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A sensible leader say no to migration pact






The central European Visegrád group has criticised the European Commission’s planned reform of the EU’s asylum policy, which could ultimately force members to accept migrants.

This week, the EU’s powerful executive arm announced that it would be scrapping the Dublin arrangements and replacing it with a “strong new solidarity mechanism”. The proposal would also open up more routes for migration and asylum.

Euractiv reported that the mechanism would give member-states a choice between hosting migrants or being responsible for returning failed asylum seekers under the “returned sponsorship schemes”.

While it is claimed accepting migrants would not be mandatory, the website notes that under a proposed “crisis preparedness” mechanism, nations would be forced to take migrants either permanently or during the repatriation process, such a crisis being on the scale of the 2015 Europe migrant crisis itself.

The report even suggests that states which opt to simply hold illegals until deportation will ending up having to keep them, owing to the difficulty of repatriation.

The mass migration-sceptic Visegrád, comprised of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, rejected the proposals after meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday. (Slovakia’s premier was not present, and was represented by his Czech counterpart.)

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán said that the proposed measures do not include the option to host the migrants in “hot spots” in third countries outside of the EU, so that asylum applications can be assessed before a migrant sets foot on European soil.

“There are many changes, but there is not yet a breakthrough. A breakthrough would mean outside hotspots,” Prime Minister Orbán said after the meeting between the V4 and Mrs von der Leyen.

“Nobody can enter the EU without having a permission to do so because their request for asylum is accepted. Until that moment they have to stay out of the territory of the EU,” the Hungarian premier added.

Mr Orbán further said: “‘Allocation’ or ‘quota’, to change the name is not enough. Hungary is against it. The basic approach is still unchanged. They [the Commission] would like to manage migration, and not to stop the migrants. The Hungarian position is stop the migrants.”

His Czech counterpart Andrej Babiš agreed, saying: “We have to stop migration and the quotas and relocation. These rules are not acceptable for us.”

Mr Babiš added that migrants should instead be stopped at the EU border and returned to their home countries “and be given help there”.

The prime ministers were backed by Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, who told local media on Friday: “For the sake of those countries from which these people are escaping war today, they need to be as close to their borders as possible in order to have the greatest possible enthusiasm and motivation to come back and rebuild them.”

President Duda criticised plans to force EU member states to accept migrants, saying: “No dictate of the European Union, I believe, should ever force us to do so. We should never agree with that.”

The Visegrad states are not the only EU nations to reject any migrant redistribution plans. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called any such system a “failed” policy. He advocated instead for strengthening the EU’s external borders, sending aid directly to countries where the migrants are originating, and breaking up people-trafficking networks.


  1. Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orbán’s speech
    A long speech, and picks apart the issues.
    21st September 2020.
    1) Illiberal, Christian democratic, conservative, liberal
    2) Europe and its place in the world
    3) The virus, protection and prospects
    4) The usual suspects


    An explanation of thing, that in part give a deeper understanding of things in New Zealand too, particularly the ones looking to align NZ to their Global regime.
    This gives a better ability to counter and challenge such people.



    • Another take on Victor Orbán’s speech, and summarizes those points he made quite well.
      Seems to be much shorter than the speech. 🙂

      Orbán appears to be referencing the trend in the the West where migrants increasingly make up a large share of the population, often resulting in dramatic cultural changes.

      Sweden, once known as the most welcoming country for migrants in the world, now has Swedes calling for drastic reductions in migration, as the surge in migrants have been tied to an increase in violent crime, sexual crimes, and has seen Muslim groups demand fundamental changes to Sweden’s secular society.
      Similar developments are occurring in Germany as well.

      In France, the country which has the largest share of Muslims of any European country at 5 million, now one out five children born have Arab-Muslim names.

      In Denmark, 76 percent of migrants there want to ban criticism of Islam, and in Norway, ethnic Norwegians are expected to become a minority in their country this century.

      In contrast, polling shows that Central European countries remain adamantly opposed to mass migration, with citizens of the Czech Republic the most opposed.

      Many good links there to back up those figures.

      ” migrants there want to ban criticism of Islam”, and with the “Christchurch Call” backed by Ardern this month as also called for by Christchurch imam Fouda



  2. Its just more censorship, designed to hide governmental incompetence in term created bye a failed education system based on libtard ideals, so in essence its a self perpetuating system of structural failure, the narrative is what they call facts the CIA approves of, every other view point is Canceled or Social Media censored bye Fake Fact Checkers,
    As my Grandma used to say, ;Give em the finger but keep the prints:



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