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A tale of Constitutional woe




A tale of Constitutional woe

Signing of the Magna CartaRunnymede, England, June 15, 1215

By John Grey

On a cold night in Melbourne, a British Blueblood appointed the Governor-General of the Commonwealth either got very drunk, or caught in a compromising situation his wife would be very upset about, and compromised to the extent that his Sworn Allegiance to the then Sovereign was overruled by his immediate circumstances. We do not know who plied him with a plentiful supply of powerful spirits, or seduced him with a lustful wench, but compromised he was. That Blueblood, Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson was the second Governor-General of the Commonwealth. The first Lord Hopetoun had done a buggerofsky in 1902, and Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson was it. He was the son of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate . And if we may say so, a useless Pommy Bastard.

The Australian Lawyers in Parliament who arguably should not have been there anyway, by the Lawyers in Parliament Act of 1372 repealed after the Rothschilds formed an alliance with the Roman Catholic Church and bribed the members of the House of Commons to readmit lawyers, but not for the Colonies to repeal it. This compromised Pommy Bastard disregarded the Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900. His strict orders gave lawyers dominion over the new Commonwealth of Australia.

Buster Noble had a hit in the 1960’s called The Pommy Jackeroo. A rollicking good yarn about an English blue blood who came to Australia and went a drovin. I am the Honourable Thomas John, Montmorency Fitzhugh, but here they call me Tommy the Pommy Jackeroo. Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson (1903–1914)was the Governor-General of Australia for 11 years. Hallam was named after his fathers best friend who died aged 22 and his father was Alfred Lord Tennyson who became the Poet Laureat of England. He wrote some legendary poems, one of which was the Charge of the Light Brigade. This occurred in Crimea in Russia, where 600 mad poms, mounted on magnificent cavalry horses charged into the Russian guns and a few got through and disabled them. Compare that with the Charge of the Light Horse at Beersheeba, 800 Light Horse were up against 4000 Turks in trenches. They enabled a crushing victory.

What has happened in Australia is that the rotten High Court has gradually seen all the maxims of law disregarded, their precedents ignored, and jury trial abolished on the whim of three scumbag Judges of the High Court. I call them scumbags because in 2002, over the very heavy objections of two of their number in a five person Court, Hayne Gaudron and McHugh, with Kirby and Cullinane objecting, in a case called Gerlach V Clifton Bricks, [2002] HCA 22 they put the final nail in the coffin in which justice was buried in the Commonwealth. Hayne was told in 2003 that S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 made every Judge and Magistrate in the Commonwealth a convictable criminal, when they sat without a jury. He ignored the warning. McHugh had a gambling habit and Gaudron was a Roman Catholic Church follower. A Roman Catholic Church follower is not necessarily bad, but the English Common Law is based in Protestant Christian teaching, where everyone is equal before Almighty God but the Roman Catholic Church Church teaches that a Priest can forgive sin, provided a price is paid. The English booted the Roman Catholic Church out of England because they were selling indulgences and had slaves on their vast land holdings. An Indulgence was a price paid for various sins.

The Magna Carta was used to abolish that scheme, but the Crown still charged a fee for letting sinners stay out of jail. So the sinners started paying the Judges to give them absolution, instead of a Roman Catholic Church Priest, old habits die hard, so a King, in 1487 made it a crime to do so, in a Statute 4 Hen 7 Ch 20 and only a jury could let a sinner go free if he paid a price. You see the New Testament of the Holy Bible was the English Constitution, and in Matthew 17 Verses 24 to 27. the Tax Collectors came up to Simon Peter the disciple of Jesus at Capernium and said, “Dost thou Master pay the Temple Tax?” Simon Peter Replied, “Yes” but Jesus Christ rebuked him saying “ Does the King tax his own family or strangers? “ to which Simon Peter replied, “ No only Strangers”. Then Jesus Christ told him to throw a line in the sea and he would catch a fish, and in its mouth he would find a two denari piece, enough for both of them. It must have been a miracle because I have never caught a fish with some money in its mouth. In the Protestant Christian Country we lived in in 1900, the law was we were all part of the King’s Family, and Sovereign Subjects of the King , and there was no Income Tax at all. A Denari was a days wages for a labourer and in today’s money, around 200 Australian Dollars.

This all changed when we won WWII and lost our status as Subjects of the King in 1948. The League of Nations became the United Nations, and the United States of America and Australia was forced into joining it by the debt incurred in the Second World War. The Cestui Qui Vie Trust was created, and a Birth Certificate became a Bond. The International Monetary Fund owned by International Bankers who funded both sides of the war, demanded we join. To continue to rob us blind, and keep charging Income Tax, the Australian Government and United Kingdom Government had to abolish Christianity as the underlying philosophy of the Realm, and introduce communist style citizenship with almost identical Nationality and Citizenship Acts 1948 . The Australian people rejected this in 1949 by booting out the Australian Labor Party and the English did so in 1951. But neither new regimes repealed it.

We funded World War One and the Nullabor Railway without debt by creating our own money. As a condition of becoming Citizens we were given a Reserve Bank. The COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA simply wrote cheques, and the people paid the money off in time by mining gold and minerals and working hard until 1924. The Reserve Bank of Australia was created in 1960. But before that from 1924 until 1960 the Commonwealth bank was the Reserve Bank. We had a bunch of English bankers come to Australia in 1924, and they persuaded a rather gullible Nationalist and Country Party Government to put a board of private bankers in charge of the Commonwealth Bank. After that board was appointed all the Banks created money out of thin air, by creating credit, and lending it out at interest, not just the Commonwealth Bank. The Commonwealth Bank was privatised in 1996 at $5.40 a share. They are now worth over $100. What makes them so valuable? It is a racket based upon the demise of jury trial, and the brutal takeover of the law by lawyers.

Who can afford to employ a big law firm? Only a millionaire or a big company. A few canny operators in Queensland have won cases without a lawyer. Queensland is the only State that complies with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and Constitution albeit reluctantly and only partly, with the right to jury trial buried in old legislation, and tampered with by a Roman Catholic Church treaty emanating from Rome called Unidroit. They say Maxims of Law have been abolished. One has been applied. “The Pope never sleeps”. The Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 in Queensland are a Roman Catholic Church manual of world wide application. They were introduced by the Roman Catholic Church influenced Judiciary in Queesland to replace the old Rules. If a canny operator requests a jury trial in Queensland, and knows where to look it is still a civil right in this State. The rest of Australia in each State is run by a den of thieves called the Law Society and the Bar Association. and to a certain extent so is Queensland. Misleading and Deceptive conduct is banned by the Law of the Commonwealth. Why has this sorry state of affairs eventuated?

The philosophy of the entire legal profession is never give a sucker an even break. They believe they own the show, and advise all governments that they are the Sovereign authority and have their agents in every Parliament in the Commonwealth, devising ways to separate the suckers from their money. The Legal Profession in Australia in the public interest should be banned from every Parliament. Every Member of both Houses of the Parliament of the Commonwealth who practised as a lawyer before becoming a Parliamentarian has a past that should disqualify them. Because a Pommy Lord, in 1903 refused to follow Orders from the Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 in writing every Governor-General since has been as useful as the tits on a bull. Since they will not and have not made Australia the land of milk and honey, for all practical purposes of no real use to anyone. Because Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson was either a lazy Pommy Bastard or seriously compromised by whores or drugs, or of feeble mind from grog, he was persuaded to go along with the Legal Profession in Australia scam and omit S 15 of the Judicature Act 1873 ( Imp) from the Judiciary Act 1903. The Judicature is the Heading on Ch III Constitution. By S 13 (2) (d) Acts Interpretation Act 1901 any heading to a chapter, part, Division, or Subdivision, appearing before the first section of an Act is part of an Act and always speaking.

The Finger of Almighty God has been evidenced by the Parliament of the Commonwealth on many occasions. The three Judges who decided the above case of Gerlach v Clifton Bricks should have been charged with conspiring to pervert the Judicial Power of the Commonwealth and actually doing it and cashiered. Sacked, given the bullet, told to bugger of, and not come back and forfeit their pensions.

In 1980 the Finger of Almighty God moved the Parliament of the Commonwealth to enact the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in 1986 as Schedule 2 to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986. A Schedule is also part of an Act. Every decision made since then by any Judge in Court or Magistrate is by S 15A Acts Interpretation Act 1901 void absolutely. Not only that, these Legal Profession in Australia individuals and their Bully Boys, the only Open Carry individuals in Australia, walking around with a dirty big pistol on their leg, are all liable to seventeen years imprisonment by S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995. Once S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 is applied S 268:20 Criminal Code Act 1995 kicks in. That is persecution. Together that is 35 years jail, two offences by 17 years, and with a formula in the Crimes Act 1914 ( Cth) to convert it to cash each and every one of the silly twirps, fools with wigs, and Uniformed Goons forced to pay the prescribed pecuniary penalty.

You would think the son of a Poet Laureate like Alfred Lord Tennyson would have a strong command of the English Language in which all laws are written. Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson obviously did not, and every wimpy, uneducated and craven Governor-General ever since has accepted he got it right. He did not. They turned him to the dark side, the side of evil and all who have come later like lemmings have followed. English is a wonderful language, versatile, precise with the biggest collection of words ever assembled. Five hundred thousand in fact Most common people have a vocabulary of around 30,000 words. Some have many more. P/2



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  1. An interesting article, although one does rather get the impression that the author is not a fan of Govenors’ General (Especially if they are ‘Aristocratic Poms’), l Lawyers or the Roman Catholic Church…

    FWIW (And make of it as you will) , according to the ‘Advance Australia ‘ website, ‘John Grey’ is ‘The nom de plume of a distinguished legal practitioner, a gentleman and a scholar, a fine judge of women and wines, with more than 50 years experience in law. He no longer practices, but he continues to advise and write about the law…’ (1


    (1) https://cirnow.com.au/john-grey-on-lawyers-and-the-law/



    • ‘…English is a wonderful language, versatile, precise with the biggest collection of words ever assembled.’
      What a pity this learned man didn’t re-read his musings to edit for grammar and verbosity.



      • Sounds or reads very much like a drunken waffle
        I guess he made a point somewhere in there but managed to get a billable 1.5 hours from one basic statement (or not) !!

        Another thing
        This cant be true
        ….precise with the biggest collection of words ever assembled.’…..

        It can’t be precise AND have the largest collection of words
        An oxymoron
        Words like
        have many meanings.
        They are very imprecise.

        English is an evolved and evolving peasant and imprecise language
        It was never structured like the romance languages.

        I did not read all of the above.
        But I do want some of what he is having !!



  2. Well they did and are doing the same here.
    Tell the voters to toss the popes toss pots and then lets get on with treating people as individuals with sovereign rights.
    The catholic mafia is alive and well in this town.



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