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A week is a long time in politics






Look at the dates. On the 8 August things were going well for the family of 5 million. The narrative being promoted was that we were 102 days clear of community transmission of the Chinese virus.

Next minute, she is having to front up and say we are now under restricted movements as the community transmission bubble has burst. Only now does she call for politics to be taken out of the election. If she and her team had not been such bloody liars on a daily basis and tried to keep the information hidden, none of this would be necessary.

They only had one job. That was to keep us safe. To stop the Chinese flu at the border. If they couldn’t even do this, then they are not fit to be in Government.

No wonder she is keeping a lower profile whenever bad news is being announced.


  1. Living just over the border in rural Pokeno, I tell you what.. there is nothing but hatred for the current government.. we can’t travel into Pukekohe to buy groceries at the supermarkets that we have gone to for many years.. many stories of elderly being turned around in Pukekohe (and being frightened when it happens as they have always been law abiding) having to drive all the way to Huntly just to pick up food.. Be Kind means nothing now!



    • Being kind always meant nothing to the left. The left do not know how to be kind, it’s just a word with no meaning for them. Sick to death of the whole thing. If I was to die of covid so be it. I believe the heart only has so many beats and you are done. Trying to save old people is just a pretending to be kind, FFS would you wish to end your life in a home for the frail?



      • Ahh but you are using logic, your comments are correct but also wrong as you think you have the freedom of choice but choice was removed from you during level-4 and you will never get it back to what it was.. sorry but you need to understand the new world order, you should have taken the time to read George Orewell’s 1984.. because we are now living that reality.



    • I opined a few weeks ago that an another outbreak would be good from a political point of view in that people would start to get pissed with the govt just before the election. I do believe a whole bunch are getting pissed off, and many are Labour supporters…. You think any of the truckies stuck in border check points are going to vote for the muppets, or the essential workers that cant get the paper work sorted, or the bee keepers today? Yes there will be economic pain but hopefully it will cut the cancer that it’s this govt off at the root so that a strong National /Act govt can rebuild quickly.



  2. ACT are so good on getting it out there. They have press releases out within hours of something happening, they distil an issue down to basic so well (as above) and they do it with what I assume is a relatively small team.

    Why can’t National be so nimble?



  3. Isn’t Christchurch lucky to have the Ak lockdown on at the present time. Just think of all the policemen they could not have roaming the streets, taskforce raptor gun trucks patrolling and helicopters in the sky to keep you awake at night!
    Police must have dragged every tom, dick and harry in from the country areas only in lockdown 2 and shipped them down to patrol the streets.
    Is this the real reason the for the army in lockdown?
    Can you imagine the PR spin to cover their arses bring people out of Auckland to gaurd the muslims.
    Where is the mad queen?
    Has she been sighted, Rag On Head, in Chrischurch?



  4. Worksafe to inspect the quarantine sites next week!
    Not important enough to work the weekend,
    Where have they been for the last month. Sitting on their arse watching porn on their PC?
    Typical goverment clipboard warriors. Bloody useless!
    The whole public servants need a bloody great clean out from top to bottom!
    When you have something happen, you see how useless they are!
    Making shit up on the hoof, no planning at all!



    • Oh you are so right Sooty, make their jobs political appointments and fire them all just before any election, rehire the competent ones ditch the rest, same for the climate commission those dudes are floating with the fairy’s in Moo Moo land, no fukker can predict the weather more than two days in advance and these ass clowns have micro climate predictions 80 years in advance for the whole country, the only models im interested in are scantly clad.



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