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Camila S. Espinoza, Certified Chilean Midwife

Let me tell you some stories.

A confirmed COVID-19 case and her mother were asked to self-quarantine. The daughter tested positive after arriving from a nice holiday in Italy. But instead of that, the lady went to buy books at a local mall, telling everyone how bored she was at home. When staff refused to sell her anything and asked her to leave, she refused. She also touched everything she could in that store before she was escorted out by security. The entire personnel had to be quarantined. Paper cannot be sanitised and the virus can live on paper several days.

A man with positive COVID-19 symptoms boarded a plane and refused to be swabbed. He left the airport even though they tried to stop him. The airline had to contact all people flying at close proximity to him so they could be quarantined.

A family with a COVID-19 positive daughter decided to throw a sleepover for their daughter because she was so bored at home. The other children’s parents weren’t informed, and children of the party tested positive shortly after.

Parents of a very expensive school posted on Facebook about how they wouldn’t let their child miss a single day of school because they had a trip planned for the summer. That way they couldn’t keep their child in school during the summer because she was there, even if the teachers weren’t, and even if the school was closed.

A man who tested positive for COVID-19 was quarantined but decided to go to the gym to pass the time. Several people tested positive shortly after.

A Facebook group had several posts of young people mocking the pandemic and taking advantage of cheap trips, even sharing the sales on international flights. When several people lectured them about it, they insulted everyone. The post was later deleted.

So, you know what scares the crap out of me? What enrages me? People’s selfishness.

I’m not scared of getting sick. I know I will get sick. For the past two weeks, I worked back-to-back shifts in the hospital. I’m in a volunteer RN list for hospitals in my community. I will be working head-on to care for people in this pandemic for as long as I’m healthy. And I will follow all the precautions to make sure I’m not a danger to my patients. Then, when I am, I will isolate myself, alone in my apartment until I test negative again, and then I’ll go right back to my patients when I’m allowed.

Because healthcare providers, and truck drivers, and cleaning personnel, and people working in the service industry, are essential workers to withstand this chaos with the least number of casualties.

There are also people who can’t stay home because they live paycheck to paycheck, with no social system to protect them, with no other possibility to bring food to the table but to leave their houses and work.

We can’t stay home until we absolutely have to. We try to do everything in our power to protect ourselves, but we have been called to duty and we are responding … and for what?

So people with means, and salaries, and stability who are fucking bored at home can decide to go out for no other fucking reason but to entertain themselves, infecting dozens, overflowing our hospitals, increasing ICU hospitalisations, leaving units, and supermarkets, and pharmacies short-staffed, and risking everyone’s lives, just because they can’t be still with their fucking thoughts for two weeks?!

Give me a fucking break.

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  1. Family member (not living with me) has been called by manager to advise colleague has tested +, so stay at home for 2weeks. No idea which colleague and how much exposure etc. Wants to know if partner can go to work, child to daycare etc. Can’t get through to healthline and I have just had to talk her down from the ceiling where panic level had risen.
    (Channelled Kea. – Settle down, it’s just a cold.)
    So much precaution, too little information.



    • Alice@1236

      I was told many years ago ‘Never trust a Chinaman; they’ll lie ’till the cows come home and sell their Grandmother’s teeth if it will earn a few dollars’

      Recent events give me no cause to doubt the statement,

      The Chinese are very much into the concept of ‘Saving Face’ (Defined as a desire\ to avoid humiliation or embarrassment, to maintain dignity or preserve reputation) and it is on that basis that I would suggest that your statement ‘THEY HAVE STOPPED TESTING’ is not correct, and that instead they have instead stopped ‘Telling’ the results.

      ‘China’ has ‘lost face’ internationally in a huge way and is now in ‘Defense Mode’; trying to minimise the results of its internationally-perceived ‘Incompetence’ by any means it can, and in that context the ‘lack of information’ is a good way to start.

      The Chinese are very good at camouflaging their actual thoughts on any matter (hence the ‘Inscrutable’ label frequently assigned to them) so you can never be totally sure about their actual stand on any specific matter, while they will also say only what they believe their listeners want to hear (a trait shared by many in the Asian region), and can conveniently ‘omit’ certain, often vital, pieces of information, with no qualms whatsoever.

      On that basis, and if the rest of the world wants to hear that the ‘Virus is being eliminated / Fixed / overcome?

      Very well, that is what they will hear from the CCP; that the facts are not exactly ‘true’ is, of course, a minor detail.

      On the basis of the above, and as I said, I have no reason to doubt what I was told all those years ago. Nothing has changed and ‘China’ never will, the ‘habit’ is too socially engrained.

      In that regard, ALWAYS treat what comes out of Bejing with a very healthy scepticism; some of it might even be ‘true’ but then again…



  2. “I was in Taiwan for several months when the Wuhan outbreak first happened. People on the street were concerned, fearful, but staunch – went about their daily routines. The government was really fast – boarding airplanes from China, taking temperatures of passengers and also arriving passengers from different places. If you went to a restaurant or museum, your temperature was first taken, your hands sanitized, and you had to wear a face mask if you wanted in. The custom in Taiwan is opposite Italy’s, people keep a polite distance. Public touching, not much. Public and mass transportation – wear face masks. Healthcare is universal and data of sick people went right to the epidemiology command center in real time. People were quarantined and tracked by their cell-phone to ensure compliance. Violators were fined substantially.”

    hat tip to Keith woodford https://www.interest.co.nz/opinion/104193/notion-new-zealand-running-ahead-curve-no-longer-stands-scrutiny-policy-essentially

    The notion that New Zealand is running ahead of the curve no longer stands up to scrutiny. The policy is essentially reactive rather than proactive

    Saturday 21 March is the day when community transmission of COVID-19 first became evident. It is apparent that there is now at least one COVID-19 case from unknown community transmission, with this being in the Wairarapa. There also appears to be a case in Auckland involving a two-step infection back to a traveller.

    Assuming the Wairarapa infection occurred three to seven days ago, then the likelihood is that there are now multiple more cases ‘out there’ waiting to be found.

    The longer that our leaders and their advisers focus on the rear vision mirror and use incorrect analogies from overseas, then the more we will stay behind the curve.

    Government quarantine of all new returnees, plus closing of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and gyms, and also unfortunately the closing of schools until the end of Easter, is what we now need. The alternative is a long and brutal winter.



  3. All Cindy and co have to do is stop the very limited testing they have been doing and the problem is solved. No more increases and the curve will disappear in a flash. If the chinks can do this then why not Cindy.



  4. Editor

    Re: ‘…Then why not Cindy”‘

    There’s an election coming up old chap and Dear Leader wants to win it.

    Since ‘Hugs and Feelz’ and ‘reassurance’ are what the Media and (supposedly) the general public want, then hugs and feelz it will be, and if the economy tanks (aka, when we admit that it has, although NEVER on our watch, since we are so “responsible’), then we have a convenient ‘out’ in the form of ‘THE VIRUS’ which we can blame for all our incompetencies…

    THAT is why Cindy won’t stop ANYTHING…



    • So, story for today related to Coronavirus. We’re up early; decide to take the three lapdogs for a walk. Our local market is about 2km away; so a nice walk, buy some fresh vegetables and come back home. But it’s a day meant for disasters, because the first time – yes, first time we arrive at the market Mama Bear had lost the cash in her pocket. How, we don’t know, but she had. Still, the sun is out, there’s some nice fresh produce, people are being smart and have hand sanitiser and are keeping their distance. Ther’s quite a few old people from the area around; this gives them a good opportunity to shop in a non-enclosed space and get some fresh stuff.

      Anyway, we want some too so we’ll walk back home, get some more cash and I’ll hold onto it this time. So an up and down on a lovely Sunday morning, we got some lovely spinach, a few Nachi pears and some other bibs and bobs that will make nice dinners over this week. On the way back, we notice a car halfway parked into an intersection playing MoreFM loudly. As in distorted to the point of metallic creaking loudly. As in stopped with the full length of the vehicle past the cycle block and into the lanes. And I see the registration number is the same as the vehicle that went speeding past us as we were walking past the school, doing maybe around 70 in a 50 zone. Piqued now, we watch as it peels out across the intersection, stops across the road and this really poorly dressed, haggard looking woman steps out and stalks across the street towards us.

      Oh. Fuck.

      Ignore the weirdo wearing the mask and the mismatched clothing. Look for the little green man. The little green man. But she ends up right next to us, panting on the sidewalk. And when the crossing goes tikatikatikatika, she promptly kicks over the local markets sign. Loud bang and clatter and it goes flying into the road. My instinctive reaction is to yell “What the fuck!?” as I’m busy dragging the sign out of the road, “What’s wrong with you?” and getting it back upright. Said crazy looking woman starts yelling at me from behind her mask, repeating a refrain along the lines of “Social isolation mate! Social isolation! Are you retarded or summin?”

      Yeah. Whatever. But at this stage the temptation to file a dangerous driver for her earlier speeding has gone to a certainty. She’s off though, back in her car and I can see her race back into our subdivision. Fine, the cops can sort her out. We cross the road and carry on home, albeit a bit shaken.

      Next minute that loon comes screaming around the corner, racing towards us. Gut feeling – she’s done a loop now that she’s seen me put the sign back up, she’s going to kick it down again. I haul out my phone and start videoing this; because fuck this lunatic. We’re just across the road from our local cafe and market centre, there’s heaps of people about. She stopped with screeching tires barely a meter away from us, hops out of the car and starts yelling abuse at me for filming her. “Why the fuck are you filming? What are you going to do?”

      “Report you to the fucking police, you loon”

      Fuck yes, this is exactly when you film people. When they go off their nut and you may need this for the police. Next minute: “Why don’t you just fuck off back to South Africa you racist bastard?” I guess my accent must be stronger than I remember, but at this point Mama Bear starts to lose her cool and starts chirping back, only to be met with “You can’t even speak English you Chinese bitch. Go back to China”

      Her insults are original, I’ll give her that. Straight out of her Labour mates’ playbook actually. But at that point the loon hops back into her car, hollers a bit more abuse and then off again with screaming tires.

      *555, option 3. That gets me in touch with police call center.

      For one, people can still go do shopping. Damaging somebody else’s property because you’re a nutter is not on. And for racial abuse – time to get you a stern talking to. Or maybe a free pass, depending on whether the lunatic is a member of the Labour party. But I’ll report her and let the cops sort her out.

      As we’re walking back, I’m relaying information to the police but we’d only made it a block before she stops again. About a block away and starts stalking towards us. I let the police comms know this; they advise a unit is on the way, stay on the line and keep on talking to us.

      Broad daylight. Gentrified neighbourhood. Not what you expect, aye? I mean, we’re having a casual walk with 3 lapdogs, three bags of vegetables and a Sunday hat. But she’s now frothingly mad for some reason and screaming and cussing. I mean, I have a filthy mouth but not like that. That’s soap territory. She’s probably figured out I’m on the phone to the police, but I tell her to leave us alone and that I am on the phone to the police. Her next reaction is to take a swing at me. First with a water bottle, then to try and grab my phone away from me.

      Maybe my mother raised me right or maybe she raised me wrong, but I wasn’t going to take a swing back. Duck, step back. You don’t hit a woman, right?

      But Mama Bear has no such qualms, next minute she’s on pushed her way in-between, blocked a swing the other woman took at me and has grabbed her by a combination of her ratty skirt and hair as the other one is trying to punch her. The voice I’ve only heard once when she was so angry at Air New Zealand in Hong Kong comes out and it’s that guttural, bottom of the belly “LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE!” Both of them end up on the tar, kicking and pulling hair. Between myself and a passer by we separate the two and that’s about the point where the cops arrive.

      Fortunately. Because have you ever tried to separate two women fighting while holding on to your phone? Far out man.

      And by now we had like 9 of the people we know in the neighbourhood come out to help, all eager to help and keep the crazy person away. Police take everybody’s statement, send us home. Pretty decent response time – was under 5 minutes to get there.

      But I mean, holy fuck. What a mess over somebody kicking signs over? General consensus amongst people who have seen this is that she is either mental or drugged. The police took her away, her car was still there this evening so maybe she has some other issues. Mama Bear has a few scrapes on her arm from the fall, the dogs were too traumatised to walk and had to be carried home.

      Now we need to decide if we press charges or just leave well enough alone.

      So there, Coronavirus insanity story for the day.



      • I suspect drugs…
        Alas a few similar episodes have been happening around here.

        meth supplies might be getting messed up with fewer flights arriving/ and folks moving around the country.



        • That is Mama Bears conclusion as well. She still feels guilty though and is looking for ways this could have been avoided. She feels like she let her anger get the best of her, and that isn’t true. Far too much provocation.



      • So much for social isolation, driving around looking for people to scuffle with.
        I’ll wager she has the spare bedroom full of toilet paper.
        Can’t be unwell in the top four inches though, because SLG fixed the mental health system – remember.



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