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I’m doing my best, but Work and Income’s support is practically non-existent

OPINION: I’ve been having trouble with Work and Income most my life. 

I really hoped I never had to be in the position where I depend on the Government and peoples taxes to barely help me survive, but alas I must have sent more than 1000 job applications over the years and only heard back from one or two. Most others give me that “awesome, unfortunately…” message or no reply at all.

I’m now 37, and I’ve been on and off the benefit since I was 18. I’ve done odd jobs, but they mostly haven’t lasted long either because the role was temporary or I didn’t fit in with the other workers. They have also put me into upskill courses that are meant to help you find work after, to no avail.

When my parents died suddenly in 2010, I got no empathy from Work and Income. In fact, they told me to let it go and move on just two weeks after it happened, and kept threatening to cut my benefit.

Cut to 2019, I recently asked if they would be able to help me pay for a course I wanted to do, because it didn’t fit in with Studylink funding and didn’t qualify for the training allowance. They refused to help me. This course could have got me an internship and a paid job in a position I would love, and be happy to do every day. They wouldn’t even loan me the money.

I do not get enough to save much, I can’t even go and enjoy a nice coffee out or go to any events to meet people because I don’t have enough money for them or transport to get there. I’m behind on doctor’s bills, it’s just ridiculous.

I agree that you are not able to afford a healthy lifestyle while on the benefit, yet the pressure to be healthy is upon us.

It’s not Work and Income’s fault that prices are so high, however they must adjust or the Government must do something about the ever-rising rental and food costs. 

Physically and mentally, I could live a much healthier lifestyle in Thailand with the amount I get. I could have a nice one room chalet near the beach for the same price as I’m paying for a room in a shared house. This is not Thailand, however it would be nice if I could live there instead on the amount I get. 

I cannot afford to pay for a pool pass, vegetables are expensive and to go shopping at different markets would mean needing a car or public transport, which costs money as well. 

I can’t even afford a haircut or nice clothes for interviews … the list goes on. Something definitely needs to change.

Oh dear, once again we are not privy to the full story. If they expect the taxpayers of this country to support them, than access to the FULL facts would be helpful.


  1. So what about his inheritance when his parents died? He’s had nearly 20 years on the taxpayer and hasn’t managed to find a job where he fits in or where the work wasn’t too difficult. Poor wee lamb. A disgruntled, entitled beneficiary who would love to live in Thailand. Off you go mate, just don’t expect our tax dollars to fund your lifestyle.



  2. Dear leech.

    I’m 65. The only formal qualification I have is a driver’s and passenger service license.

    Last year I retired my business of 17 years.

    It was the sixth time I have had no work over the last 48 years. Twice I got fired (probably correctly), three times I was made redundant.

    Four times I door-knocked until I got another job, a fifth I worked as a volunteer until I was offered a job by someone who saw me volunteering.

    The sixth time, last year I looked up jobs on-line, applied for two and was offered both.

    I accepted the one that suited me best.

    If you can’t get a job it’s because you don’t want one.

    The article states you have had jobs but didn’t fit in.

    You are obviously a bone idle lazy, self entitled, waste of time leech.

    I hope you do fuck off to Thailand (I’d make you walk there) because you are completely unwanted here in Godzone!

    Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    The employed Tinman.



      • That is ageism.
        Have not Thailand signed up to the UN Human rights shit?

        I mean we are being told you should get paid a lot even if unskilled and are too lazy or stoned to upskill , and if you play sport the women should get paid the same as men… except where the women are earning more than men in the first place > like netball.

        So, under socialist Cindy rules a 60 year old hooker should get paid as much as a 20 year.
        A sports game with 200 people watching the players should get paid as much as a sport with worldwide television coverage.
        N’est pas?

        This Gender stuff is confusing.
        I’m so gender confused I need a lie down !



  3. I’ve been wondering if one could make a documentary TV series about this. Take one of us, willingly, to start out from the same position as a beneficiary and then do a check-in after 3, 6, 9, etc. months. See how the people compare in what they have achieved with the same opportunities.

    There are two stumbling blocks for me:

    * I’m reasonably well versed in a few different industries after 30 years of experience and can speak conversationally about the typical problems they encounter. Put me in a retail, low-skilled environment and my inherent knowledge would be a significant advantage. Same with utility, insurance, finance, education, etc.

    * Belief. I know that I will succeed because I believe in myself. I won’t be coming into such a battle knowing that my parents were beneficiaries, my grandparents were beneficiaries and that my children are likely to be beneficiaries. That’s what decades of Labour involvement in our country has done to people – it’s created benefit as a career path and that has to change how people think.

    I’d still like to do something like this though, just to show people it can be done. It is possible to go from sitting on a couch to being in a productive, well paying job. But it has to come from you, it can’t come from outside.



    • As a supervisor, I have found that there are some people who are mentally challenged via birth or drug use, that will always find it hard to get a job.
      Especially in today’s world which is very demanding, speed, accuracy, production etc etc.
      Then of course there are those that don’t want to work, as its beneath them, or they think they are worth $30 an hour.



  4. I was 21 when i got a IRD number and work visa. I had a full time job offer within 3 days. Simple- I knocked on doors and introduced myself. Every single place i went to invited me in for a coffee and a chat, regardless of whether they had a job opening. You won’t get a damn thing whining about how tough life is ffs.



  5. What a waste of space and oxygen. I have worked to support myself and my family for more than 50 years. I resent having to pay tax to support this waster as well.

    Thailand is a great option. See how the benefit system goes there for you.



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