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National Party announces terms of reference for election campaign review


The National Party has announced its terms of reference for a review into its 2020 election campaign.

The review will be done by five panel members including former party president Judy Kirk and former National minister Kate Wilkinson.

It will look at preparations for the campaign, including candidate selection, the narrative, and the caucus’ performance.

“There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for the National Party, and we would be foolish not to comprehensively review every aspect of our approach to the campaign and our work throughout the last term of Parliament. Our party membership rightly expects this, and we will deliver on it,” party president Peter Goodfellow said.

“We are committed to utilising the review results to help shape this next term, to carry out the work and changes required to position the party well into the future, and to ensure these improvements are implemented for the 2023 campaign itself.”

The review terms of reference will examine:

  • Preparations throughout the three-year term by all elements of the party, including candidate selection and Caucus performance
  • The election campaign including the political environment, strategy, narrative and execution
  • The strategic internal, social, and economic challenges and opportunities facing the National Party in the next term
  • Improvement recommendations for the next three years and the 2023 campaign

“The review panel are asked to focus on areas that the party has or could have control over and can effect positive change on. The panel has a wide mandate to seek inputs from individuals within, and external to, the party as they feel appropriate and are also asked to explore any areas they deem important,” Goodfellow said.

The panel will be chaired by Mark Darrow, and include Jamie Beaton and June McCabe, along with Wilkinson and Kirk.

Final submissions for the campaign review close on 21 December 2020.

A draft report is due back by 25 January 2021, with a final report received on 22 February 2021.

I am sure they will need all the help they can get. Why don’t we try and help them by making constructive suggestions?

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  1. For a start get rid of Goodfellow.

    Return to the Principles that the party was founded on.

    FFS they need to understand MMP.They need to stop killing off like minded parties such as the Newcons .Better them in coalition than the Greens.I can’t see them ever getting 50% of the vote .

    Get rid of race based approach that is dividing the country.

    Cut the diversity crap.

    Wake up to what makes this economy tick over.Have a talk to the likes of Mike Reddell instead of whoever they are talking to at present.
    Stop the mass immigration approach to the economy.

    Get out of the UN agreements. They have no place dictating to this country.

    Well that’s a start.



  2. The terms of reference should also include formalising the Vatican’s ownership of the party. Too many people are uncertain whether National still stands for……

    …….. “loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State; national and personal security; equal citizenship and equal opportunity; individual freedom and choice; personal responsibility; competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement”…….

    …….or whether policy is now formulated in Rome & rubber stamped in NZ.



  3. I watched Brett Hudson support the rushed and inappropriate Arms Amendment Bill in the house. Took me a while to get over that and it still rankles. Simon responded to me saying he thought the response was proportionate…..I am firmly of the view it was not at all proportionate and I am still awaiting the Royal Commission Report to help me better consider that.

    I am not OK they supported the Zero Carbon Bill into law. The negative impacts on our economy will be longlasting.

    Those are two examples where, to me, they failed to act as an effective opposition. That needs to change. While they are in Opposition, they need to demonstrate they are a creditible alternative not just rolling along with current government dingbat kneejerk and ideological notions.

    I want less not more government. Less Central and less Local Government. The Waikato Mattress Factory held up by Regional Council “Planning Rules” is a prime example of the need to contain local and regional government to basics and less manipulation of enterprise.

    There is plenty of material for National to work on to be a creditable alternative.



  4. “I am not OK they supported the Zero Carbon Bill into law. The negative impacts on our economy will be long lasting.”
    That is why they lost my party vote and I told them straight after it was past in Parliament.



  5. National’s electioneering narrative was carefully muted by National so as not to offend social media and the cancel culture. “Be kind” has become Cindy’s clawing cover to suppress dissent of any kind. Despite rising crime, including a massive number of shootings, there was no discussion of law and order at all during the election. People want to be kept safe so they voted for “kindness”.

    National needs to follow President Trump’s example and show respect for their voters, the engine room of this country, the farmers, horticulturalists, SME’s and hard workers who go out every day to feed and house themselves and their families and pay actual productive tax. National did not show respect and promise to fight for voters who are always asked to be more productive but are disrespected by the left and told we are terrible takers for having a hard earned financial footing.

    Cindy’s glitter and amazeballs persona will be exposed by her inability to achieve what they promise. The emperor wears no clothes, it is only a matter of time until those fast promises and her smile no longer hide her ineptitude. Plus she has to keep the rabid Greens and their demands under control.



    • Don’t be bloody silly. Towny lawyers standing up for country folk after they have spent years imposing towny laws on them.

      The Nats need to start training pollies. Put them into local govt. so a start can be made.
      Good example is the Tappsell lady from Rotorua. Top polling councillor who stood in tolleys seat.
      Unfortunately didn’t take the prise but an eaxample of what the needs need to do instaed of appointing shiny arses.



  6. I would love to see the list that supported toddy who!
    What were they thinking, and they are still there!
    Who on earth was running the numbers?
    Just because you worked for fongterra, dosen’t make you gods gift!



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