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Attack on Free Speech?




Received the following from a concerned commenter. Make up your own mind.



The Setting:

  • Just 22 days after the Christchurch Shooting, Jon Rua awaited the bus on West Coast Road, Henderson. It was Thursday morning, 4th April. Over his shoulders Jon wore the red and white flag of England, the St George Cross. His shirt also displayed the Crusader Cross. 
  • Jon is a fan of the Crusaders footie team, a Kiwi patriot and a member of the Order of the Crusaders’ Cross of Jerusalem.
  • There were no pedestrians. Some cars tooted in recognition. However, one car drove by and returned. The driver questioned Jon about his flag display.

What Happened:

  • Patriot Jon expressed anguish to the driver that the Crusaders may change their name. 
  • The questioner drove off, Jon boarded the bus. 
  • Suddenly the bus stopped, two police officers entered. They grabbed Jon and escorted him off the bus, with no explanation.
  • The Policewoman questioned Jon’s beliefs. He recorded their exchange on his phone.
  • The Policeman stood nearby consulting with that car driver/informant.

The Arrest and Aftermath:

  • After 16 minutes discussion the Policewoman arrested Jon. He was searched, driven to the Henderson Police Prosecution Service and locked in a cell.
  • Four hours later a Policeman questioned Jon about the keys to his gun-safe. Four Police went to Jon’s home on a weapons search, they confiscated his .177 slug gun. 
  • Jon’s partner Maxine was at home recovering from a stroke. An officer informed Maxine that Jon was mentally unwell. He asked if Jon had been violent and hit her. 
  • Maxine declared Jon was mentally sound and was never violent.
  • Back at the cells Jon was fingerprinted, photographed, his DNA was taken. Police then drove him to the Waitakere District Court to accuse him before a Judge.
  • The duty solicitor pleaded Jon’s case. The Judge gave bail with strict instructions for Jon to reside at his address and not to engage in any “hate speech” or “violence”. 
  • The Police returned four times to Jon’s home, on the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th of June, to check his compliance with bail instructions.

The Charges:

On the 20th May Jon Rua attended the Waitakere Courthouse and was duly charged. SEE BELOW. He pleaded not guilty. The Judge set the trial for October. 


Regarding Jon David Rua. Male, D.O.B. 24.09.60 ; Occupation Bus Driver

Offence Details; I (name removed) of New Zealand Police, Henderson, have good cause to suspect that Jon David Rua has committed the offence specified asunder;

That on the 4th day of April 2019 at Glen Eden he;


Charged under the Summary Offences Act 1981 Section 3  

Maximum penalty 3 months imprisonment or $2000 fine.

Background Facts:

  • Jon Rua: 59 years,an ex bus driver, married, no criminal record, on a sickness benefit.
  • Jon was raised as a Christian, has well-informed opinions on Christianity, the Crusades and Islam. He once travelled to Jerusalem and knows the Muslim world.
  • The car driver who stopped, tangled with Jon then called the police, is an ex policeman (1997-2005), now a Private Investigator and Coach of the National Rugby Team of Pakistan. This strange person is named as “the VICTIM” by the Police in their Summary of the Facts.

Jon Rua’s case is a Free Speech issue. The Police rejected Jon’s Rights. 

Is this an Attack on Christianity?

Friends of Jon Rua are fundraising to pay his legal expenses and other costs. Please donate.

**Go to crowdfunding site ‘Give a Little’, find John Rua’s page and DONATE.**

Thank you for supporting Free Speech in New Zealand.

Let’s push on the Police – they should protect the innocent and stop bothering Crusader supporters!

Sponsored by: “Support Jonno Rua Committee”, First Nation Association of New Zealand.

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  1. What did he do that was illegal? His display of a legitimately recognised ally’s flag does not make him a threat, or alert or give the right to report him. The police should have told the complainer to stop wasting their time. To follow this up and charge the poor bloke is appalling.



  2. It’s bloody scary where this country is headed. I would never have believed the police would take this direction and I’ve lost any faith I had in them. The country is going to hell in a handcart.



      • NZ Police wading in an getting involved in the Gayford thing was the end of any respect I had for them. As I said above- They are supposed to be Politically Neutral! And don’t get me started on their bullying tactics post Christchurch- My mate was interviewed about comments/jokes he made on Facebook! And asked which bloody Political Party he supported FFS…



    • The likes of COLFO and SSANZ and thousands of licenced shooters tried to tell the government that rushing the gun ban legislation was a recipe for poor law and that they should take time to put the legislation through the proper select committee process but, no, our marxist in chief new better. And don’t forget that Ardern oversaw the changes to the way Arms Officers did their job (centralization) which may have been a contributing factor in the way Tarrant got his licence in the first place.



  3. Interesting bit about being “mentally unwell”. If you recall, that’s similar to the terminology of what constitutes a “fit and proper person” in what Ardern outlines the other day.

    Who at the Henderson police station made that assessment? Was it a professional opinion or something they pulled out of their arses? And if the latter, is that the new standard that the CoL are pushing? That seems to be an awful amount of power being handed to the police…



    • Try arguing with them to prove your “argument” that you are “fit and proper”……

      “you are upset sir” is the start of the “bad cycle” and you need to be on your game to stop that descending really fast into the shitter. Have had a couple of sons spend a night in the cells learning that lesson but if you are a fit and proper person you only need one lesson 😉



    • A friend recently has all firearms removed by three cars of armed police because someone had questioned his mental state to them and they had checked his facebook posts.
      That’s all it takes and the conclusion by the cops was that to act and remove his rights as a licenced firearms owner was for public safety.
      Needless to say after the invasion of his property and theft of his valued hunting rifles. It has not done a lot to raise his sense of safer communities together.



  4. Yup, slowly our freedoms are being eroded. The police here are fucking stupid. More and more they are being seen as puppets of the Arderne Regime. Let’s stop talking about the COL and the Arderne Regime. The Fascist Aderne Regime.



  5. What I cannot understand is why the top cops are doing this. Given that this COL is most likely to be gone in less than a 18 months, along with Bush, why are the rest of them acting like the german stasi?
    I would love to see what the next echelon of chief cops have done to protect themselves from the incompetence of Bush. There must be secret recordings in meetings and a paper trail.
    Maybe they will try and use the Nazis defence of only following orders. If this is the case then they are deluded.



    • Do you really think we’re going to have an election in 18 months? I thought they’d be stopping the democratic process in their second or third terms, but looking at this I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Jacinda Ardern declared Glorious Leader for Life.



    • There are rumours Bush is lining up a career with the Labour Party after he finishes his stint at PNHQ. Others are just ‘following orders’ because in Police Culture to do anything to upset ‘The Boss’ is career suicide- You will ended up out of a job or (if you are High Level) ‘seconded’ to another Government Department!
      Trust me the hardworking guys on the street are not comfortable with some of the things they are being ordered to do…



      • I personally know 3 senior long term officers… no longer working for the NZ police. Their comments are very disturbing but one of the things they abhor the most is the erosion of the respect for “seniors”. Very hard to train a newbie if they have no respect for the senior or believe they have to listen.



  6. “This is the thing about freedom of speech – everyone agrees with it, until they hear something they don’t like.”

    British Comedian Ricky Gervais and his US counterpart Jerry Seinfeld recently discussed the difficultly of being comedians in a society where a swathes of people choose to be permanently offended at anything, and were immediately beseeched by people who were offended by what they said, proving their exact point.

    The background of the piece was this debate about whether to leave in a comment made by Seinfeld, which was purposefully supposed to rile up the snowflakes.

    “That’s one of the best and worst things you’ve ever said.” Gervais commented, knowing exactly what would unfold if it was left in.

    The two then discussed the erosion of free speech, in the context of comedy.

    “And now the big question, I think, the last couple of years- I mean, it’s always been around, but that last couple of years is- you know, the fight for freedom of speech.” Gervais said.

    “I joke about really terrible things. And I know they’re terrible. Of course.” he continued, adding “And whenever a new thing comes out that’s raw and sensitive, people say, ‘You don’t understand.’ I go, ‘No, I do understand.'”


    there is a 46 second video 🙂

    The 2nd video here continues the “freedom of speech” pressures.
    1min 35 secs



  7. Pakistan Rugby Team coach, alarm bells!
    An ex cop, alarm bells!
    Even if the “car driver” was told to F** off. There are no grounds for any police charges.
    The Police need to be taken to task over the abuse of power going on behind the cover of public safety.
    Just because this crooked government directs them to act unlawfully against their own citizens, I naively believed that a level in senior management would push back.
    I can see that the fact Tarrant was allowed to get his firearms licence was the fault entirely of the police and they are now forced to over react or face sunlight.
    They are now doing the bidding of a government that is feeling threatened.
    If there were 10 Tarrants they would never be able to hush up the truth like now.

    Up the Crusaders!!
    Especially the ones that protected the Christians from the butchering Muslims. So what!



  8. Is she evil or just total incompetent and the crooked powers are loose without the control of a effective leader.
    Her inexperience and lack of mental depth means the truly evil can manipulate the country with the globalist BS in front of the Mum from Mt Eden.
    Don’t get me wrong I loathe the sight of her and any propaganda that spins about her but Helen Clark is the UN puppeteer behind her.
    She is just a useful idiot with a baby!



  9. So how long can people see this video?
    Watch or ‘file it’ away while you can.
    Killing Europe (short version)
    1hr 12 min 44 sec
    Published on May 20, 2018

    Now pulled from Amazon’s

    A documentary by independent filmmaker Michael Hansen about mass migration and Islam in Europe, entitled Killing Europe, has been removed by Amazon from its Prime Video service. Amazon cited “quality assurance” concerns — despite the fact that the documentary had been hosted on the platform since 2017 without issue. ….

    …. does not meet “customer content quality expectations.” Amazon would not respond to repeated requests from Hansen for the company to specify what content failed to meet its criteria. …. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/07/24/amazon-removes-danish-filmmakers-islam-documentary/

    Shutting down free speech, debate, discussion de-platforming on issues that by elites, using the connivance of governments, that are more than ok with UN global rulings.



  10. This video was referred to in the above Breitbart link.
    Also should be copied and filed before shut down, or censored and disappeared like our local Aussie’s manifesto and and now another with what seems another retrospective crime, having a St Georges flag and supporting the Crusader team.

    Killing Free Speech Part 1
    39 mins 57 secs.
    Published on Jul 12, 2019

    This guy’s documentaries are exposing a lot of truth, showing up the controlling of discussion, debates and stopping “free speech”



    • Those for the moment, not censured documentaries, need to be shown, in many places, like at schools 🙂 , book clubs 😉 or many other places, even if it is just like back ground tv.
      Most certainly should be played once a month on a Friday at every mosque 🙂
      All part of “becoming like us”.

      Or any group that likes watching thought provoking viewing, and happy to keep on discussing and learning.



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