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Are Anti-Vaxers right or Wrong?




People have forgotten what it was like before the vaccination of these diseases.

Children died, yes actually died from measles- this was 100’s each year in the UK alone. This was not a paranoid theoretical risk of dying from measles.

Rubella is nasty and if a woman gets it while pregnant, than her child has a very high risk of developmental defects. This is an actual risk, not a theoretical risk.

This has all been forgotten because we’ve had a couple of vaccinated generations. Where nearly all children grow up without dying from common diseases.

There should be no option to not vaccinate. It might be unfortunate to have a reaction to the jab/s but this is on a different scale of risk to how bad the actual diseases ARE. By not vaccinating you are also putting other people at risk, I know this means little to the safety of your own children, but you are threatening the lives of other poorly children.

The autism claims should have led to prosecutions for Manslaughter because these fabricated claims have led to real children DYING.

We all want the world to be safe for our children and denying them vaccines is putting YOUR children at risk of ACTUAL death.

When someone is trying to justify their conspiracy theory they will use any plausible, correlating “evidence” and actual lies to make their position seem valid. AND it is a disgrace that newspapers and trash TV have reported on these claims fanning the flames of fear in poorly informed new scared parents.

FEAR gets your attention and anyone trying to persuade you with fear is the least trustworthy person in the room. Why would you trust this person over the doctor who has healed you of ailments all your life? Why?

The internet has just made this worse because Google insist on returning garbage fabricated website information with equal standing to properly researched knowledge.

it would be interesting to ask the anti-vaccine crowd how they would feel about a sure-fire vaccine against all forms of cancer. Knowing that, in the developed world, nearly half of the population gets cancer and half (or more) of cancer patients end up dying of the disease – would they deny this vaccine to their kids? Would they rather see their children undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery – knowing that death was still as likely as not – rather than give a vaccine in childhood? Or, would they decide to vaccinate their kids in view of the 25% death rate from the disease?

Doctors are clever people who usually need persuading to give some new treatment and consider implications before using a new treatment. They think it through with actual evidence.

Paranoia says all doctors are being bribed by drug companies all the time but they are not. A dramatic lie always travels faster than the boring truth.


  1. Along with the growth in numbers of Flat Earthers, anti-vaxers seems to be confirming my fear of welfare encouraging the dumb to breed in great numbers. Our progressive tax system dissuades those we want to breed in favour of those we don’t, i.e. instead of survival of the fittest we’ve been encouraging survival of the dumbest.



    • Well if they do breed in great numbers , they will die in greater numbers too. The ones who keep immunising their kids will survive unscathed.
      I am developing serious qualms about protecting people (and their kids) from themselves.
      And I am over-exposed to child abusers and murderers, and people who get offended, and people who make excuses for them, and politicians who seem to have less commonsense than the people who voted for them
      So there!



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