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Another Three Days in Paradise




Have just spent 3 days on the east coast. Can you guess which beach this is?

There was NO internet at all. So I had to travel 20 klms inland to find cell phone coverage. Luckily I had done 3 days post ready to be posted.

We met up with family members and spent 2 nights right on the beach. Had a Takacat to try out for the first time. Nothing goes to plan. Got it assembled, launched and out to sea. Put out a set line and returned to the beach. It was too choppy to do any other fishing. After an hours wait returned to retrieve the line. Going out to the line was fine until about half way out. The bloody new outboard started to splutter and eventually cut out just as we got to the line.

It had run out of petrol. I had returned the new unused motor to the dealer last Fiday with an oil leak. It turns out that he had over filled the oil tank. I picked it up from him on Tueday morning. It was full of petrol when I took it to him. So he must have run it when he had fixed the oil problem.

We had to row around the set line and retrieve it. Only got one fish, a small blue cod. Not big enough to keep. With the line up, we started the row back to shore. It was lucky there was a onshore wind.

You had to be there to understand the funny side of this. What I learnt was to check the petrol before each usage from now on.

Our return home was interrupted by an enforced wait on the Napier-Taupo road at Eskdale. After waiting for an hour got a call to say the road would be closed until at least 2.pm, anoter wait of 4 hours at least. So turned around and came home via the Napier-Taihape road. The motor home performed remarkably well up all those steep hills. Had travelled that road last 10 years ago.

Finally arrived home, driving 9 hours after leaving the beach.

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  1. Porangahau perhaps or did you not stay to watch the rocket go up?


    Rocket Lab’s reached double-digits, successfully launching its 10th mission on Friday night.

    The aptly named ‘Running Out of Fingers’ mission took off from New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula at 9:18pm.

    It put seven spacecraft into orbit, keeping Rocket Lab’s launch success rate at 100 percent.

    The first stage of the rocket was guided back to Earth, disintegrating on impact at 900km/h.



    • What is this overtaking you talk about. Not many pass me. On the recent trip, there was a few cars behind me, quite happy to stay there. I glanced down at my speedo and it was 110. I quickly slowed down to 90 and then they passed..😜



    • I did the Taihape-Napier earlier in the year. From West to East.
      It was a pleasant Feb day. It gets fairly high up. Which on an already clear day adds to visibility.

      I got stuck behind a farmer moving stock. Prob 20 to 30 min delay.
      The worst part was the cow poo that gets attached to the car even going slow.
      Then I realised that it was a metaphor for the COL running/pooing on the country.
      Even a gas station car wash ‘supreme’ or whatever did not get it clean so did it at home.
      Ride up the ramp to get the poo off the underside,
      Still easier to clean than getting the shit off after the COL go away.

      Do the cops really need to close arterial routes for hours and hours after a car crash?
      That was the Napier Taupo road.
      It is grandstanding.
      Set a limit of 120 minutes from arrival.
      After that it is severely diminishing returns.
      Drone aerial photo the area using a 4K camera – stills and video – and you have heaps of detail to pour over.
      It is 2019.



      • Napier/Taupo accident happened at 5.45am. Road reopened just before 2pm. No alternate route – make your own way best you can. Imagine how many vehicles had built up by 2pm with the half ironman on in Taupo?! Like you, I wonder why an investigation takes so many hours. Maybe not yesterday but many vehicles have dashcam video these days which would virtually do away with the need for any lengthy police investigation.



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