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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern backs Pike River Mine families over re-entry plan

The “symbolic” re-entry to the Pike River Mine drift is something best left to the families of the men who were killed there, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

A renewed attempt to re-enter the Pike River mine will occur today.

Pike River Recovery Agency chief executive Dave Gawn said the agency had completed preparations for re-entry, including cutting through the concrete seal and providing ventilation.

“Assuming favourable weather conditions and no other last-minute issues arising, the agency will re-enter the Pike River Mine drift today,” Gawn said in a statement.

“At the request of families, it will be low-key and private for families to witness the opening of the double airlock doors and the re-entry team stepping through.”

The re-entry is a long-awaited goal for the families of the 29 men who died following the 2010 explosions in the West Coast mine.

Sonya Rockhouse, whose 21-year-old son Ben was killed, said the families had thought it would be nice if the event was for them only given how long they had been in the media spotlight, she said.

A well-publicised re-entry attempt was planned for May 3 but called off by the Pike River Recovery Agency the day before for safety reasons.

Ardern, who visited the families ahead of the May 3 attempt, said the decision was made then that any future attempt should be left to them.

“It is really a symbolic moment. Re-entry to the drift is going to take a number of weeks and months. It’s a progressive piece of work as they move beyond, of course, the barrier created by the concrete which will be removed as I understand it in the coming days,” she said today.

So once again we are given another load of bullshit. It’s a symbolic entry only. $43 million says we all deserve to be there if we want to be.

Winston where are you?

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  1. Jacinda really cannot win with you lot. On one hand you critisise her for going to Pie River and now you criticise her for not going and instead working in Wellington. Youse are just stupid.



    • Now now.
      I’ve just made a fresh pot of tea.
      You can pop around and have a cup o’ tea and a lie down.
      Do you take sugar, and/or unicorn milk?

      You can even have an Apple Pie.
      Not like Pie River.
      At least it won’t be a an apple Pike.
      that would be just cruel 🙂



  2. Did I hear right that 30 people will be entering the mine? After such a problematic, not months but years of health and safety concerns, it is ironic there will be such a large number entering the Pike River mine.



  3. The Pike River re-entry team steps through the double airlock doors at 10am today, watched by families of the 29 men who died in the 2010 tragedy.

    The media sticking the boot into National with:

    Today’s entry attempt will be a low-key event for families after they requested privacy. It comes after an eight-year battle by families to gain re-entry to the drift after being told numerous times by the previous government that it was too dangerous.

    But all this is just tokenism anyway:

    Bernie Monk – father of Michael, one of the miners who died in the Pike River mine and who for years acted as the families’ spokesperson, said there was a still a lot of work required before actual re-entry into the drift would take place, and so far there had been no indication of exactly when that might be.

    So, not re-entry.




  4. I suspect the PM does not have confidence in a successful result today and as a consequence is keeping well away from the action.

    I base this on her being so desperate for photo opportunities it is unheard of for her not to be there.



  5. Please could some investigative journalist (res, rofl) please advise the bill paying public how many of the Pike River 29 had families at the mine today.
    Seems to me that there are only a handful of them driving the re-entry demands.



  6. $46 million? To open the door and peek inside?

    That is almost $1000 to all educators in NZ as a bonus.
    Or, nearly 40 additional, average cost surgeries per year funded off after tax, minimum interest only.
    It is a sum that takes a single, median wage earning taxpayer around 6000 years to pay back.
    How much infrastructure would that fund?

    Is this reasonable Pike River Families in your chase for “closure”?



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