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      • Currencies values have little to do with gold any more. Under modern monetary policy exchange rates are set by the market and people’s appreciation of any values.
        These markets are fiddled with by the worlds central banks using all sorts of mechanisms , The OCR in particular plus derivatives.
        A couple of decades back the OCR was a major influence on currency value,NZ manipulated its dollar with the highest interest rates in the OECD.
        The currency was yield driven at that time but now @ 0.5% yield is no longer relevant.

        So the $ value relies on people’s appreciation of our economy.

        Assets and commodities are mostly now regarded as the best most secure store of wealth. Gold is only another commodity.

        There is cause for real concern.



        • …..”Gold is only another commodity”…..

          Very true but it is a commodity that exists in finite amounts which is what creates its value. If one heeds the advice of Kea above I reckon that holding a small percentage of one’s wealth in actual gold ingots is a prudent hedge against any future financial meltdown.



          • Well no. Plenty of gold mined around the place, indeed you can go catch some yourself in your dottage.
            Lots of gold used in various forms of electronic systems. They are all being melted down these days and the gol recovered and unsurprisingly sold.

            The real issue here is WHO but the CCP own HBSC and many of the companies they spawn?
            Along with the other Chinese Bank which Brash is chairman of?

            Just like, who owns Envirowaste and who owns Waste Management?
            Hong Kong registered companies.
            Along with a lot of others in NZ. diary, electrical in Wellington, Farms, forestry, you name it and the chinks have a finger in the pie.
            Oh and don’t forget our pollies. Both national and local, all colours of the rainbow.

            Looking at what has happened to Hong Kong, Jack Ma and Alibaba and the affiliates we should be concerned.
            NZ is nothing but will be collateral damage.
            We need big friends.
            China ain’t one.



    • Fair comment in that they’re not making a shitload of new land.

      Yet depending in how bad things get with Labour governments & the spectre of a NWO casting gloom it’s a lot easier to shove a couple of ingots into your sock than a few acres should relocation be necessary.

      Land is only a good investment when there’s a government prepared & able to back the title thereof!



      • Really about confidence.
        Something we are a bit short of at the moment..
        Governments can take your gold as well ( tax)
        Carbon Credits are out performing gold, right now, don’t know about bit coin but suspect not.
        Choose your commodity carefully but there is always risk!



      • Land is only a good investment when there’s a government prepared & able to back the title thereof!

        That’s true so don’t count on this bunch or rag tag wankers will you.

        We have been having an argument with Tauranga City Council over the theft of our property rights. Ok so its over rubbish.
        Who owns the rubbish, is it the person who bought and paid for it or is it the TCC.
        We would argue that it belongs to the person who bought and paid for the rubbish until that person decided who should remove it. At that point when the rubbish is either given or sold to the collector then the rubbish becomes their collectors property to own or dispose of.

        The issue we then have is, does the person who owns the rubbish have the right to contract the collection to any company.
        Tauranga is a little different to most places. We sold our council rubbish collection to private businesses over 25 years ago. The net is result we have a number of people who have supplied bins and collect according to the needs of each household. Down or up driveways, at a timetable, agreed. ( other than the council mandated days, which in of itself was foolish. Every Truck in the same area on the same day. Dumb as a bus timetable).
        Most people have been happy as pigs in mud with this for a longtime.
        Now the council has decided in its utter lack of awareness and contempt to attempt to socilaise the rubbish collection and hand the maney to the CCP and decided that those companies, who have built up their business over that time and with their own money and with good service, are no longer allowed to collect our rubbish.
        This of course is straight out theft of that business property right. No compensation, no choice for the ratepayer, a once a fortnight pick-up, glass bin, green bin, food bins, (oh and you can imagine what that will be like in the summer and how many rats that will feed.), Recycle bin and so on complete with spending 8 million dollars of ratepayer funds (which they claim to be very short of.), to supply bins for Envirowaste to collect. Envirowaste being subsidised by the ratepayers (and note just the ratepayers) to the tune of $8 million dollars.

        All this based on faulty information.
        Ratepayers are not happy. I have no doubt that any “Commissioner” appointed by scribble face will try to enforce this.

        Its a clear violation of property rights and theft of other peoples property.
        Now sure we don’t want our rubbish but surely in 2021 we are responsible enough pick our own contractor.
        That only part of the story of course. We cannot pay per drop but will be stuck with a $230.00 +GST rate increase to pay for their CCP connections. Apparently, they are proposing to do that next year at the same time that they will allow you to have different sized bins
        I am told that out local transfer station, which is a hell of a busy place with people taking their recycling along, is to be shut down and that service discontinued meaning that to dump that stuff you will now need to travel to the Mount station. They can’t cope with the traffic at that intersection now. Such fools.

        But such are the people councils employing that castle, brain dead university grads who like our PM lie and cheat and steal.
        And of course spend their lives sucking off someone else’s tit.

        All bullied through by paid sevants our ex Mayor.
        It’s not going to end well for them.



  1. ” We suspect up to 15% of the Chinese hard bullion to be fake” Federal reserve spokesman after 83 tons of Chinese gold found to be fake after being used as collateral on $3000.000.000. loans
    Stick to the housing market ,it’s probably safer.



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