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3 of the Most Telling Failures of Socialism




Lee Edwards

Some conservatives may be discouraged by the latest surveys confirming that nearly one-half of millennials are receptive to living under socialism and regard capitalism as a captive of greed. In fact, they present us with a golden opportunity to educate all Americans about the manifold failures of socialism and the miraculous advances the world has made under free enterprise.

For example, the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson revealed at a Heritage Foundation event that between 2000 and 2012, “the rate of absolute poverty in the world fell by 50%.” That is, “the poor in the world are getting rich at a rate that is absolutely unparalleled in all of human history.” 

Heritage’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom reported that the greatest advances came in African and Asian countries (such as Botswana and Taiwan) that limited rather than expanded the role of government. More than 100 countries, many of them with less developed or emerging economies, showed marked advances in economic growth and individual prosperity.

Such good news is seldom reported by the mainstream media, Peterson said, because of the technological revolution that’s occurring in every form of media. All the broadcast networks, leading newspapers, and magazines exist in a shrinking market with dwindling margins of profit. To attract attention they are turning to an old journalism axiom: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The news media obsess over the latest school shooting and bloody street riot. And yet, Peterson pointed out, the rates of violent crime in the United States and in most places “have plummeted in the last 50 years.” 

The U.S. is now safer than it has been since the early 1960s, but the reporting of violent crime in America has materially increased as the mainstream media, in pursuit of ratings and revenue, have highlighted the dark side of society.

Conservatives must step forward to tell the truth about capitalism: the better life it has brought to billions of people, the diversity and freedom of choice it celebrates, the individual responsibility it encourages, the continuing miracle of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” its rejection of government planning that always leads to dictatorship.

Which brings us to the urgent task of exposing the chimera that socialism is just another political system. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and their fellow socialists carefully omit any mention of the principles laid down by Karl Marx, the founding father of Socialism, such as the abolition of private property and the centralization of the means of production and of decision-making. But make no mistake: There are radical socialists waiting in the wings to promote these extreme initiatives.

It’s up to us to tell the truth. Socialists promise a classless society but create the prison camps of the Gulag and the Isle of Pines. They assure peace but engage in wars of national liberation. They abolish private property but depend upon the underground economy. They stamp out religion but worship Big Brother. They bring down corrupt dictators but institute a dictatorship of the Party.

Here are some of the most telling failures of socialism:

One, socialism has never succeeded anywhere, including the Marxism-Leninism of the Soviet Union, the National Socialism of Nazi Germany, the Maoism of Communist China, the Chavez-Maduro socialism of Venezuela. It has never come close to anywhere near Marx’s ideal of a classless society.

Two, Marx has been wrong about nearly everything he predicted. The nation-state has not withered away. Capitalism didn’t break down as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Workers haven’t become revolutionaries but capitalists. The middle class hasn’t disappeared; indeed, it has expanded exponentially around the world (see the above about the sharp decline in global poverty). Marx’s attempt to use Hegel to create a “scientific socialism” has been an abject failure.

Three, socialism denies the existence of an essential human trait—human nature. Marx borrowed from the Enlightenment to declare that human nature was malleable, not constant. Christian theology with its idea of a fixed God-given nature infuriated Marx. 

The socialist state established by Lenin tried for seven decades to create an entirely new human being—Soviet Man. In December 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev gave up trying and dissolved the world’s most spectacular failure in human engineering.

Four, socialism depends not upon the will of the people but on the dictatorship of the Party to remain in power. In “The God That Failed,” six famous Western intellectuals describe their journey into socialism and their exit when they encountered the gigantic gap between their vision of a socialist utopia and the totalitarian reality of the socialist state.

After visiting the Soviet Union, the French Nobel Laureate writer Andre Gide said: “I doubt where in any country in the world—not even in Hitler’s Germany—have the mind and spirit ever been less free, more bent, more terrorized and indeed vassalized than in the Soviet Union.”

What price socialism? The Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang listed the “little terrors” that prevailed in China—making children of 12 subject to capital punishment, sending women to work in underground coal mines, harassing workers during their lunchtime with threats of prison if they were late returning to work. A Soviet defector said of the perpetual surveillance: “We lived in a world swarming with invisible eyes and ears.”

Given the ignorance of so many of our fellow, especially young, Americans, telling the truth about socialism has become an imperative. If we do not, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and their fellow travelers will fill the vacuum with their misleading rhetoric. This is the truth about socialism: It is a pseudo-religion founded in pseudo-science and enforced by political tyranny.

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  1. At times, it’s hard to tell which is the worse ideology: Islam or Socialism. I suppose the one redeeming quality of socialism is it doesn’t try to lay claim to your soul after death.

    Currently, the number one terrorist ideology is Islam. The number two ideology is Socialism. Not that many decades ago that was reversed.

    After the fall of the Iron Curtain, socialism lost its spark and rebranded itself under the dogma of environmentalism…even though those former countries had dismal environmental records especially when compared to Capitalist countries. It is interesting that in the last few years, socialists are feeling brave enough to start separating themselves from their environmental disguise – not a lot of distance but some.

    It’s interesting that when push comes to shove, Bernie Sanders is nothing but hot air. He was booted out of a Kibbutz for being lazy. He was unemployed until entering the political office. I suppose that makes him in the mould of Karl Marx (another layabout).



  2. Both ideologies are “trendy” with a lot of young people, especially with JA at the helm. Both show countless examples of failure. Capitalism = Freedom and vice versa. I have no faith in the current education system to teach my kids that or any critical 20th century history that would put romanticizing socialism and communism to death. I’ll do it myself.

    Bernie Sanders is just a blowfly annoying all around him. Anyone who would honeymoon in the Soviet Union is a dickhead. He praised bread lines. Madness!



    • Leftism is strong amongst public education teachers. So yes, teachers will romanticise socialism and communism.

      It’s amazing how popular Sanders is. It goes to show that most voters don’t bother doing any due diligence. Though, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. If most voters bothered to do due diligence before casting their votes, few Leftist politicians would ever see the halls of power. Our education system has a lot to answer for.



  3. Due diligence- exactly. Even my mother-in-law, who is very well educated, will say stuff like “Oh i couldn’t vote for him he’s ugly.” “She’s got terrible teeth” etc! How many other people vote on such superficial crap?



  4. Socialism works until they run out of other peoples money.
    How’s that fiscal hole Grant? I can’t wait to hear the financial mess you will be foisting on us when you read your glitter rolled turd “Well Being” budget on 30 May. Many politically challenged morons will have their hands out waiting for their share of the glitter covered lolly scramble only to find disappointment and personal financial worries are the end result.



    • It’s called the trickle down affect. Not before time that the poor are given what you rich pricks have been getting for years. The voters voted for a caring govt and it is delivering what they saod they would do. The way your national party is performing, we can look forward to another 6 or more years of this caring govt. You lost, we won. Get used to it.



      • So what do you do for a crust Fd? Are you gainfully employed or do you rely on “this caring govt” for your oats and glitter? Dear deluded Fd, do you know the govt does not have any money, it is all funded by the “rich pricks” you so clearly despise.



      • “Rich pricks” eh? Don’t equate conservatism with wealth. It’s values, not money. Those values include taking responsibility for oneself. Before my business gets paid again, I think I’ve got a couple hundred bucks in my cheque account after i paid my bills and stuffed the cupboards and fridge with food. Rich? Ha ha methinks NOT. Self-sufficient? Yes.



  5. The funniest thing with so many young people following the pied piper towards socialism is they have absolutely no idea what is really is. More importantly how it would impact on them. They seem to think it is socializing like gathering on social media. Quickly latching on to the emotive words like social and more importantly FREE stuff. Now we about to see it reaching even greater levels of stupidity as the cluttered Dems candidate field of 20 rush to out do each other. Lest we forget the bulk of the USA debt was the result of the previous President opting to print money to recover from the GFC. Thankfully for NZ the previous Government opted for what seemed a longer alternative to work the country out of it while doing more with what they had along with controlled borrowing. So sad to watch it all being undone like a kitten “helping” grandmas with her knitting. Time to rinse and repeat.



  6. I saw a great graphic on the Net recently ( sorry I cannot link the image). It is a photo of a “caravan” heading to the USA.
    The text says ” If socialism is so good and capitalism is so bad —- then why isn’t the caravan heading to Venezuela?”



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