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Coming here to a place near you soon?

German authorities have investigated hundreds of internet users over comments they made on a Facebook video posted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The massive police investigation is apparently meant as a warning to anonymous internet users critical of the country’s migrant policy.

No one can hide behind a screen, not even with pseudonyms or made-up names,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, warned.

The Facebook comments against agitating migrants came after a series of riots in refugee centers across Germany. Muslim asylum seekers hav against supposed lack of consideration shown by the German authorities during the fasting month of Ramadan. “With Ramadan Come the Riots,” a 2018 headline in the Germany daily Bild declared. In 2016, two migrants reportedly burned down a refugee center for allegedly not receiving extra chocolate spread ‘Nutella’ during the Ramanda festivities. The fire ended up causing an estimated $10 million worth of damage.

German prosecutors in the southern state of Bavaria said on Friday that they’ve launched 257 official incitement investigations over a Facebook campaign by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) that targeted asylum-seekers.

The investigations have resulted in fines for 97 people so far, prosecutors in the town of Deggendorf told local public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. Three people have been formally charged with incitement, although it is not clear when their court dates will be.

Another 56 cases had to be dropped, as investigators could not determine exactly who was behind the comments as users hid their identities with pseudonyms.

The massive incitement case concerns a video posted in 2017 by Deggendorf’s local AfD branch that criticized a protest by asylum-seekers.

The demonstrators were carrying out a hunger strike and protesting against the conditions at a migrant processing center in the town.

The livestreamed video garnered hundreds of “insulting, hateful, and xenophobic comments,” reported Bayerischer Rundfunk, who was shown the comments that are currently under investigation.

The AfD slammed the government for cracking down heavily on dissent on social media while failing to secure the country’s borders. “We would wish that the state controls its own borders as it does online comments,” head of Bavarian AfD, Martin Sicher, said in response.


  1. Facism. It’s never far below the surface with German governments is it? Perhaps the UN could give them a scolding.



    • Actually they’re not fascists. They have the same totalitarian methods as fascists would use, but unlike snowflakes, the fascists believed in things like racial purity, the supremacy of the nation state, persecution of homosexuals etc etc etc.

      We need a better description for the new anti-western totalitarians who are destroying our civilisation from within. Meanwhile, they use equally wrong terms to insult us too, like alt-right white supremacist etc.

      This fight has gone beyond the old right/left divide. I wish I could define more adequately what is going on. Jordan Patterson would do a much better job than me, I’m sure.



      • I’ve been giving it some more thought and I reckon the best name for these people is one that has been floating around for some time. The NEW WORLD ORDER.

        The NWO perfectly describes these totalitarian thugs and we need to reclaim the title of Liberal (because I think that’s what most of the people who believe in free speech and democracy are at heart).

        Obviously its not my phrase…. but of all the descriptions which are used, I think the New World Order is the best. As for me, I’m proud to hold to my Liberal values and fuck the NWO.



  2. You bring in millions of people completely hostile to western culture and the separation of Church and State, give them your hard-earned money for nothing, and the locals aren’t allowed to say “F*ck this!” Well to hell with their Big Brother scaremongering. They are forgetting what freedom is over there. No 1.



  3. The Muslimes will discover that in Germany they have become the new Jews and will get the same treatment.



    • I wish you were correct, but you have to understand that there are millions of muslims in Germany. Many came from Turkey after the war to man the factories etc. Then there are the recent ones.
      But I say send them all back.
      I just wish that more Germans would stand up for their history and culture.



  4. We must always be sure the government and our laws never gets to the point where a person becomes subject to the weight of the law for expressing an opinion on the merits or otherwise of a policy or government action. The post provides a good warning in staying alert to guard your freedom of speech and expression. The Germans seem to have lost those freedoms.



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