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8th Shot of mRNA Vaccine, and the Coming ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’




The largest magazine in America is the AARP magazine. AARP stands for The American Association of Retired Persons —and their monthly magazine reaches an estimated 38 million members every single month.

And in the most recent edition of the magazine, they told their nearly 38 million members to “hustle” over and get another COVID, even if they’ve already had 5 boosters.
And this suggestion comes just in time, as scientists are now sounding a new alarm, and warning people that the latest variant of COVID might lead to a global “heart failure pandemic.”
Meaning, that if all of a sudden you see people falling left and right due to heart failure—well, that’s definitely not what you think it is. It’s actually the latest variant of COVID.



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  1. Actually I don’t give a fat rats ass if anyone is having their3ed 4th, 5th, 6th 7th or 8th shot they deserve it. Obviously heart attacks suit them and they have a death wish so not sorry, not at all sorry for them, they can please themselves when they die, which they are doing by the way.



    • Yup I agree. I have a huge amount of sympathy for those that were force to get the 1st two jabs. Those that continued with boosters, their problem and I don’t give a fuck about what happens to them. This includes some of my extended family.



      • I know heaps of people that stopped at the first two jabs. I managed to talk common sense into them. Which wasn’t that hard since they had been unwell after 1 and 2, heart issues, arthritis, blood clots, etc.

        Many people left the country permanently rather than stay here and suffer in the real life saga of Mad Jax II – Welcome to Dystpoia.



    • Charles Bronson, rest his soul, if he was around he would have made a movie out of it.

      Death Wish 6.

      In which he goes after all the people involved with promoting and supplying the toxic vaccines that killed his family.



  2. In part I see the headline as a “hope”, as it seems to be so slow, & to what effect in really exposing how many were duped,
    Can they see it, then accept that they were dupes?

    Its Over. It’s All Coming Out
    9 minutes : 15th January 2024 : Russell Brand

    In the week of Anthony Fauci’s appearance at the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, what part did he play in the consolidation of State power and destroying democratic debate by eliminating voices such as Jay Bhattacharya
    – and how do we dismantle the Censorship Industrial Complex so they can never do it again?

    Focused on “The Great Barrington Declaration” & what done to those who agreed with it.



    • Duped, and the vaccines were “genesis” project for heart disease and turbo cancers, and many other health issues. And big Pharma, and their big tech investors, are rubbing their hands with glee, at the prospect of govt funded (as always) “cures” for said heart diseases and cancers.



  3. This Canadian Doctor sharing the info in this article that is showing up in Japan.
    By Doctor Wiliam Markus Jan 15 2024 ;
    ….. Professor Masayasu Inoue who is Emeritus Professor at Osaka City University School of Medicine:
    So, we are working with Dr. Fukushima to create this database, and so far, about 201 types of diseases and 3,071 papers on side effects have been reported.
    It is unprecedented in human history for a single vaccine to have this much literature out on it.
    With this, we plan to present it to the nation and the Japanese government in the form of solid science that no one can dispute. …
    ….. you will find diseases of the heart, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, liver, skin, eyes, blood, nerves, systemic diseases, brain, lungs, diseases across all medical fields have been reported, and as Professor Fukushima stated, the characteristic of the side effects of this vaccine is ….
    —– – “Unprecedented Side Effects” from COVID-19 Vaccines (Jan.11, 2024) …..

    Though there is that “silence cone” about vaccines & Covid19, at least Japan just quietly bucks some of those controls.
    While in New Zealand, Doctors risk being de-registered, whistle blowers face court with major fines & gaol, & still many government controls & forms of censorship.

    There is a term that starting to rise.;—
    ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA.
    With good pathologists using histography for staining, can differentiate between the virus spike, and the vaccine spike.



  4. This may explain why the division over Covid issues.

    … They reported that their family and friends seemed like they were hypnotized or part of some cult in which they were not able to question anything that their cult leader said.
    They were not interested in facts or scientific reports.
    They only wanted to follow the mantra: “Wear a mask, social distance, get tested, and take the COVID injection.”
    This situation included parents pleading with their children in college who refused to listen and took the COVID injections.



    • Apologies —- timed out on edit as became busy on other things.
      A bit annoying as I had wrote a bit, here it is more briefly. 🙂

      The link to that article :—

      In this interview with Meredith Miller,
      53 minutes : Jan 13th 2024

      How the systemic parts of government in so many ways created that dissonance, confusion, & to exploit the susceptibility of humans.
      They still are in my opinion & do it on other issues too.



    • It is also the ‘house of cards’ lies…

      If said hypnotised people realise that the Covid narrative was false, it is like pulling out base card and the house collapses.

      Because when said dupees acknowledge they were duped, the first question is “what else have we been lied to about?”

      That them forces a total thinking re-calibration, and it is like waking up and realising you are in the matrix, and that what we think of the world is a lie.

      I know medical professionals that reigned, or took early retirement over this, who will never work as medical professionals again, as they realise the degree to which health is managed by big Pharma. They are going through actual research, self realisation, and deprogramming as they comes to grips with having being lied to and groomed for decades, all driven by a big Pharma controlled health system.



    • This is not as in depth as the above Meredith Miller interview, so is a bit lighter on showing why people conform, but still shows it is very innate in our human nature.

      Brain Games Conformity Waiting Room
      5 mins 34 secs : Nov 18 2018

      Bear in mind, people are in a strange place, new things like that test coming up, so a mild stress factor.



  5. The failure of Pharma companies to test, to test on so many fronts as many of us are aware.

    Can the mRNA COVID vax change your DNA — humanity itself — forever? Sounds nutty. It’s not.
    or if you prefer twitter X
    7 mins : 16th Jan 2024 : Tucker Carlson

    Tucker Carlson | Dr. Joseph Ladapo: Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA COVID vax and change your DNA — and humanity itself — forever?
    Sounds nutty. It’s not.
    “Absolutely that could happen,” says Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida. ….

    The Doctor shares it a layman’s level.
    Your DNA in this case can be affected by the contaminant DNA that can hitchhike with the mRNA in the carrier lipid nano.

    The FDA’s own guidance is to check so that it does not happen.
    Then FDA is asked if tests were done, but they could not & would not answer.
    So they did not test for this risk,

    Just as many things is not to look, shut down anything contrary, tests, what are those?
    Raw data, do not let others see it.
    No autopsies as Fauci’s directive.
    Not to test if transmission may occur after the vax?
    No monitoring of the vaxxed to see if there are any untoward patterns to be further investigated.

    Seems to be totally unsafe, if not actually very dangerous.



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