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4.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran Hours After Missile Attacks on US Bases

A 4.5 to 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit near the Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran on Wednesday just hours after the regime fired off several missiles at US bases in Iraq.

A 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck near #Iran‘s #Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant. The depth and epicenter indicate it was a natural event and unrelated to this evenings events. A similar earthquake struck in late December. USGS report enclosed. https://t.co/WcfNffwSOm

— Strategic Sentinel (@StratSentinel) January 8, 2020

Two Earthquakes of More Than 4.5-Magnitude Occur Near Bushehr NPP in Iran – USGS https://t.co/JSocvpsUnC pic.twitter.com/PSWrixTIXo

— بريس لايف presslive (@presslives) January 8, 2020

This was miles from the Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran.

An earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale struck two towns in southern Iran near the Bushehr nuclear power plant but didn’t cause any casualties, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported https://t.co/Q0e6pyIr7b

— Bloomberg (@business) January 8, 2020

This was a threat of Nuclear War. Iran launches ballistic missiles capable of reaching anywhere in the Middle East, followed by an earthquake near their Bushehr Nuclear facility that nearly matches the one in N. Korea when they did their nuclear test in 2017. pic.twitter.com/JlqF1nlc0v

— Jared Maxfield (@JaredJMaxfield) January 8, 2020

Iran’s south-west has been struck by two earthquakes in the province of Bushehr — not far from a nuclear power plant.https://t.co/M3t6xvHjv4

— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) January 8, 2020

If the Iranians can send a few rockets into Iraq as a warning to the USA, I guess their sky fairy can send them a warning that he/she is stronger than any piddly human being.

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  1. I reckon Allah must be getting a fair ear-bashing from the ruling nutjobs in Iran. The debacle started with them scraping enough bits of Soleimani off an airport wall to have a funeral then progressed to an earthquake. To round off a perfect week the trigger happy jerks have now delivered a planeload of passengers to the Most Merciful. All while Donald Trump rolls around the floor pissing himself with laughter at their expense.

    It would be enough to make any Mullah break open the hashish store & cuddle his favourite goat. 🙂



    • They were all members of the Canadian parliament. They had originally entered Canada as refugees fleeing from ‘war’ and ‘persecution’, but then decided to go back to Iran for a holiday and because you simply can’t find a decent Chelow Kabab in Ottawa nowadays.

      Anti aircraft batteries are very common around civil airports all over the world, so everything was quite normal in that respect. Their choice of airline was unfortunate though, because Ukrainian Boeings are known for blowing up for no reason. Just an unfortunate accident….. nothing to see here…



      • And it’s nothing to do with Boeings recent system troubles either. This was an ……-800. They were not fitted with the troublesome computer programme.
        Do you think we could get all our COL members to go on a Ukraine flight over Iran, to a commo conference? One that Cindy has organised so she can relive her “Comrades” speech?
        Just asking for a friend.



  2. I thought for a lark to see if there are actually seismic weapons. And learned that Thomas Leech, an Australian, was working on a tidal wave generating bomb in World War 2 and tested them here in Whangaparaoa (Project Seal). That was apparently carried further, with rumours of a Russian device capable of triggering earth quakes. And some later, somewhat crazy sounding claims that the US was testing an earthquake weapon against Iran which was the cause of the Haiti problems.

    Now I wonder if there is such a capability for any of the militaries of the world.



    • Yes of course there are seismic weapons.

      35-odd years New Zealand developed its own and it is still in use today. It’s called the Winston Peters and it has proven to be a very effective way to destroy a country.



  3. It’s kinda hilarious that the Iranians have lobbed dozens of missiles at stationery US airbases in Iraq and hit absolutely nothing, then they accidentally shoot down a moving civilian airliner. Noddies!

    The Iranians were trying to goad Donald ‘the warmonger’ Trump into firing at them, and set their air defence missiles to auto to deal with what they thought was inevitable incoming. Trouble is the Ukrainian plane was wrongly identified as an incoming US missile and destroyed. Oops.

    Now let’s see what that luffley Justin Turdeau is made of.



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