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Ihumātao land should be returned

Well I never. When Cindy made her stupid decision to stop any development of private land to give the Maoris a chance to talk about what they want, who would have thought they would come back with this decision.

We want the land back but do not want to pay for it. They have said mana whenua agree the return of land was “outside of the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process” and called for an “innovative and modern solution that does not financially disadvantage iwi”.

Never mind about the taxpayer who they expect to stump up with the cash to recompense Fletchers, the rightful owners.

And then we have Winston, back from the dead, saying this

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters responded by saying the Government welcomed the statement.

“We thank Kingi Tūheitia for his work on this, the intention of the Prime Minister in seeking for the work on the land to stop was for the Kingitanga to play a facilitative role,” he said.

Peters said the Government was happy to join the discussions on the future of the land.

“As we go through the process we are mindful of heritage claims, precedent issues and the commercial interests in the site.

“We look forward to discussions that involve all parties to find a resolution to these matters.”

Since when is it anything to do with the taxpayer? Fletchers are the rightful owners. If the Maori want it back, stump up with the cash yourselves and leave the taxpayers alone.

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  1. NO to taxpayers paying for land at Ihumatao!

    This will be the beginning of another wave of land claims. The new generation believe the old generation sold out too cheaply and want to revisit further payments “by the Crown.”



  2. That land belongs to Fletchers
    Ardern should remove the protesters
    Tell the Maori people Full and Final means Full and Final
    Close the Waitingi Tribunal
    Give the Northland tribes 6 months to settle or close their claim.



  3. Jacinda Ardern won’t rule out Government purchasing Ihumātao after mana whenua breakthrough

    “A spokesperson for Kiingi Tuuheitia said on Wednesday that the return of land was “outside of the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process” and called for an “innovative and modern solution that does not financially disadvantage iwi”.




  4. This is the thin end of the wedge. Maoris have seen another way to bleed the country dry and it’s all on. Fuck them. They’re greedy, grasping motherfuckers and, to paraphrase a famous man, the greatest force for regression that exists in modern New Zealand.



    • Yes Maori are very cunning.
      They work on the “a bit here and a bit there principal”
      Get one thing and then that justifies the next.
      When they stop robbing and bashing us, and learn how to behave around town at night, I will start to respect them.
      They can stick their haka and their stone age culture where it belongs.
      (that said, there are some very nice hard working maori)



  5. Too bloody right.

    No one is asking the question about who is funding Pania Newton and her lot. Is it the same Bond villain who is funding the migrant caravans across Mexico? Is the same one who is funding Extinction Rebellion to fly drones at Heathrow airport in the hope they can bring down a jumbo jet? Is is the same person who is funding the vegans who are blocking access to the meat section in St Luke’s Countdown?

    I bet it is and if so, then it’s all about triggering conflict in civil society with a view to achieving the NWO elites goal of eventually reducing world population to a couple of million or so – and to do that – they need us at each others throats all the time.

    Looks like the old Hungarian fucker is going to get his way with putting a match to the tinderbox of race relations in NZ. Funny how race tensions always worsen when the fascists of the Left are in government?



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