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How much food you can get for the cost of a packet of cigarettes?

A Stuff Report

A packet of cigarettes costs more than it ever has in New Zealand – $35.90 for 20 Marlboro Reds at the supermarket in Wellington.

A series of prices hikes on tobacco that began in 2010 saw the cost of a single cigarette reach a high of nearly $2 this month.

Recently, an Australian grandmother undertook a challenge to see how many “value” supermarket food items she could buy for the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Spurred by her results, posted to Facebook with the hashtag #nonsmokingchallenge, we decided to undertake the same experiment here in New Zealand and find out just what, materially, your cigarettes are costing you.

We steered generally clear of the priciest fresh items, although our shop did include a pack of family-favourite pork sausages as well as some apples, bananas and versatile potatoes.

We bulked up our trolley’s protein quotient with some shaved ham – necessary with the return of the school lunch – and sliced cheese, as well as a tin of baked beans.

We added tinned tomatoes and frozen peas, alongside a loaf of bread, margarine and rolled oats.

There were two different types of pasta in our trolley, a litre of milk and, because we all need a treat now and then, a packet of biscuits.

All of that for $35.70 – 20 cents less than our final purchase, a packet of Marlboro Reds.

$1.80 a cigarette doesn’t sound much in isolation, but it equates to a loaf of bread a tin of baked beans. Or two 500g packs of pasta, or a pack of chocolate chip bikkies.

Two cigarettes would buy you half a kilo of potatoes and leave enough for a tin of tomatoes.

Say you have a “pack a day” habit. That’s 140 cigarettes a week, or $280 back in your pocket. In some parts of the country, that’s a week’s rent.

There’s a lot else you could do for that sum. At the end of your first smokefree year you could have saved over $14,500 towards a house deposit. You could go on a few really nice holidays.

Our shopping list:

Rolled oats, 750g – $2.79

Baked beans, 400g – $0.80

Chocolate chip biscuits, 250g – $1.89

Loaf wheatmeal toast bread – $1.20

Penne pasta, 500g – $0.95

Spaghetti, 500g – $0.95

Chopped tomatoes, 400g – $0.79

Apples, 561g – $3.39

Bananas, 521g – $1.56

Potatoes, 496g – $1.48

Frozen peas, 750g – $2.99

Tasty cheese slices, 250g – $2.99

Margarine, 500g – $2.99

Shaved ham, 150g – $2.79

Milk, 1L – $2.38

Precooked sausages, 8 pack – $5.77

= $35.71

There is no reason why families cannot afford to feed themselves. It’s all a matter of priorities. Do you continue to bleat that the benefit is not enough, that your kids are going hungry, or do you stop smoking and spend your money MORE wisely?

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  1. I feel sorry for smookers having to pay so much tax.
    Our tourists and back packers cannto believe the price of cigartees here.
    You would not believe how many young people from France and germany smoke.



    • So that will be yet another broken promise from the COLL.
      Smoke free by 2025?
      Where will all the tourists go if they cannnot smoke here?



    • I was going to make the same observation Dig. So I asked Mr Google and he told me that:

      The excise duty is now 82.66 cents a cigarette, up from 73.81 cents a cigarette in 2017. Source: NZ Statistics Dept.

      So that’s $16.53 per pack – 46% – which goes to the government. Was this mentioned by the socialistic ‘journalist’ in her article?



      • It’s actually more than $16-53 Dave, the $16-53 is just one level of tax – the excise.
        This does not include the Company Tax, GST, or any of the remaining raft of taxes that merchants are responsible for collecting and passing on to treasury.

        Just like the price of petrol – I think we would all be happy just paying one level of tax, but we are subjected to so many others as well.



        • Do not feel sorry for smokers and the cost of their smokes. Feel sorry for the amount they have to cheat on their taxes, merely to get square.



  2. That picture really puts it in perspective. Enough food there to keep me going for several days, if I ate the amount I should rather the amount I do. Things like porridge and pasta and Weetbix cost next to nothing.



  3. Labour are flooding FB with look at us what good guys we are type adds. They are getting a lot of negative feed back and man are those lefties nasty. Mostly women or men that should be.
    Attack their adverts with negative comments. thatll fix them.



    • There was a lot of comment on Ryan Bridge’s show on Magic yesterday about Socialist Cindy’s salary being approx $450k/a and that she doesn’t earn it with her lack of competency and her hypocrisy that she is all about kindness and looking after the poor. LOL.



    • Yes lefties are always nasty
      I find that most right wingers just present their arguments in a well reasoned, polite manner



  4. You fools. They won’t stop at tobacco.

    Bad diet kills and harms far more people. Ironically that photo covers most of the culprits. Eating that high carb shit is worse than smoking.



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