation Psychosis”.
    Why the World does not make sense, Creating a Free floating Anxiety.
    Creates a discontent in ourselves so stresses us.
    Creates a hypnosis in people, + fear porn, that is being produced to effect us.
    Leaders put in even if untrue,
    People can not hear the evil, can not see the evil, can not seem to speak against evil, just as 1984 book by having some of that fear.
    Plus other controls being put into place.

    It is true, the world has gone mad.
    How far will this go, and it does not look so good,
    However , substitute the fear of the virus to a greater threat,
    Totalitarianism is a bigger threat, and people can see that.
    Give them a greater concern, their freedom is still being lost.

    Society is sick, so to heal, see the global threat, and act local, for the people we know, have in common, to help the skeptical thinking, to remain true. Not increase division.

    E&OE and there is more than I quickly typed up.



  2. Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie
    2 hours 1 minute. : approx 19th November 2021 : Blaze TV : Glenn Beck.

    Bitchute alternative. if Utube pulls the above.

    If you have doubts then here is the source to all the actual documents that you can down load.
    “View the research and supporting documents for this special here.” [Click]
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    COVID-19 changed everything.
    The way we live our lives, how we operate our businesses, how we see each other.
    And now, the federal government is sinking its tendrils even deeper, threatening the fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of the republic.
    Our American way of life may never be the same.
    To save it, we must understand the key fundamentals of the pandemic that transfigured our society into the nightmare it is today.
    What is the COVID-19 origin story?
    Who are its top players in government and science, pulling the strings?
    What was their REAL response in the first days of the pandemic?
    The answers to these questions are frightening. Emails, documents, and federal contracts tell a dark story that is still dominating our lives.
    It’s time to cast a light on the shocking truth.
    Because only with the truth can we emerge from the darkness of this “pandemic” and take back the liberty stolen from us.
    This is Glenn Beck’s most important chalkboard of his life.
    And the most pivotal time in yours.

    This special would not have been possible without the careful research of fellow truth seeker and American patriot Charles Rixey. Check out his work for more on Fauci’s Covid coverup and much more. https://prometheusshrugged.substack.com/

    Trust an essential ingredient in society is gone.

    The origins from bat to mouse to human & the Wuhan lab research and particularly with Fauci, government authorities, etc… coverup,
    Then the vaccine companies link up in 2015;- NIH & Moderna documents agreement.
    Then check who now owns the vaccine and it is shhhhhhhh … where is the government money being paid for vaccines going to. Conflict of Interest, and to which type of government, the ownership.
    The connection to Big Banks & Big Tech.
    So why no other first, early treatment, and why the pressure for mandatory vaxx.

    A quick take of Dr, Ryan Coles on what he has just heard.
    Mark Twain — ‘The man who does not read, has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’
    We are in era where information is shut down, and to figure is it science gone awry or science gone awry intentionally [deviant’ly] for the benefit of a few & the detriment of many.

    Now the start of the Pandemic late 2019 September? the differing problems at the lab, but what was the problem, the Chinese cover up, and who else helped the cover up..
    At 58 minutes:- First priority was protect the secret.

    The power of controlling all funding research meant No Scientist, researcher could question about the evolutionary bat to human jump. See who got rewarded for supporting that.

    This vid looks eventually gets to the vaccines and definition change of vaccine to really just being an unproven therapeutic for the your health,
    So then the government could proceed to “mandatory” and more.

    Really going for the connections with documents freely available to show up the links, lies that became more deviant to cover up, as the vaccines problems are being covered up.
    Seems to that every senator, congressman should be looking those documents over, as now he as also made it the documents available to every citizen.



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