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President Putin: I Will Never Allow the ‘New World Order’ To Pervert Nature – There Are Only TWO Genders

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to never cave into the ‘New World Order’ elites who want to destroy the concepts of male and female.

Speaking to journalists at an end-of-year press conference, Putin warned that the elites in the West are deliberately trying to pervert nature by claiming that men can be women and women can be men.

“It’s inevitable [that these concepts will arrive in Russia],” Putin warned. “If someone thinks men and women are the same thing, let them think that, but let us think about common sense.”

“I believe that the traditional approach is correct. Male is male, female is female, mother is mother, and father is father. I sincerely hope that our society has the moral armor to protect us against this,” Putin added.

He also spoke about the far-left movement in the US to allow inmates to legally change their gender to female in order to enter women’s prisons.

“To fight against that, we should not just shout and point fingers, but we should support our own traditional values,” he declared.

 Putin’s statement isn’t the first time a senior Russian politician has spoken out against modern, progressive ideas in regards to gender issues. Earlier this month, Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that it is “unacceptable” to impose foreign values on a country without taking into account its history, faith, religion, and national characteristics.

“They are trying to impose alien values on us. And not only on us but on the advancement in the world in general,” she said. “It’s sexual minority rights. There are already 85 genders in Europe. It is unacceptable for us.”

However, despite this sentiment from some officials, Russian law has sometimes been on the side of those who have opted to change their gender. Earlier this year, a woman won a court case against an employer who fired her after legally transitioning from male to female. It was the first known precedent in Russia in which a transgender person openly defended a violation of their labor rights in court.

Last year, the Russian cabinet rejected amendments to the country’s family code that would ban people from legally changing their gender on their birth certificate. Without changing this document, it isn’t possible to receive a new passport or other ID with a different gender.


  1. Mentally ill its that plain and simple yet progressive leftards want to celebrate and embrace the idea that this crap is normal.

    I can accept that yeah a very very small % are genuine born in the wrong body but the crazies have evolved this to being a option… a trendy look at me option in which far too many brainwashed are succumbing too.



    • I can accept that yeah a very very small % are genuine born in the wrong body, but the crazies have evolved this to being a option…

      Life is a gift. It is about being grateful for what you have, instead of being ungrateful for what you don’t have.
      No point being upset and stomping around because Santa bought you a Chess Set for Christmas instead of the Train Set you asked for.

      If we are born as female, or male, we need to own that body, deal the hand we are given. Life is a learning experience – I don’t think souls are ever born into a “wrong” body. In any given lifetime I believe that souls are born into bodies, families and environments that present the soul challenges that they most need to learn from, including learning about self.



  2. What do the ” progressive leftards” want? A lower birthrate? (We’ve got that already.)

    Progressives seem to delight in forcing people to speak untruths knowingly, on pain of punishment. Maybe they think they can break weaker-minded people that way, for whatever reason.



  3. And so it is demanded we bend the knee, ” on pain of punishment.”

    Formerly there were those who said: You believe things that are incomprehensible, inconsistent, impossible because we have commanded you to believe them;
    go then and do what is injust because we command it. Such people show admirable reasoning.
    Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
    If the God‐​given understanding of your mind does not resist a demand to believe what is impossible, then you will not resist a demand to do wrong to that God‐​given sense of justice in your heart.
    As soon as one faculty of your soul has been dominated, other faculties will follow as well.
    And from this derives all those crimes of religion which have overrun the world.


    It seems to be on the great liberal pathway of slippery slopes to no responsibility, and no accountability to anything?
    At least liberals do not have to even think about further rationalizing things.

    It seems that the majority of liberals as parties & voters, are ok with ratifying this, by voting and there seems to be no turning back from the acclaimed Church of Liberalism with its newly won rituals.



  4. See the media are praising the marvelous things that darling leader does, she’s just amazing!
    Just imagine 23 Buzzy Bees been sent to the baby from the karens!
    Sounds like bullshit to me!
    She also resued someones Pavlova aswell. Isn’t she just amazing!
    Arse licking bloody media, scum of NZ!



  5. NZ Constitutional Reform—The Need of Our Times

    Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a moral crossroads. On the path of our development as a nation that point has now arrived for New Zealand.

    No one should think that the failure of our governmental system, which has just happened, will not impact their life and that of their children. A bond of trust between our government and us has been broken. Our parent’s generation knew that once discriminatory laws that disenfranchise whole sections of society are passed a precedent has been set. Loss of profession, freedom of movement, housing, income, education, and personal medical choice for many of us invoke the darkest days of the last century. This government has crossed its Rubicon. How soon will it be before other discriminatory laws are passed? Something has to be done.



  6. He doesn’t acknowledge that if we start discussing constitutional matters , immediately the country is held ransom by one document that has already been used to beat us in to submission and cost taxpayers multi millions.

    Great article but those in power now would see further demise of the country if allowed to reform in the future.
    We need to get rid of the marxists first.



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