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Real scientists declare: There is no climate emergency

Climate lunatics everywhere are falling all over themselves in adoration of Greta Thunberg, the climate kid who’s being hailed as some kind of progressive environmental hero for whining about global warming at the United Nations. But adult scientists who actually know what they’re talking about disagree with everything she’s saying, and contend that there’s no actual climate emergency taking place.

Some 500 scientists and professionals just last week signed on to what’s been dubbed the “European Climate Declaration,” a scientific statement, of sorts, that counters the climate lies being peddled by the likes of Greta, whom we’ve exposed as a globalist psy-op playing her part in the climate change money-making scam.

This declaration debunks the wild assertion that “97 percent of climatologists agree that anthropogenic climate change is occurring,” which is patently false. It also destroys the so-called “modeling” that climate fanatics claim “proves” that “catastrophic climate change will occur in the next [pick a number] years unless drastic changes are made.”

Both of these concepts are opinions, not facts, that the climate lobby spreads around as if they were absolute gospel truth. And Greta, of course, is parroting these same opinions as if they were facts as well, effectively brainwashing the next generation of children into not only buying the climate change lie, but also fearing it for no good reason.

In a separate letter sent to António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations, the 500 scientists and professionals who signed on to the European Climate Declaration urged the globalist body to reject all the mindless climate hype and fear-mongering, and instead “follow a climate policy based on sound science, realistic economics, and genuine concern for those harmed by costly but unnecessary attempts at mitigation.”

Experts from more than 23 countries agree that man-made climate change is an unsubstantiated fairy tale

The declaration’s signatories include experts from 13 European nations, as well as 10 other countries outside the European Union. And all of them have one thing in common: They’re not buying what the climate lunatics are trying to sell us, nor are they onboard with ridiculous proposals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) “Green New Deal,” which is just another globalist power grab that aims to enslave Americans in the name of “saving the planet.”

“Politicians such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), would-be politicians like Tom Steyer, and pundits such as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews have little or no personal understanding of the actual scientific principles involved,” notes Richard Trzupek from The Epoch Times about the fact that neither a freshman politician from Queens nor a mainstream media talking head know the first thing about actual climate science.

“They can point to their preferred ‘expert’ and declare that we should trust him or her without question, but they don’t know why.”

Trzupek goes on to explain that even celebrity “scientist” Bill Nye is embarrassingly ignorant when it comes to climate change, despite his insistence that he knows everything there is to know about the climate. The same is true about Greta, despite the many platforms she’s being given to spread her climate gospel, as she’s just a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, where the real problem isn’t the climate but the migrant invasion.

“The world has warmed at less than half the originally predicted rate, and at less than half the rate to be expected on the basis of net anthropogenic forcing and radiative imbalance,” the European Climate Declaration contends.

“Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as policy tools. Moreover, they most likely exaggerate the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.”

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  1. Moreover, they most likely exaggerate the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.”

    I’m not a ‘scientist’, but I had an education and I know what carbon dioxide is and what position it holds in the both the animal and vegetable components of life on earth.

    I have been saying both these things for years.



  2. The thing is what can we do to stop this IPCC and UN driven Climate change Emergency fever and more importnatly the money and time that the ETS takes up.
    Follow the money.



    • National are a dead loss.
      They have a religious nutter Evangelical as their ‘leader’

      National were right into banning guns of NZ citizens in a poorly thought out reaction to a murderous event (or a deliberate, planned UN-guided event) perpetrated by a foreign national who should never have been allowed a gun licence given the places Tarrant visited.

      This was an overreaction to a Black Swan event and an event very possibly manipulated by international forces.
      John Podesta was in the country just prior to the event and where he goes shit happens.

      Despite the false narrative from spoon fed media, if a gun owner from the USA had visited the countries Tarrant had, he would have had a visit and probably lost his licence. They are far more experienced than the NZ kiddie cops on gun matters.
      He might have even got a free trip to a secure homestead in southeast Cuba.. all things being equal.

      National are too gutless to step up and sort out local body governance. They let the 1989 manipulation of Geoffrey Palmer stand – apart from stripping the powers from the Auckland Regional Council (ARC) in 1992 which left Auckland without regional planning and ‘fixed’ it in 2010 with the ‘super’ city.
      Under Nat/Labour Lite 2008-2017 every major city in NZ locked in a Labour party mayor.

      Despite this current COL Govt being the worst in living memory there is barely a wimper from labour Lite – their soulmates?
      There is so much work to do and so little being done.

      Nats wont stand up to climate lies and are scared of a 16 year old girl.
      Nats are not the Messiah and will not kick climate crap to the curb.
      They were the ones who signed up to the wealth transfer scheme to give away $14 Billion of our NZ taxpayers money under the Paris Agreement.
      Complete treasonous bastards.

      Chuck, I think your vote might be better in 2020 with your old mate Winston!!
      You can vote for him to keep Labour honest (not Labour lite 🙂 )



      • I assume you are voting for ACT. Well, only 9 people in 1000 agree with you according to the latest Colmar Brunton poll.

        If you disagree with Seymour I doubt if he will listen to you unlike Bridges who will listen to members who spoke out against his position on firearms just after 15 March.

        Who would do better as Leader?



  3. From the comment by Howitis:

    …..”National are a dead loss”……

    He flatters them. Holyoake, Muldoon, Key or even English would have had this hopeless government against the ropes & forced the MSM to cover the carnage. Instead Godboy puts everyone to sleep with his waffling.

    ……”They have a religious nutter Evangelical as their ‘leader’”……

    And here he hits it over the stand. The majority of us want sane policies & good economic management. Instead we have the Vatican Party kowtowing to the wishlist of conservative, religious fruitcakes.

    The fiscal conservative who wants the state out of his/her life is invisible to these Jesus freaks.



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