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• (3) A notice of complaint must—
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complainant; and
(b) state the specific content, and explain why the complainant considers that the specific content—
(i) is unlawful; or
(ii) breaches 1 or more communication principles and has caused harm; and
(c) sufficiently enable the specific content to be readily located; and
(d) state whether the complainant consents to personal information that identifies the complainant being
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(e) contain any other information that the complainant considers relevant.
(4) A counter-notice must state—
(a) the author’s name and a telephone phone number, a physical address, and an email address for the author;
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(c) whether the author consents to the removal of the specific content.
• The details of both complainant and author will remain confidential, unless
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Now go have some fun!
Welcome to my Blog, “You Stupid Boy.” YSB is set up as a forum for all to have their say and I welcome everyone. Comments will be free flowing unless they triggermoderation scrutiny. See YSB Forum Rules.
I am setting up ysb.co.nz as a conversation forum as I believe New Zealand is in a precarious political position and we need all New Zealander’s to be able to voice their concerns freely whatever side of the fence they sit. The question is, will those that are currently in power take the path where New Zealanders are able to have an open and honest discussion on all topics? It is imperative for our safe and stable New Zealand democracy that the people, the voters, are able to critique those who are in power without fear of being shut down, shamed and ultimately silenced because they are not always stating the message deemed currently popular. Censorship is a
slippery slope. but words cannot kill or maim. Only violent actions do that and I in no way condone physical violence or intimidation. It is wrong to single out groups as a whole. I believe in individualism. We are born and raised to make our own way in this world. To make our own decisions and own them. To build a successful life for our individual selves and our families. Words may sting a little occasionally, but New Zealander’s are a resilient bunch who have in the main always enjoyed a robust discussion. Some posters will make controversial statements and any that are over
the top will be moderated. This is a forum for mature debate, for those with
something to say. As a responsible adult it is your choice to visit YSB. If you are easily offended, or looking to be offended, then take your outrage somewhere else.

Personal profile:

My Name is Chris Roberts. Unlike Cindy and Robbo, I do own a successful small business. I started this business on my 50th birthday, after previously working in the same industry for 16 years.
I grew up on a sheep and beef farm in the far north and attended a Maori primary school, so I’m at least bilingual at swearing! I became a Meat Inspector working in North Island meat works. Not suited to the stifling restrictions under union activity, I left to travel.
My big OE led me through Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong kong, Taiwan, Japan, the USSR, Europe and England. In England lived and worked in Newcastle and London before returning home. Then moving to Coober Pedy in the Australian outback, where I lived in a caravan with an Aussie Blue dog while opal mining. Climbing down an 10m shaft, we used to light the fuse, climb the ladder and run like hell.
I love nothing more than to devour books of all types, and I drive people nuts asking why not, instead of accepting there are no answers. When people tell me I can’t do something, I just go ahead do it anyway. I have been married for 37 years to my very patient wife.
I joined Young Nationals and attended some National Party Conferences. I met various MP’s and aspiring ones. One is even a member of the present government.(Though for how much longer is a matter of conjecture)
In the past year, I have become increasingly disillusioned with National and their caving into and agreeing to the anti-freedom of speech policies of the COL. They have become Labour lite in action.