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700% increase in “Covid’ Deaths




Measuring and reporting Covid-19 deaths

From RNZ.

Deaths linked to Covid-19 in New Zealand have climbed steeply since mid-February as the Omicron outbreak takes its toll.

Ministry of Health figures put Covid-19 deaths within 28 days of being reported as a case – as of Thursday 24 March – at 192. But that figure doesn’t tell the whole story.

Forty-one deaths have so far been officially classified as due to Covid-19. In addition, the ministry says, “Covid-19 has contributed to four deaths, two deaths within 28 days have been ruled as not related to Covid-19, and 149 deaths are yet to be classified”.

With so many Covid-19 deaths being recorded, what should we know about how they are measured and reported?

Is our new process for reporting them playing a part? And how will the coming weeks look in terms of reported deaths?

Changing how we report deaths

Earlier in March, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced a change to the reporting of Covid-19 deaths in New Zealand.

From that day – 10 March – onwards, deaths are automatically reported if the person died within 28 days of a positive test result.

This is the same system used widely around the world.

Deaths are now reported in three categories:

  • Where Covid-19 is the clear cause of death
  • Where a person is found to have had Covid-19 when they died but it was not the cause of death
  • When a person is known to have had Covid-19 when they died but their cause of death is not known

More details will also be included on deaths, and this may include some deaths reported outside of the 28-day window.

Now, where this new method may affect the death count is this: “Deaths are automatically reported if the person died within 28 days of a positive test result” and in particular “where a person is found to have had Covid-19 when they died but it was not the cause of death”.

That may drive the number of deaths reported each day higher than deaths actually from Covid-19.

Our mortality rate has skyrocketed recently.

After holding steady at about five per million from early 2020 until late last year, it jumped to about 10 per million for several months – until February 2022.

Since then, it has gone rapidly up to reach close to 40 deaths per million.

We’re in the middle of the pack when it comes to mortality rates internationally.

“We’re sort of sitting in the middle of a bunch of countries like Germany, UK, Switzerland and the USA … in the two to four deaths per million per day (range).”

But overall, our deaths are still low compared to many countries because we avoided massive death tolls recorded in other countries over the past two years.

As for the coming weeks and months, Baker says “there’s a lag of deaths and we first see the peak of cases, then we see a peak of hospitalisations, and then we see a peak of deaths after that, and there’s lags of several weeks in there.

“That’s why early on we saw hundreds of thousands of cases, but not many deaths, but they’re catching up now unfortunately, and they’re tracking up and they’ll be in that 10 to 20 range for several weeks.”

At the moment, Omicron appears to be peaking in New Zealand as a whole.

It peaked in Auckland about two weeks ago and much of the North Island about a week ago, and for the rest of the North Island and the South Island it may be peaking mid-late this week.

“The hospitalisations in Auckland peaked about two weeks after cases, but the rest of New Zealand is just still peaking in cases so I think will be another two weeks from now before hospitalisations peak.

“And the deaths generally peak about two weeks after that so I would say we’ll see peak mortality within the next month, probably for New Zealand as a whole.

“But those waves will take until the end of late April … deaths will stay at a raised level right through until May, probably.”

Plank says there will be “quite a lot” of variability in daily numbers of deaths recorded.

He says we are likely to end up with deaths “in the hundreds” from the Omicron wave.

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  1. No mention in the article that the CDC has quietly removed tens of thousands of “covid deaths” from their figures because they weren’t really covid deaths. The government here will be desperate to hide vaccine deaths by calling them “covid deaths”which, in a way, they will be. Omicron is much less deadly than the previous scariants as we have been told so how to account for it eh?!



  2. “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

    ELENA GOROKHOVA, A Mountain of Crumbs



  3. Another good article by Guy Hatchard.

    Slowly but surely the truth is seeping out, and it is not pretty. …..

    ….. “In conclusion, the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses, which should be considered in the development and use of this new class of vaccines.” ….
    …. If T-cells are suppressed, cancers receive a ‘get out of jail free’ card. ….

    ❖ The problems with our pandemic response run deep ….

    ❖ Money turned heads $ ….

    ❖ Was evidence cited from a balanced perspective? ….

    ❖ Why did the government hide data from the public? ….
    ….. Vaccination exemptions which Pfizer said should be granted to those injured by the first dose were denied by Dr Ashley Bloomfield. …..

    ❖ Dire predictions were misleading ….

    One of the few New Zealanders that is recognized overseas that sees the problems

    Injection objection: Dr Guy Hatchard discusses a Polish study on mRNA Covid vaccine side effects
    14 mins 43 secs : Mar 24, 2022 : GB News, Mark Stein.
    At 55 secs Guy Hatchard is on.

    Will not be shown on New Zealand media. 🙁



  4. The big lie. A death from anyncause up to 28 days after a positive testis no a covid death without an autopsy or at least supporting information.
    The lie got exposed when a shotgun killing is a covid death.
    The $55m MSM are providing value to their paymaster in covering this up.



  5. Last week I had a phone consultation with my medical specialist who had last year strongly advised me to have the vaccine!! I’d told him at the time I was going to wait and decide later. This time neither of us mentioned the vaccine but I presume he had noted I hadn’t succumbed to having it since?

    I wasn’t able to have my usual blood test before the phone call due to short notice. When I told him I was fighting off a cold that had the symptoms for Omicron he told me to leave a period of time before having bloods taken again as it altered the blood. Afterwards I wondered if he assumed I’d had the shot? I’ll ask my GP when I see him after the mandates are dropped.



  6. I am not sure Guy Hatchard totally-iterian gets it, but he is battling pretty well and deserves full support.
    Step by step revealing more & more.

    …. one-sided propaganda has created a counter-rational outlook. ….

    ❖ Light at the End of the Tunnel?
    …. symptoms of myocarditis following vaccination such as: …
    …. registered with CARM … … a copy of your submission with NZDSOS ….

    ❖ Two Worlds Apart
    ….. Ministry of Health is wondering what their long-term prognosis might be,
    whilst the government is going to court to insist that the police continue to be required to risk long-term cardiac damage. ….

    ❖ Truth and Reconciliation is Needed
    ….. government’s announcement that vaccination passes are ending has led to a measure of confusion. …
    …. outburst of hate speech against unvaccinated individuals. …. … concerning when remarks seek to dehumanise people …. … Ardern appeared to condone …. … threats against anyone on either side of the argument as the BSA did, it can only get worse. ….

    ❖ A visit to the Dentist?
    …. My daughter: Don’t you clean the surgery after each appointment?
    Receptionist: Yes, but we will need to complete a deep clean after you. ……


    Ardern really wants to keep this going, setting things up this coming winter, to achieve the “in total-itarian” “data passport”



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