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A doctor’s insight into vaccine injury

ByThomas Lane
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  1. A NZ’s auditor insight ….. yeah naaahhhh …..
    Will this get any legs of just what went on?
    So the problem was solved. …… yeah right …

    1ZB … 31st October 2023 ….. The Office of the Auditor General has made a series of recommendations to the University of Auckland in the wake of a Covid-era contracting process that involved an “inappropriate” procurement process and a multifaceted “potential conflict of interest”, at the centre of which sat the spousal relationship of Dr Nikki Turner and Dr Tony Dowell.

    Turner is the medical director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) – a business unit of UniServices which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Auckland – and has been a central figure in the Labour Government’s pandemic response. Turner’s husband, Dowell, is a professor of primary health care at the University of Otago. …..

    So this couple were pontificating on getting jabbed, while profiting from it.
    Just a wet bus ticket, of being “inappropriate”

    NZ Herald ….. 11th March 2023 …. Covid vaccinator training scheme raises conflict of interest questions, writes Kate MacNamara.

    A spousal relationship at the heart of the Ministry of Health’s $16.5 million contract to educate the army of vaccinators to administer the …..
    Herald Pay wall.

    An army of vaccinators trained into not having a clue, like obtaining the total charade of “informed consent”, and how to ignore all contradictions to taking the vaxx.
    To be glib to any questions raised.
    Just as long as they also had up to date courses of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) responses, so that would seem they thought there would be some problems?, so put out the busy “precautionary principle”

    Yet that “precautionary principle” was never applied to understand just what the Covid vaxx meant.
    Just like no precautions over “thalidomide”

    But why was so much “precautionary principles” applied to HCQ & Ivermectin?



  2. ……”My worry is that trust in the medical system may never come back”…….

    From the POV of this commentator trust in the medical profession has died, received the last rites & been buried out behind the settling ponds.



  3. Thomas Lane
    Writer, Editor, and *Content Consultant.*

    KEITH BERKOWITZ, MD, is founder and medical director of the Center for Balanced Health in New York City and a former medical director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine.

    Does anyone see the problem here from the POV of being taken seriously from the general population and MSM regarding this issue.?



      • Definitely not. I have researched the topic well and believe there are serious answers to be sort. I will just give you one example. You can extrapolate it out because it may answer many questions.

        A major problem is medical staff administrating the Covid dose DO NOT aspirate their needles. What does that mean? The needle should be inserted and the plunger retracted. If blood comes into the syringe that means the needle is in a vein and the vaccine would be injected straight into the blood stream and not fatty/muscle tissue. That potentially can be dangerous.

        But according to Google:

        ”Syringe aspiration when vaccinating intramuscularly was not recommended before the pandemic due to the lack of conclusive evidence that it provides any benefit.”

        Then again according to Dr John Campbell aspiration is important and should not be missed.


        You should take a breath before throwing aspersion at me, Mr Editor. Read the last paragraph in my above post.❎



        • I’ve been following this forum & a few others since the vaccine was even mooted. Opinions did & still do range wildly from it being the saviour of mankind to the WEF’s holy grail of a global depopulator. While I support the latter stance the danger of articles such as Ed published above is that of signposting rabbit holes which draw attention away from the salient point. Your response is in similar vein.

          That point is, is the government or in future, should our gutless representatives cede authority the UN, to be permitted to compel a medical treatment?

          Should citizens wish to become experimental pincushions that’s okay. If they wish to jump off cliffs or drink themselves to death that too is fine by me.

          But NO mandates & NO compulsion!



      • There’s nothing wrong with the article. The problem is nothing will be done until squeaky clean medical authorities beyond reproach start to question things. That is in short supply at the moment. The two people in the article would be considered by mainstream to have one foot down the rabbit hole because of their resume. Mr Editor, I believe, thinks I’m pro Covid vaccine and don’t know shit about shit because I always have a considered opinion on the issue.



        • I sometimes think you are a bit of a fuckwit but you are entitled to you opinions. Do not assume you know what I think about this or any other issue. If I think something is worth saying then I will say it, and bugger the consequences.



          • Each day I see comments on this blog that are fuckwittery in the broadest sense. And you have the audacity to think I’m a part-time fuckwit. Why am I not surprised.

            I assume nothing.

            You will have noticed my high use of words such as ” MAY” and ” I BELIEVE.” In fact I’m about to post an example on ‘have your say.”

            That you wrote this comment means you haven’t got the jist of my original post.



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