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Backlash After Calvin Klein Features Pregnant Transgender Man As Underwear Model

The latest marketing campaign from Calvin Klein has earnt the fashion brand a backlash after they featured a pregnant transgender man as an underwear model.

Calvin Klein’s Instagram post which launched the campaign paid “tribute” to mothers and women everywhere by including a diverse range images portraying the different aspects of motherhood.

They claimed they wanted to spotlight the “realities of new families” in honor of….Mother’s Day.

The campaign includes shirtless photos of Roberto Bete, a female-to-male transgender reality TV star from Brazil who was pregnant at the time of the shoot. The photos show Bete posing with exposed stomach and top-surgery scars alongside his partner, Erica Feeha, a transgender woman.

Roberto said: “we can reproduce biologically or from the heart…our role in the world is to love and be loved.”


But the ad did not go down very well with everyone and, not surprisingly, there was some backlash on Twitter

We have a huge baby formula shortage! The Left says men are the root of all problems, so it’s only fair to blame pregnant men right? I wonder what Calvin Klein has to say about this. #calvinklein pic.twitter.com/cReKkxxikt

Spoken to quite a few people today re. the @CalvinKlein ‘pregnant man’.
It seems everybody is as disgusted as I am and everybody has the same intention; to never buy their brand again.
🤮 f****** loons!
They say any publicity is good publicity, not this time Josephine! 🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/YMZYwWNOZW

Just for my own personal sanity…

Can someone explain to me whether the people supporting this campaign believe this is actually a pregnant dude, or if they’re just pretending for the game but they secretly know that 1+1=2 and also dudes can’t get pregnant? pic.twitter.com/smgl2m6g5V

Time to boycott Calvin Klein, they are getting ridiculously woke displaying a fake impossibility, a pregnant man. It’s like watching the circus run by leftist clowns.

@CalvinKlein what is wrong with you people? Everyone with a brain knows that there is no such thing as a pregnant man. These things in this picture are just two confused individuals that live in a fantasy land. I will NEVER buy another CK product again. Disgusting. pic.twitter.com/b58d20inkh

— Shineda (@Shineda4) May 13, 2022

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  1. Don’t give Calvin Klein a hard time ,there are quite a few miracle pregnancies that have occurred in the creature Arderns caucus, some individuals have given birth 2 or 3 times without any involvement of the opposite sex at all.
    As usual Gayotearoa is punching above its weight in this regard, I’m so proud to live in a Country filled with miracles, maybe these same people could carry out a miracle and save us from their destruction because at this late stage only a miracle is going to do it.



  2. This is what happens when you close down asylums and abandon electro shock therapy.

    If we go back to homosexuality and trannys being a mental illness 90%of these ppl will be normal and only the genuine born this way folk will remain unchanged, this is just proof that you could offer humans anything at all matter how crazy and that some will do it purely because the option exists.

    Great marketing fail tho… “wear calvin klein of you want to be known as a poof or tranny”
    I really hope they go broke AF.



  3. A comment on Mark Stein’s show the other day attributing the shortage of baby formula in the States to the massive number of men having babies but not having the ability to make breast milk to feed them.



    • nasska,, That sure doesn’t stop them from trying though ,seeing a picture of the bus drivers wife this morning it appears that Alfie may have had some success as Robbo is looking like he’s 14 months pregnant at the moment.



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