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Aussies not impressed.




The great Kiwi kowtow

James Macpherson


New Zealand has offered to teach Australia its special brand of bend-over diplomacy in order to get back into China’s good books.

The generous offer came from Kiwi Trade Minister Damien O’Connor who went as far as offering to mediate a trade settlement (by which he meant a capitulation) on our behalf.

It comes a month after his kowtowing colleague, New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta, offered to negotiate a truce (by which she meant a surrender) with China.

But more significantly, it comes just two days after China agreed to give New Zealand more of their money, in part to further punish Australia for having the temerity to ask questions about coronavirus.

As they say, those Kiwis are bought and paid for.

Mr O’Conner said Australia needed to “show more respect” (by which he meant ignore China’s appalling human rights record) and “be more careful with wording” (by which he meant be more liberal with flattery) if we wanted a good relationship with China (by which he meant become China’s bitch).

“We have a mature and honest relationship with China, and we’ve always been able to raise ­issues of concern,” said Mr O’Conner, whose brown-nosing diplomatic triumphs include persuading the Chinese to come clean about Covid, to stop persecuting the Uighurs and to recognise the sovereignty of Taiwan (by which I mean none of those things).


Clearly, Mr O’Conner’s lecture (by which I mean slap with a feather) was part and parcel of New Zealand’s trade deal with China, wherein they are required to speak on behalf of China against those refusing to be subjugated.

Every bully has his minions and they enjoy a special protected status. Of course, part of their role as is to fulfil certain needs of the bully.

Understanding this, the Australian Government did not take New Zealand’s advice as seriously as if New Zealand government ministers had been talking about something they actually understood (by which I mean rugby union or sheep).

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said our nation’s trade policy would “be guided by three Ps: proactivity, principle and ­patience” (by which Mr O’Conner heard “placate from the prostrate position”)

Australia is big enough to overlook the immaturity and disrespect shown by New Zealand’s Trade Minister (by whom I mean Comrade O’Conner) in ‘advising’ his closest ally on how to show maturity and respect to a Communist foe.

But Australia would be ill-advised to ignore the naivety (by which I mean lack of experience, wisdom and judgement) demonstrated by our cousins across the Ditch.

New Zealand pulled out of ANZUS yet still expects Australia and the US to protect them. Now they insist on flirting with China at the very time Australia and the US are trying to keep China out.

In the event that China ever tries to invade New Zealand they will no doubt put up a spirited defence (by which I mean scream for Australia’s help).

Right now, however, New Zealand’s woke, socialist progressives (by which I mean those who will shake hands with the Devil if the price is right; and become the Devil for a dollar more) are snubbing their allies and preferring to dance with the bear.

Australia doesn’t actually have an issue with China over trade. It is China that has a problem with Australia, not over trade, but over our determination not to allow them to continue buying us piece by piece.

Our previous trade with them has become their weapon of choice to try to force us to accept their demands.

New Zealand (by which I mean a lamb that loves the abattoirs) is about to sell its soul to China for easy money, and its effort to have us sit down with China is just another ploy by China to have us acquiesce to their demands.


    • Why would Australia sell the CCP Vrus vaccine to nz, before giving all it’s citizens that want it first?
      They have 26 million people in their country and we have 5 million.
      Lokks like bobblehead will be waiting along time and the EU is digging it’s toes in as well!
      Bobblehead said first in the queue, yer, right!



      • Why do you care how long the corona vaccine takes to get here? Do you plan to take it? I certainly won’t. I don’t intend to add to the count of people dying from an untested and dangerous vaccine.



  1. How long till NZ’ers need visas to enter Australia? It can’t be far away. These could be internet issued and straightforward for NZ born, law-abiding citizens wanting 10 days on the Gold Coast. All others will need to apply formally. The irony is that NZ immigrants should be screaming about O’Connor’s comments. Our open access to Australia is the most appealing part of gaining NZ residency. All those immigrants that Aussie turned down, who then use NZ residency to gain access to Australia will be stuffed. The NZ government has decided to hang Australia out to dry to feather our own spineless nest of vipers. While you’re doing back room deals with the enemy, wouldn’t it be more prudent just to shut the fuck up than point loudly to the knife you’ve just buried in the back of your mate?



  2. I am not OK with the comment from Minister O’Connor. Thought he was pathetic and I do not appreciate Ministers of the Crown being pathetic. Especially with international relations.

    Trade is OK and essential but when we need to grovel it is time to back up and reconsider. A healthy and enduring relationship with Australia is essential and more important than one where a Minister feels we need to grovel.

    I am not OK with China threatening Taiwan. Even if it is primarily to crank President Biden up. China has not hesitated in wagging the diplomatic finger at us for commenting on international matters they believe are theirs. In the case of Taiwan their argument fails when international scale conflict is threatened and fighter aircraft have been put in the air in a warlike manner.

    China is in the wrong with Taiwan and with Australia. We need not shy away from saying so.

    Our government would be wise to better care for our relationship with Australia in my view.



  3. The worst aspect of this is it came from O’Connor , one of the most experienced MPs in the Labour Caucus and is usually seen as one of the more sensible people on the other side. The pressure from China must have been immense for him to further soar the NZ/Aussie relationship.
    On the plus side must be that it is so bad and ham-fisted the Aussie’s are just laughing off with their condemnation. Ardern’s diplomatic efforts with Aussie have been terrible from day one so the Aussie’s will be getting used to it by now.



  4. FFS ,I’m so looking forward to the 2032 Prada cup with the hi tech Chinese Junks flying the bamboo code zero’s and massive kites as we listen to the two wankers from yesterday saying “what do you think the grand master of yachting Xi Jinping would make of this incredible spectacle? ….I’m not joking, sorry about that folks .



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