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‘We are one? No we are not’: Businesses around Linwood Mosque face closure after Govt refuses support




From Newshub

Businesses around the Linwood Mosque in Christchurch are closing their doors as they struggle in the aftermath of the March 15 massacre. 

They claim to have lost thousands of dollars since they were cordoned off in the terror attack but are being told they’re not eligible for any financial support.

They told Newshub the Government has completely forgotten about them.

After a nightmare four months, beauty business owner Trish Bailey is opening up shop for just two more weeks.

For her, Jacinda Ardern’s words following the massacre – “we are one” – have a hollow ring to them.

“We are one? No we are not. Sorry. That’s how I feel and that’s how Jacinda portrayed it. We are one and we are together? Well we’re not.”

On March 15 with seven people killed at the mosque a cordon went up around the area and kept surrounding shops shut for 10 days. The businesses took an instant hit.

And while the cordon is now down, business owners say they’ve never recovered. While they’re lucky they didn’t lose their lives they are frustrated that now they’re losing their livelihoods.

Shane Lilley says his pawn shop is making half of what it was before the shooting. He’s had to take out a $25,000 loan just to survive.

“It’s a worry but we’re going to press on and carry on because we need to and unfortunately some of the other businesses are worse off than we are,” he says.

One of those worse off is the ‘Rent to Own’ shop just two doors down.

Donna O’Melley’s just been told, she’s lost her job after 18 years. Her employer is being forced to call it quits with profits halving month on month since the attack.

“People ring up and say ‘oh I want to rent to own’ and you explain what they need to bring down. ‘Oh I don’t want to come down into Linwood’.”

In documents obtained by Newshub the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says the 12 businesses in close proximity to Linwood Mosque do not need emergency business support, writing that no employees have been laid off and business has returned to normal.

However Councillor Yani Johanson says that’s just not the case.

“My understanding is it’s pretty critical for a number of the businesses,” he says.

“There has been significant financial loss and there is also the huge trauma associated with such an attack so I think the Government does need to provide support.”

And while he understands local authorities are asking the Government to reconsider their ruling, it’ll be too little too late for some.

Having a mosque in the neighbourhood just might be too much for some “of us” It was a one off shooting, but who knows?

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  1. Sadly for small business there are often interruptions where foot traffic is impeded. Construction of new buildings where a fence is thrown up outside your door for months or years is a common occurrence and no compensation is forthcoming to those affected. Is the Linwood shooting any different? Is this a special case where the taxpayer must bail owners out? Business interruption insurance is encouraged for this very reason. Like all insurance, it is expensive until you need it.



  2. In business ya pays ya money and ya takes ya chance.

    The area is a run-down shithole and has been for a lot of years. As stated above the shooting has had little effect, intelligent people have avoided the area for most of those years.

    Which is why it has a rent-to-own shop (i.e. rip-off artist), a pawn shop and just down the road, a KFC.

    No doubt the mosque is there because it’s rent is cheap.

    No one offered me bail-out money when the scum allowed those fucking scooters to come in and damage my business and I’m fucked if I think my money should help these bastards.

    Fuck ’em!



  3. Maybe the problem is the police. It is convenient to erect their tape by going from the fence on one side of the stree to the fence on the other side, rather than have a policeman stand there and hold the tape on the area required to cordon off.



  4. “Climate change” is also playing a huge part in dividing us. “Deniers” are dinosaurs, evil white men, farmers, carnivores, motorists, etc who actually are just normal, everyday Kiwis who want the Govt to piss off and stay small.



    • Age and cynicism has taught us not to take such dramatic speculation and scare tactics as gospel. People with agendas have been speculating forever that the world will end. We are still here. Lucky the human spirit to resist is strong in some of us.



    • In the pub for lunch today I happened to pick up a copy of the Marlborough Express (Stuff). Leafing through it was page after page of climate and CO2 bollocks (and no letters page not that they allow comments anymore on a whole range of forbidden, science settled, subjects) completely mis-informing anyone gullible enough to believe these “newspapers” are anything other than propaganda rags pushing the government party line. I really fear for the future of our country now, we are heading down the wrong road at such breakneck speed.



  5. This shallow airhead who is totally out of her depth pisses me off.

    Parades around wearing her head scarf looking so wise and serious but when it comes to compassion for her fellow human beings it’s bugger you Jack, I’m OK.



  6. This is how the Islamist ghettos start. White flight and Moslems buying up the properties and before you know it a full blown Moslam ghetto complete with halal shops everywhere, sharia patrols and burkhas all round. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Unlike most New Zealanders I have been watching this stuff for twenty years as it has been progressing in Europe where it has been aided by compliant governments and police terrified of being called “racist.” How long until the first stories of white NZ underage girls being groomed by jihadi rape gangs start to emerge I wonder?



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