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Are the Bird Flu Vaccines Safe?




The bird flu operation is looking like a repeat of the covid operation. So are the vaccines safe?

This week the World Health Organisation warned that bird flu has a “potential for high public health impact.”  This spurious claim came after a Mexican died after testing positive for bird flu.  All indications are that a potential bird flu pandemic is a wash, rinse and repeat of the falsified covid pandemic.

With covid, one of the objectives was to vaccinate the world and it seems bird flu also has this in common with covid.  The vaccines for covid were unsafe. So, are the bird flu vaccines safe?

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that the World Health Organisation warns a new strain of bird flu has jumped to humans with “potential for high public health impact” as a man in Mexico tests positive before dying from bird flu.

“Tests showed the man, who suffered multiple underlying conditions, was infected with a strain of bird flu called H5N2, marking the first time this type has ever been detected in humans,” the Daily Mail said.

Two things are key to understanding the story that is being widely publicised.  Firstly, what test was conducted and secondly the cause of death.

The Daily Mail stated: “PCR tests carried out on 24 April revealed he had been infected with a flu virus, and later it was confirmed that the patient had H5N2.”  It’s not clear, but can we assume PCR tests were the basis for the “first laboratory-confirmed human case” of H5N2 as is being widely spread by corporate media?

Or perhaps laboratory-confirmed means antibody tests?  The Daily Mail went on to say, “Blood tests are now being carried out to screen for antibodies against H5N2, which would indicate a previous infection.”  An antibody test doesn’t tell us much about current infections either.  A previous infection could mean the person had an infection decades ago.

In 2008, a study of the blood of people who survived the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic revealed that antibodies to the 1918 H1N1 flu strain had lasted a lifetime. Nearly 90 years after the pandemic, the study participants, aged between 91 to 101 years, still had antibodies to H1N1.

Dr William “Bill” Schaffner, an infectious diseases expert at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, said that it was likely that increasing cases of bird flu are being detected due to a rise in the number of tests.  “We are looking very hard for bird flu infections, as a consequence of H5N1, around the world,” he told the Daily Mail.

As it was with covid, bird flu is starting to look like another “test pandemic” dubbed a “casedemic.”

Let’s assume the H5N1 PCR tests are fit for purpose. We should then consider whether a positive test for bird flu means he died “from” bird flu or died “with” bird flu.

Conflating “died from” with “died with” and re-labelling the cause of death was a trick narrative pushers used during the covid era.  For example, as well as deliberately reclassifying pneumonia as covid, if someone died within 28 or 60 days of testing positive (or longer if covid appeared on the death certificate), the cause of death was officially recorded and tallied as a “covid death” – irrespective of what the actual cause of death was.  With the policy of using tests to determine the cause of death, a person who had no covid symptoms and died from a gunshot wound would have been classified as a “covid death” if they had tested positive for covid. And it appears this is the case with the Mexican man who recently died “with” H5N1.

As Reuters reported: “The [H5N1] victim had no history of exposure to poultry or other animals but had multiple underlying medical conditions and had been bedridden for three weeks, for other reasons, prior to the onset of acute symptoms, the WHO said.”

Reuters went on to note that Mexico’s Health Ministry said the person had chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.

At this point, our advice is to refresh your memory on how they pulled off the falsified covid pandemic and assess whether they are attempting to pull off the same scam using bird flu.  One of the objectives of the covid operation was mass vaccination.  We can assume the same with bird flu.

Bird flu does not transmit to humans; if it does it will be because it has been engineered in a laboratory.  As Dr. Peter McCullough said during an interview last month, H5N1 is man-made and that’s why they already have a vaccine for it.

Finland is already preparing to offer bird flu vaccines to people at risk of exposure to the virus, which could make it the first country to take such a step. The US is also taking steps to prepare for a potential bird flu pandemic. The US government has ordered nearly 5 million doses of bird flu vaccine, which will be produced by CSL Seqirus.

The current UK policy on bird flu vaccination is not to permit the vaccination of birds – outside of zoos in England and Northern Ireland – either for disease prevention or as a disease control response. And the National Health Service (“NHS”) states that “there is no bird flu vaccine” for humans.  We’re not sure what changed because in 2006 Baxter International and Chiron Corporation had contracts to supply the UK with 3.5 million doses of the H5N1 bird flu vaccine, which was intended for the exclusive use of NHS staff and other key public workers.

Notably, in September 2023, the UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) signed a contract with CSL Seqirus for “over 100 million influenza pandemic vaccines if or when they are needed.”  The vaccines will be tested, licensed, and approved and tailored to combat the specific pandemic flu strain identified at the time, UKHSA said.

As CSL Sequirus already has an order from the US government for bird flu vaccines, could one of their vaccines “tailored” for the UK turn out to be a bird flu vaccine? Yes, it would seem so.  In a press release announcing the deal with the UK, CSL Seqirus speaks of concerns, globally, of an avian influenza virus outbreak and in the same paragraph stated that “the UK continues to recognise the general risk that influenza pandemics could pose in the recently updated National Risk Register.”

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  1. It’s just all bullshit. It will be a rinse and repeat of the Wu Flu and we all know what that was about!! So buckle up people and prep the mental barricades for the tsunami of disinformation and propaganda.



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