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Are the cops telling the public one thing and doing another?





What are we not being told? If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, then the cops have given in and the loser who caused the dreadful deaths and injury in Christchurch has won.

One has to ask, who is directing our police to take such actions. Surely they wouldn’t be doing this off their own back. Are they acting on orders from our politicians?

If it is a lack of police on the ground, I am sure they can find plenty of police busy gathering fines off the driving public, who would fill the breach at such an important ceremony as ANZAC day.


  1. “Police Minister Stuart Nash said at Parliament earlier in the week that, “police have not told anyone, or advised anyone or any organisation not to hold an Anzac Day parade”.

    It was a claim he also made in the media, telling NewstalkZB also on Wednesday “Police have never instructed anyone… about what they should or shouldn’t do. They just give advice and recommendations”.

    But RSA officials at the Birkenhead RSA say that is not correct.

    “Myself and our president went to a meeting with two other presidents at the police headquarters at North Shore,” secretary-manager Garry Cooley told 1 NEWS.

    “The first thing we were told was you will have no parades and no marches anywhere, and after a bit of discussion on that we were then told you will have one civic parade and you will have one dawn parade.

    “No arguments… it was an order, we were directed, it wasn’t would you please, it was you will have,” he says.

    Mr Cooley said he was aghast at comments saying police had given no orders to cancel services.

    “I replayed it five times to make sure I was hearing correctly, I couldn’t believe what he [the Minister] was saying, I was dumbstruck.”

    Mr Cooley said the RSA Birkenhead president Lynda Gage was also in the meeting with police and the two made sure they’d heard the same information after it.

    He said RSA officials are being called cowards and being accused of not standing up for those who fought for the country, when it was a decision they were told to make.

    “It’s not us, we’ve been told we must,” Mr Cooley said.”



  2. I do not trust Stuart Nash. It is not the RSA who are the cowards. My 11-year old son got picked to represent his school to present a wreath at the Whangarei Memorial on Anzac Day. We will be attending!



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