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Government funding for Hamilton to Auckland rail service confirmed

The Government has confirmed funding for the construction of the Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service.

The release of the $79.80 million funding means parts of the service can now be built or developed. 

That includes Hamilton City Council making improvements to Frankton rail station and constructing the new Rotokauri transport hub, Waikato District Council upgrading the Huntly rail station, and Kiwi Rail starting on a carriage maintenance facility at Te Rapa.

The funding also allows for installation of wifi on carriages and ticketing systems.  Local authorities have committed $12.57 million of funding. 

The rail service is due to start by June 2020, provided the rail stations are completed. 

Two return services will operate each weekday at peak travel times, with one return service on Saturday.

The route will start at Frankton in Hamilton, stopping at The Base before going onto Huntly and stopping finally at Papakura.

Urban Development and Transport Minister Phil Twyford said the service is designed to strengthen the connection between Hamilton and Auckland, two of the fastest growing urban areas in New Zealand.

The train is designed to give commuters more transport options, he said. 

“We know more and more people are commuting between Hamilton and Auckland, and this service will give them a real choice between being stuck in traffic or relaxing on the train.

“The service will initially start with a four-carriage train which can carry 150 passengers – with two morning peak trains and two return afternoon peak trains.

“As demand grows, it can be expanded to a five-carriage train carrying up to 200 passengers.”

Waikato Regional Council chair Alan Livingston said the Hamilton-Waikato metropolitan area is expected to double in the next 40 years, and roads alone can’t cope with the growth.

He believed it would also improve safety on the roads.

“We’ve heard from commuters they’re currently driving in stressful traffic conditions for long periods of time in the early mornings and evenings. Taking fatigued drivers off the road is going to make it safer for everybody,” Livingston said.

He thought the service might eventually extend to Puhinui in South Auckland to connect with direct bus routes to Auckland International Airport.

A name has not been settled on for the rail service yet, with options including The Tron Express, H2A, Waikato Link, Tron and Tuhuno Waikato (Connecting Waikato) being considered.

How many passengers would want to go to from Hamilton to Papakura?

What happened to Cindy’s promise before the last election to provide a train trip from Auckland to Tauranga? Oh that’s right, she was telling yet another lie.


  1. $185.00 per person and subsidised That is so ridiculous. Honestly who is going to be able to afford to pay that when it wouldn’t even take a tank of gas to get there and back. This col is so f…ing stupid they are beyond belief. Imagine how often it will be used which will make the subsidies for the few passengers even higher. Ah well the workers will pay more tax and once that starts happening maybe the stupid liebor voters will see them for what they really are. What a waste of money. Were I a believer I’d say it’s sinful what they are doing.



  2. Given the Wairarapa has had a service like this forever and one that is well used how is it that some can’t see this working?
    We used to have railcars Tauranga to Auckland and they worked. Stopped mainly because of the freight use of the tunnel causing fume issues.
    The only issue I see with this one is that it doesn’t go to Britomart and around the new line once complete. Would be good if it went off to the airport as well.
    Anything to avoid the Auckland motorway which, if you read the news sites is a constant state of accidents and mayhem. Every day and all parts of the day so any way into Auckland other than road has to be a good thing.
    Fly from here to the airport these days. Driving too hazardous.

    Every day it is blocked somewhere and it will get worse.



    • The problem as I see it is that the Hamilton train station in Queen’s Avenue in the suburb of Frankton is not accessible without driving to the station for most if not all commuters. By the time the workers arrive at the station they could be half way to Auckland in their personal warm, dry car which will take them directly to their place of work. It might take a little extra time driving on the motorway but the commuter does not need to change trains or buses at Papakura to continue their journey. ?????



    • Train to the airport. That is why it is completely retarded to create a one off tram down Dominion Rd and kill traffic flow -although intended by these country wrecker commie __nts.

      A rail spur from Puhinui would make more sense and tap into the existing rail system which has had huge money chucked at it for marginal gain.

      The trains in Auckland were out in various major subsystems on 3 days in one week period 2 months ago- just after the dickwads announced a ‘weather crisis’ or some crapola.
      I wrote to Fail Goof and said there is a ‘rail crisis’ and that could be addressed now .
      It was acknowledged. That will be all.



  3. So probably an hour to Papakura and then another hour from Papakura (if the lines are working. ) Plus time to get to the station and time from Britomart to where ever. And at what cost per trip?



  4. On thursday I went from Hamilton to Papakura on the bus. Cost $18.00 and took 90 minutes. I went to Drury to collect my new Camper van. The young woman who picked me up from the station lives in Miranda. She travels 40 mins to Drury to work. I asked about the traffic, and her reply was what traffic.
    The build up doesn’t start on the motorway until you get to Karaka.
    So we have the Waikato express way finishing next year which will take 30 minutes off a trip from Cambridge to Auckland. Who would take a train to Papakura, and then catch a bus or another train to Britomart?



    • Well, no one lives out Miranada way much and there are good roads into the back of Auckland so her answer is correct.
      Bus transport is cheap because you socialists insist on subsidizing bus companies via the various institutions such as EBOP, GWD, AT, Waikato regional council and various other trough making outfits funded by the taxpayer/ratepayer in the name of socialist green god or such.

      Last time I looked EBOP funded 80% of every bus trip in the Bay of Plenty. Sort that shit and see what happens to your bus fares.
      OPM paying for your ticket!

      Don’t blame you for taking advantage of our money but let’s get things into perspective.



        • It doesn’t work because it doesn’t go where the customers need to go at a time the customers need to travel.

          socialised bus services where the routes are decided by deskbound numpties of council employ will never meet the customer’s needs.
          Buses, like taxies, are the last regulated and therefore subsidized part of the transport industry.
          Remove all the constraints and rate/taxpayer subsidies and see how entrepreneurs make it work. Cheaper, faster and customer-focused.



  5. I think a passenger rail link between Hamilton and Auckland (not Papa fucking kura) would be a great idea. Trains certainly play a valuable role in the transport system and I’m not in the camp that would close all lines because rail is a ‘socialist’ construct.

    But really? $79, 800,000 to buy a few passenger carriages? And how fucking stupid is it not to carry on all the way to Auckland?

    The lines and rail infrastructure are already there. They were built using picks and shovels by hard working men of vision and grit who built this country over 100 years ago.

    What’s the big deal? And what’s more, according to this report, $79,800,000 will only get this project STARTED…. who knows what bribery to the Maoris, corruption and inefficient wastage will happen in the interim before a passenger travels even to fucking PAPAKURA?

    EDIT: Oh yeah that’s right. There’s a Taniwha who lives just past Papakura isn’t there, and he/she/hec/hoos whatever gender won’t let evil colonialist trains through. Idiots.



      • While I would agree with the sentiment that, before they were shackled, the unions were far too powerful, in my opinion a boilermaker, toolmaker, welder or almost any construction worker contributes more to society than any lawyer, human resources wanker or OSH cockroach any day. These bottom feeders are the scum who will push the cost of doing a simple job up through the roof.

        EDIT: Oh sorry, ‘scum’ floats to the top, so bottom feeders can’t be scum. Apologies. But you get my drift, I’m sure. What I was trying to say is



  6. Everyone is a beneficiary but the poor are still poor.

    The Household Economic Survey revealed 29 per cent of households receive government benefits and transfers, excluding superannuation.

    According to the survey, “18.8 per cent of households earning more than $150,991, and 24 per cent of those earning between $100,001 and $150,000” are receiving some type of government financial assistance.

    How did we come to the point where households earning more than $100k – and worse, more than $150k – are beneficiaries? Where did we, as a society, go wrong?

    The Work and Income New Zealand website states a beneficiary is “a person who has been granted a benefit and also includes their partner if some or all of that benefit is payable to them”.


    What went wrong?

    the mission of the Social Security Act 1938, was established to “safeguard the people of New Zealand from disabilities arising from age, sickness, widowhood, orphanhood, unemployment, or other exceptional conditions”.

    Politics of Envy.



  7. This is all very strange.
    The announcement was last December
    19 December so buried at Xmas.

    Furthermore all the same details were there and it was meant to start in March 2020.
    Then is was announced again in May .

    Twyford is involved so you know they are going to screw up.
    NZTA are involved so you know they will screw up.

    It seems silly that they need to fluff around with stations when it is the train carriages that will be important.
    The track structure is there.
    Get on with it already.
    After multiple prior announcements they are trying to look like things are happening when in fact a simple but massively subsidised operation is taking ages to get operational.

    They could probably do the thing with a couple of approx 20 seater buses that drop people off at key nodes.
    See Tracknet in Otago-Southland that services the tourist spots.
    But gee whizz an electric vehicle might not make the distance, and diesel is evil!

    So they will take ages to get to the poo tube of Auckland then have to find their own way.
    Wellington railway station it is not – where 80% of the CBD is within 20 minutes walk.
    I cant see it being successful so it is right up the alley of the COL and Fail Twyford



  8. Blue Streak, 1960’s
    Silver fern Waikato Connection 2000
    A history of Proposals, Operations, Demise, Subsidies, Times, etc.

    At the time of its cancellation the Waikato Connection was being patronised by an average of 129 passengers per trip, most of which boarded at Pukehohe or Papakura, with only about 30 of those travelling the full distance between Hamilton and Auckland.

    A paper for the same Plan proposes a Hamilton-Papakura bus link, taking 1hr 20mins , 10 minutes faster and much cheaper, at an estimated annual cost of $54,000.

    A good background and brings out some numbers and reasons why everything can not go like a dream, like a bullet train.
    Always seem to be angling for subsidies, and considerable capital costs. No problem when it is other people’s money. 🙁



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