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Are the Woke Woking Up?




Anti-virus measures are too late to stop needless sickness and economic pain


  1. From my facebook feed:

    Crack up tonight everyone lined up 2m apart rule at our Countdown (classified essential travel). Everyone had masks & adhere to guidelines. Chilling in the line making small talk from 2m away.
    Then! Police speed up in cars, don’t park, jump out start questioning the line 😮😮😮 the fulla cop reckons “here for some shopping are yah?” his pen & pad out… what a thick question numbnutz! 😂🤣😂 Ummmm nah bro I js like standing in these 2m apart lines outside in the cold! Then he goes “name, where do you live? local? what your address?” WT@#$%&!!! These fullas was serious had a paddy wagon and everything!
    Nek minut!!! Across the road, strait out front all these clowns js walking around jogging 🤯🤯🤯 told the cop “bro go arrest them & leave us to our essential travel for food”. Cop reckons “No they’re allowed to walk for health reason”. I js thort man you’re dumb! I didn’t get why the big shake down at the supermarket & leave the walkers/runners going by?!
    Respect the Police js doing a job. But still…

    They check point out side town wea Silverdale Rd and Matangi rd headed towards Morrisville they check everyone arrested couple of people and asking me name wea I going and the 50 other dumb question only they didn’t ask was may I c your license out of all the 50 questions he didn’t ask than one 😂🤣
    The manner in which this was handled was rude… BUT.. if you had the story behind why they were called, it may help you understand why the police were there and in such force. Customers went in full force and not one of them prior to you going in would adhere to the rules. The rules were clearly given to only go out for essential items, One person per family etc People didnt want to listen they went in with whole families and children, coughing and sneezing everywhere. I know this info because I work here and the staff are quiet fed up with rude inconsiderate people. Hence why they were called.

    This lockdown wont work if people dont stick to the rules. It’s to SAVE LIVES!!!! And yes we are allowed to go for walks/runs!!!! 2 meters apart!

    we were in accordance with rules. There was 15+ in our shopping line & 2m apart. There is spacing on the ground. Granted there was an elderly couple in the line but they weren’t questioned. Only the single shoppers were questioned & it was startling & quite intimidating. It was not necessary for shoppers obviously sticking to the rules & singularly in line 2m apart. The Countdown was very calm completely & no volatile customers or groups inside. From 1st glance inside everything was calm & rules followed at checkouts. Police were too heavy handed in this instance & no cause for. Power to the walkers/runners, but they were walking next to each other & holding hands, was my point to the cop. Expect way better from Police in future!

    there was zero commotion at this incident in or out doors. It was a simple shake down. It may occurred at a separate Countdown somewhere. But the whole time the cops js questioned us outside in line who where so quiet, content & waiting. After checking us all they left. There was no incident, it was a routine check at that time. Maybe they were testing protocols for a really bad situation in future. But no unsafe situation were happening at this time inside or outside. But better to be safe than sorry i think – that’s as much grace as I’d give these police who were rude & intimidating!

    Give something for police to do but leave people alone that are abiding by all the rules

    Now if plod continues on this intimidation of our cuzzies, we will have more than a few pissed off people.



    • “It’s just a fucking flu.”

      It *should* be a really good **training exercise** for when the world next gets a *really* nasty pandemic (bound to be a flu virus).
      However, the government has completed stuffed up the golden opportunity and has made a cluster-fuck out of everything.



  2. Stuff must be heavily moderating the comments.
    After 3 hours not one is posted. Either no one agrees with the article or all the comments are crapping all over Cindy and the COL.
    The way to piss off your readership. Nice one Stuff. Keep it up.



  3. Just received a posting from the school thanking all the teachers for the wonderful work they’re doing setting work for students who aren’t there. What else would they be doing? The work is set anyway (and it’s minimal – highlighting how much of the school day is wasted), there aren’t any kids, and teachers have all gone home on full pay.
    What really sickens me are the scores of sycophantic arse-licking parents who have taken the trouble to add their own greasy little comments just to get their moments post in the sun.
    Are we really a such a nation of non-thinkers?



    • These unionised teachers seem to think they’re doing society a favour but, but, but they are paid to teach! I suppose they are nervous as many parents will be privy to homework and see their marxist climate-warming claptrap upfront?



      • Cadwallader, It runs deeper than that.

        Professors across the country are taking to social media to express their concern over being forced to deliver their course lectures online amid the coronavirus outbreak, …..
        …… Farris asked how Gunter was working to ensure her lectures are not made public, to which Gunter responded with one tip for her colleague. ……


        These professors, education departments, etc., seem to be full deviousness, to hide what they are really teaching, that is the slant of how they put things to young people.
        What can be so concerning in what they want to teach, that has to be hidden from parents, and the general public.
        Is it that what they teach can not stand up to questions, scrutiny, so maybe far from the truth.

        It seems that their teachers certificates should be revoked, and then to have nothing to do with young people!



  4. Another promising development is collecting plasma from recovered cov19 patients to harvest antibodies to treat or prevent the illness in others. If successful it could come sooner than a regular vaccine.



  5. ” GO EARLY GO HARD” Like everything Ardern attempts a fucking joke and a lie, just another slogan starting way back with “LETS DO THIS”.
    Trump stopped all Chinese from going to the U S in January and was called a racist and xenophobe.
    Sorry folks but our leadership has let the country down badly, people coming back into the country couldn’t believe how slack our border security was,FFS it was reported on even on our leftie hack msm many times.



  6. I am shocked that we were doing health checks on people heading the islands, but not people arriving in NZ?
    So there were temperature checks happening – but only for people exiting?
    Implies they suspected the virus was here (like we all did) and didn’t want a bad story of more Polynesian health systems groaning under the weight of diseases mismanaged by NZ.

    Did others here hear that we stated doing some temperature checks for arrivals at AK airport a couple of days ago?
    I only heard on the radio, but would be keen to confirm.
    Every action taken is, if not too little, consistently too late.
    It seems NZ policy is being driven by media pressure & the public fear level at least as much as expert advice.



  7. As I said in another forum – a bit of “coronavirus maths”……..

    Let’s assume 20,000 people per week arrive in our foolishly-open airports = roughly 1,000 per day into AKL, WLG, CHC.
    Assume that 1 in 100 of them has the virus and is not showing symptoms.
    That is *200* people per week coming in and adding to the infected total.

    Dear Cindy – time to bugger off back to your fish-and-chip shop, honeybuns……….



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