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Leave Our Free Speech Alone!




“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
– U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

“If I actually spoke my mind, I would be in deep shit”

Can Andrew Little unequivocally say that it will not be like this after his review?

Censoring or punishing speech, no matter how offensive, that you disagree with, destroys free speech. Arguing to have people jailed for what they say and what they think is not a good thing in a free society.

The way you counter bad or offensive speech is with more speech! Bad ideals should fall easily under the assault from good arguments. You don’t get to decide what bad ideas are in a vacuum and silence those who disagree.

Hate speech is free speech. And people should never be jailed for it. In fact, there should be no such thing as “hate speech”. Too hazy. Too easy to use against disfavored groups or ideals and justify it. Hate speech restrictions fosters hatred, not eliminate it.

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  1. Interesting you quote the UN Universal Declaration Of Human Rights because this is held up as the gold standard by activists and progressive thinkers representing everything the world should aspire too.
    Those same activists and progressive thinkers however seem to be leading the charge to dismantle one of it’s core principles ie freedom of speech and thought.
    Obviously these rights are not as absolute in their eyes as they regularly remind us they are.



  2. While the breadth of humanity means there are issues with “hate speech”, surely current NZ laws cover these under the existing court process. How many of us have managed to get through life without “being offended?”? I certainly have come across some questionable comments from ignorant or nasty individuals, but life is like that. Suck it up, or know that the comment or question is from an insensitive moron and move on.




    • WG, you (and your cartoon) make the point so often missed by many.

      The “My right is not to be offended” crowd are simply attempting to circumvent the right of all men to freedom of thought and expression.



  3. To Leftists, free of speech and expression is the freedom to speak Leftism. That’s why, in their view, Hate Speech Laws and Freedom of Speech are 100% compatible.

    Still, even some in the Left are starting to realise the problem as the Left are eating their own, e.g. the TERF war.



      • Sorry, but it has been documented for a few centuries now. The original Leftists, the Jacobins, instituted the Reign of Terror to anyone who didn’t believe in their particular definition of freedom and liberty (i.e. a visit to Madam Guillotine).

        Not that this was unique, e.g. the Red Terror. Or to use a very recent example: when Antifa scrawled onto a wall “Liberals Get the Bullet Too”.

        You had better get the Left’s narrative.



          • It’s not a case of pretending to think like a Leftist. However, understanding their totalitarian mindset is rather important.

            We need better arguments, i.e. shorter pithier ones. This is to arrest their emotional arguments. The recent attacks against Freedom of Speech aren’t going to go away.

            We need to understand their triggers to violence…which they’re rather keen on even if they pretend to be peaceful like Auckland “Peace” Action.

            We need to understand they’ve infested many organisations, like academia, and we need to think of ways of freeing those organisations from the Leftist fist.

            And so on.



    • It is not all right to call anyone derogartory names and expect to get away with it. Yous should know by now that this govt and Andrew Little is going to change things for the better. He is such a clever man.



      • So we will end up with “work will set you free”
        I sure do not want to walk through those gates.

        Just noting the new set ups that want “free speech” on their terms of control.
        A sort of velvet glove, with the iron fist, already gleaming through some holes.

        The “security breach” of the police “top security list”. Who dug that up and giving it to ‘stuff’, sort of spreading the blame around for when some names end up on paparoa or projectlove lists, so those hidden members can shit stir. …..



  4. They were skeptical about his guest behaviours as reported, did the Embassy really need to give an explanation? Same person had a friend visited by the Police for something posted on facebook and i am delighted to say had previously voted Greens for their social policies ffs, but won’t vote for them again.

    I sent them To Vernon Tava’s new site, if they wanted somewhere to vote, even though I assume they will not stray into social engineering. They hadn’t heard of it even though they would consider themselves to be aware politically.

    If I ever feature on a list, my local police sergeant will face palm lol



    • No worries John the Labour Govt “couldn’t arrange a piss-up in a brewery” as the old saying goes. We should only worry when/if intelligent lefties get into power. In the meantime- What Me Worry?



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