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7-Year-Old Raises $22,000 For Trump’s Border Wall Selling Hot Chocolate and Lemonade

A seven-year-old Texas boy raised an astonishing $22,000 for the construction of Trump’s border wall with Mexico on hot chocolate and lemonade sales. The boy, Benton Stevens from Austin, was a part of crowdfunding group called “We Build The Wall” and attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the sponsored section of the wall that was built on private land in New Mexico.

“We were honored to have him at our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the wall he helped pay for along with all of you who donated,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Benton’s work started after Trump issued a fresh call for the structure during his State of the Union address this year, Fox 35 reports.

“Benton decided right then and there that he wanted to help the president build the wall,” his mother, Jennifer Stevens, told Fox 35.

Benton set up his hot chocolate stand back in February in his family’s neighborhood, and has since started his own brand and website, selling hot chocolate and lemonade mixes, and other merchandise.

Benton’s website tells the story of how it all started:

In the span of 2 days, after many positive and a few negative remarks plus a social media frenzy in our neighborhood, he earned a total of $1400 cash in 3 hours (1 hour the first day and 2 hours the next). Local news picked up the story and then it appeared on National news. We began to get requests to pay from out of state, so we set up a Venmo account. Benton received an outcry of support from Hannity, Shannon Bream, ABC, Members of Congress, Donald Trump Jr. and many more across the nation.

Customers and donors kept adding up, but when he reached $13,500 raised Venmo froze his account.  That was when he set up the website and a P.O. Box to accept donations.


  1. Twitter so far has not taken down this tweet, that seems to want to kill this lad. Put out by another sick comedian.
    I guess he is called a successful comedian as he garnered over 100,000 likes and was retweeted 19,000 times.


    Yet twitter shuts others down very quickly, and even the account is closed out.
    Yet these people want to go on about “white supremacists” and violence, and symbols to far right, but just look at what they want to practice, and incite.



  2. I was wondering whether Venmo was being ‘woke’ when it froze Benton’s account. It doesn’t appear so. They froze his account until he turned 18 years of age. (They allowed the funds to be transferred into a bank account).

    In this day and age, my suspicion isn’t paranoia for those that have been following the SubscribeStar saga with payment processes like Paypal displaying their cowardice against ‘woke’ bullies. (SubscribeStar isn’t unique either).



  3. It looks like it will be a career path for him, isn’t that a great result, let alone advancing the wall. Isn’t it all about self-defence?

    Everybody has the right to self-defence, a country is a collection of individuals that the state has sworn to protect.



  4. It has become that insane there. When I was a kid growing up in the USA we pledged allegiance to the flag EVERY morning at school, and two-bit ghetto thugs who took a knee during the anthem in front of 70,000 rabid football fans would have been skinned alive. The Dims and left truly hate America now. They welcome the 3rd world invaders with open arms.



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