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Ivermectin prescribed for 200 members of the American Congress – are liarbour and all the other useless politicians doing the same? Would they tell us if asked?


Ivermectin is a generic drug that no longer holds a patent, and this is the main reason the most famous podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, believes that the medical industry and mainstream media are bashing him for using it to beat Covid — because there’s no money in it for pharma. Being worth only about 30 cents per dose, it’s night and day compared to vaccine profits, which the Covid jab makers are raking in by the billions. Merck and Pfizer both have their own versions of Ivermectin prescription medications, that function in the same way, killing parasites and certain viral pathogens (they just aren’t marketing them because of money, control and the clot shot “therapy” agenda).

Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, and President of Frontline (FLCCC) Alliance, Dr. Pierre Kory, has already prescribed Ivermectin for 200 people in Congress

Dr. Pierre Kory from FLCCC treated Joe Rogan, along with 200 members of Congress, with monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, Z-pak, NAD, vitamins and ivermectin. Yes, ivermectin, the medication the entire medical complex and mainstream media are calling “horse medicine” and “horse de-wormer.”

Dr. Pierre Kory, on his website, reveals a very informative study done on Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of Covid-19 infection. It’s a meta-analysis for informing clinical guidelines for use, and the paper was published recently (June of 2021) by the American Journal of Therapeutics. The conclusion? Simple:

“Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

Dr Pierre Kory of Front Line Covid Care Critical Alliance says Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs ever manufactured and is successful in treating Covid

Dr. Kory goes on to tell us that ivermectin is a well-known, FDA-approved drug that’s been used successfully for 4 decades to treat specific diseases, in humans, not just farm animals. It’s one of the safest drugs ever, but that’s not what the Covid tyranny leaders want us to know.

Ivermectin is also on the World Health Organization’s list of ESSENTIAL medicines. Let that sink in for a minute. Is that what you’re hearing on the news, or from the doctors at the hospitals? Ivermectin has been prescribed over 3 billion times to humans. Is that also what you heard on the news or social media? Congress surely knows. They’re being prescribed ivermectin for the PREVENTION of Covid, all while pushing clot shots on Americans as our only option and telling us we lose our jobs and ability to shop for food if we don’t take them. How ironic.

One reason ivermectin is so effective at helping people beat Covid is because of its “unique and highly potent ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication and to suppress inflammation,” and that’s why Dr. Kory’s whole team prescribes ivermectin for their patients and relatives for prevention and treatment of Covid in all stages.

Even the FDA is bashing Joe Rogan for taking Ivermectin for Covid, while 200 Congressional members have already been prescribed it in secret

This whole toxic medicine push is just like mainstream medicine pushing toxic chemotherapy on nearly all cancer patients. The toxic spike protein injections, like chemotherapy, cause severe systemic inflammation and break down the immune system, sending it into a state of permanent shock (think myocarditis, more cancer and millions of microscopic blood clots forming). So the worldwide push is on to sell vaccines (they’re not free because taxpayer money funds them).

Now a very famous man has declared that Ivermectin is safer, more effective and worked for him for Covid, along with about 200 people from Congress who secretly get prescribed Ivermectin while telling the rest of the country it’s a national emergency that everyone gets the deadly clot shots.

The FDA, CDC and Congress are furious with Joe Rogan for telling the world Ivermectin is better than vaccines, even though they all use Ivermectin. It’s the same with the Covid masks, that all the politicians remove as soon as the cameras stop rolling after interviews and press conferences

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    • B Venton,

      Horse face, by stopping the use of Ivermectin, is killing people. May she be brought to justice for it.

      And she has no defense under law because she either she knows the vaccines kill and maim (and she has lots of things served on her, or communicated to her to tell her it is doing so), or she is reckless in ascertaining the safety of the vaccines when she had a duty to do so. A duty she and other Ardernists took on when she implemented the process to bypass GP’s role in ascertaining the risks and benefits of said vaccines.

      Based on overseas news articles, governments in many other countries have realised their mistakes and canned the vaccines, lockdowns, mandates, discrimination etc. The Ardernists are going hard out, which means it can only ever end one way. Just how long that will take is unknown.

      The trouble is, having crossed the point of no return, she, Ardern, is in a frenzied state trying to stop it all unraveling, by more and more controls.

      If the Ardernists stop now, and admit they were wrong, they might escape with early retirement from politics, with the bundle of back pocket cash.

      If they leave it any longer, and deaths and injuries from the vaccines can no longer be kept hidden, they will probably face trial, although this may take a very long time to unravel enough for people to enforce justice. This also depend on how many good people are left in the Police, Army, and Justice System, after the unvaccinated leave. The police force has been losing good people for 30+ years, as corruption and politics have got more involved.

      However if they continue they face another danger, especially when they mandate vaccines for school children. Word on the street is that certain Maori interests are very upset with Ardern, despite the 3 waters bribe, gang handouts, and preferential treatments and funding.

      She naively thought she could manipulate the Maori, whom she has patronised, but there is a lot of unrest, and it is starting to unravel. This is partly her own doing, and she has encouraged Maori return to their roots, which includes tradition, and traditional justice.

      If I was her, I would have good reason to be very concerned about the swiftness of traditional Maori justice. It would be better to concede failure and retire while she is ahead.

      On the other hand she might keep throwing more and more bucket loads of money at them. Which is the real agenda with Maori initiatives. A giant game of manipulation, and keep feeding the wolf so that it does not attack you.



  1. OK, so I’m a bit of a fan of Kunstler’s twice-weekly blog called “Clusterfuck Nation”. The man is undoubtedly a talented writer and comes up with some delightful phrases from time to time. This weekend’s article includes an excellent summary of the current situation regarding Covid and the vax. Seems to me that it is worth quoting here in its entirety:

    Kunstler’s summary of the pandemic, 5 Nov 2021:

    “The pandemic, so-called, invokes a dark suspicion of official misbehavior at a higher and more sinister level than the mere political inanities of Wokery. The public health officialdom has lied to the nation at every turn in this melodrama, and to the extent that many rational citizens think that the authorities are out to kill them. For instance, you have Dr. Fauci of the NIAID continuing to deny that he played any part in promoting gain-of-function research on viruses here and in the Wuhan lab. His latest dodge was to change the official definition of gain-of-function to an alphabet-salad of obfuscatory bullshit before a Senate committee — for which Senator Rand Paul once again accused him of lying and beseeched him to resign.
    The CDC and the FDA have unleashed a set of untested vaccines on the public that have been shown to produce alarmingly high rates of adverse reactions, both disabling and leading to death. The CDC’s VAERS system for reporting all that is so janky that doctors can barely use it and the CDC refuses to fix it; meanwhile doctors are being punished for even attempting to report adverse reactions. The whole of medical officialdom has militated aggressively against early treatments of Covid-19 with cheap and easily available drugs, even firing doctors who attempt to use the protocols.
    The entire approval process of the various vaccines has been rife with fraud, gamed statistics, sabotaged trials, bait-and-switch scams, and unaccountable manufacturing screw-ups — all immersed in a stench of moneygrubbing. The drug companies have refused to fully reveal the contents of the vaccines. Now they are ramping up an urgent campaign to vaccinate children following rushed and falsified clinical trials, with the statistical certainty that many more kids will be injured or will die from the vax than they would from Covid-19 itself.
    Citizens have a right to object to this, and to the illegal vaccine “mandate” invoked by the pugnaciously stupid “Joe Biden” regime. There is an awful creeping suspicion in the USA and in other countries that people who have received vaccinations are beginning to present fatal cardiovascular and neurological illness in large numbers, and that an attempt is underway to cover all this up. There is likewise a growing body of evidence that the vaccines and “boosters” incrementally disable the human immune system so that later in the winter of 2021-2022 millions of people will be at risk of dying from Covid variants and virtually any other disease that comes along, including cancers. How many of us are prepared for that?”



  2. Are They Doing This Here?

    Is the Pope a Catholic?
    Does a Bear shit in the woods?

    Would Ardern refuse a safe antiviral that stops Covid?

    Does Ardern wear full PPE gear when in public?
    Does Ardern wear an N95 mask when in public?

    Nope, most of the time she does not wear a mask, and when she does it is not a mask capable of stopping “Covid-19”

    Does she practice safe distancing?
    No. Remember close up selfies on the campaign trail when it was level 2?
    And speaking to crowds on the Vaccine Promotion Tour.

    You don’t need hard evidence to know they all got Ivermectin and/or the equivalents.
    You don’t need hard evidence to know that they got a fake Covid vaccine on TV.

    You already know the truth of this by their Modus Operandus.
    It is in their nature to be like that, and it would be out of character for them to succumb to the dangerous and sometimes deadly vaccines. I mean, did you ever see Hitler rock up and take a Gas Shower with the Jews? Or stand up in a firing line with Jews to be shot dead?

    Totalitarians, Communists, and Fascists never take their own “medicine”. They are ‘better’ than us and deserve ‘better’ than us.



  3. There are several animal ivermectin products available in NZ, many of them are straight ivermectin and isopropyl alcohol or other benign ingredients and there is no reason why they should be considered unsafe. Every farmer in NZ who farmed during the period of ivermectin pour-ons accidentally treated ourselves with this stuff on multiple occaisons, and it never caused any issues. Personally I consider that using an animal medication with 30+ years of safe history is a far better solution than using an unproven mRNA treatment with no long term safety data. Ivermectin as a prophylactic is around 86% effective, with the unlucky 14% of people having the viral load reduced by 99%. It is a disgrace that we need to resort to animal grade medications because our Govt has specifically banned the only proven safe and effective covid prevention/cure available. OTOH, anyone who does not consider using animal grade ivermectin should consider doing so, rather than chose the far less effective and unproven so-called ‘vaccines’.



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