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Dear Alice

There have been rumours circulating that the second tranche of firearm laws will be snuck through Parliament. If these rumours were true we’d be rallying the troops to put pressure on the Government, but they are not.

Why the confusion?

People have noticed that the Arms Legislation Bill is on the order paper for Tuesday 28th. Being on the Order Paper means it could be debated if Parliament got to it, but it’s been there for a long time. The ALB was actually number 6 on the February 20 Order Paper, but it hasn’t been advanced since then.

What Happens Next?

For the next month Parliament will be busy dealing with COVID related legislation as well as the Budget. Select Committees will advance some other legislation but the ALB has already passed through Select Committee.

And the Arms Legislation?

Make no mistake, it will return, COVID just delayed the Bill. The Government will be desperate to pass it before the election. A register, absurd rules for clubs, and all of the spiteful attacks on perfectly lawful behaviour are still in there.

What Are We Going to Do About It?

Keep the pressure on so the Government pays a political price for bad legislation. They might make it less bad, but we will need to finish the job. At election time, we need to unite LFO’s politically at the election, take control, and get the change we need.

Yours sincerely

David Seymour
ACT Leader

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  1. Good response from ACT and David Seymour.

    He is correct, the PM did change the way we do politics in this country. I preferred the way we used to do it, with democracy and process. The PM’s version is not a change I support.

    I did not hold a view gun laws needed to change. I am sure though the current government have made a shambles of it and needlessly spent a lot of money doing so.



    • The laws certainly left room for improvement. They hadn’t kept up with the times around online sales etc. But do not mistake me one bit, there wasn’t any need to implement gun control, Merely close up some of the loopholes.



  2. David Seymour gets it right again, not an uncommon thing with him.

    The old E category FAL endorsement allegedly involved stricter vetting than is used for current police officers. If those of us who had E cat had to have them removed, then by extrapolation the police should have their rifles removed as well. I’m still waiting.

    Unfortunately logic never had anything to do with the firearms law changes. The fact that David Seymour alone voted against the anti-democratic trend of all other parties is good enough reason alone to vote for him.

    Good on ACT for standing up for logic, shame it took NZF and National so long to see the light.

    As for public safety, the law changes means the next potential Brenton Tarrant style attack will be a Timothy McVeigh style attack instead. Does anyone seriously think that bombing a large public event like a music concert or a sport event will result in less casualties than a single shooter could? Ideology over logic everytime with the current Government.



  3. Thanks Editor for posting this
    I will be able to distribute it to the source of my original query

    The ACT policy makes much more sense than present proposals



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