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Biden Regime Raids Amish Family for Growing Organic Produce on Their Own Land

An all-natural farm run by an Amish family was raided by Biden’s Department of Agriculture last week for committing the crime of growing organic produce.

According to local reports, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture served the Amish family in southeastern Pennsylvania with a search warrant last Thursday.

Infowars.com reports: The farmer, Amos Miller, has been in the crosshairs with the US Department of Agriculture because of his repeated failures to comply with federal farming regulations.

The USDA has tried to bring Miller’s farm into compliance with federal regulations, but Amos has yet to cooperate with the Feds and faces fines and jail time.

A Pennsylvania State Police spokesperson said:

 “The PA Department of Agriculture is conducting a search warrant on this property. Troopers from PSP Lancaster are just assisting with scene security. You will have to reach out to the DOA for information on their investigation.”

According to LancasterOnline, Miller and the Feds have been locked “in a standoff over his compliance with federal food safety rules and failure to pay assessed fines.”

With his sovereign citizen defense, Miller has tried to thwart the Fed’s overreach to get him to comply with food safety rules. He sells all sorts of food to more than 4,000 buyers, such as organic eggs, raw milk, grass-fed beef and cheese, and fresh produce. He doesn’t use electricity, chemical fertilizers, vaccines, or petroleum products in farming.

Commenting on the raid, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said, “Looks like Amos Miller’s farm is being raided. With all of the problems in society today, this is what the government wants to focus on?”

Massie continued, “A man growing food for informed customers, without participating in the industrial meat/milk complex? It’s shameful that it’s come to this.”


    • It has in some ways already happened.
      Remember Biddy with the five cows and her battle over regulations and compliance ?
      Regulations and compliance in NZ have killed off or helped kill off many small producers. You just cant afford the cost of compliance and auditing.
      It has the effect of forcing out the small guys and girls and lets the corporates grow.
      It needs to be reversed but as long as NN is in charge I cant see it happening.
      I will never forgive Nick Smith and National for introducing water meters for all growers. It has expanded council staff who fine people if you don’t send in a monthly return of water use even if zero.
      The bulk of water is used by local authorities There is no need to go overboard with control of water. It actually rains sometimes.
      Hastings District Council has ample water sitting in the aquifer beneath the city and surrounding plains and yet after the Havelock North scare mongering they have now installed huge water storage tanks next to the council .Massive tanks with a weird language all over them.
      It all drives me insane.



  1. Nine years of officious clipboard officials persecuting a man growing organic food he wants to sell and his customers WANT to buy. They have all signed waivers stating they understand the food origin but still Amos Miller’s persecutors say IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

    Thank you Thomas Massey for seeing sense and fighting in Congress for the food supply.



  2. But Putin BAAAD The biggest criminals in the world are the current USA government and president. Never hear of the Russian government doing this kind of shit, or besides Ukraine constantly invading other countries…..



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