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If this can be shown on prime TV across the ditch to all including young kids, WHY CAN’T WE SEE IT..

After all, it was one of them who committed the shooting. He was a lone wolf, NOT a terrorist. If he was a terrorist because of the number he shot, how come all our other mass shootings haven’t been reclassified as terrorist attacks?

Cindy has seen it, and it hasn’t had any affect on her, has it? You wouldn’t know with her. It must be true that he was a leftie sympathiser and not a white supremacist, as we have been led to believe. How would we know the actual truth if we cannot see it for our selves. Are we to take Cindy’s word on this?

Well no. Going on her past history, she simply cannot be trusted in anything she says.

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  1. NZ slime can’t show this video.

    If they do the government (i.e. us taxpayers) will have to pay Mr Arps and at least one child millions in compensation for false imprisonment (to the extent where kidnapping may be the appropriate charge).

    As well the CoL, the pigs and (at least) Judge O’Driscoll will have to publicly admit they are both corrupt and incompetent.

    Won’t happen!



    • The rule of law is meant to be impartial, objective, and a court should be where justice is seen to be done.

      I have no interest in seeing the video, but then I didn’t feel the need to watch beheadings either. I don’t watch those types of things in movies either, I look away, even in historical reenactments of Henry the 8th wives.

      The manifesto, on the other hand, I found interesting.



  2. This may be the British set up, but one feels the NZ media system with agitating sjw’s and NGO’s are already a long way down this track, and gathering speed.

    The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) officially launched the Centre for Media Monitoring (CfMM) ….
    The project expands the successful work that has elicited over 100 corrections on inaccurate stories in national media to a broader remit of tackling the serious problem of bias.

    The CfMM’s goal is to promote fair and responsible reporting of Muslims and Islam, by engaging constructively with the media and empowering communities to make a change.

    The launch in Parliament, hosted by Naz Shah MP (Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities)

    Gary Jones, Editor-in-Chief of the Express …. “We need to be monitored,” he said, whilst also noting that the Muslim Council of Britain was the first group he met with, after becoming Editor-in-Chief.

    Professor Paul Baker ….
    “analysis is both detailed and large-scale. And importantly, they know how to do this”.

    The study of print and broadcast reports reveals a serious problem in the way that British media reports about Islam and Muslims. …. the period of Q4 2018, the key findings:

    59% of all articles associated Muslims with negative behaviour
    37% of articles in right-leaning and religious publications were categorised with the most negative rating of “very biased”
    Over a third of all articles misrepresented or generalised about Muslims
    Terrorism was the most common theme
    The study also looked at TV and whilst issues of accuracy and bias were found to be considerably better than the press, notable conclusions include:

    43% of all broadcast clips associated Muslims with negative behaviour
    Regional coverage was significantly more supportive than national coverage
    The platforming of the far-right on a number of debate programmes has allowed the propagation of false stereotypes about Islam and Muslims

    “The Centre for Media Monitoring is a huge step forward for Muslim communities, who have consistently raised concerns about the way that the media’s reporting on Muslims and Islam have affected people on the ground. We hope that this positive, constructive and evidence-based approach will make the change that we all feel is long overdue.”

    “….. – we started by focussing on inaccuracies, but the real impact is from poor journalism and bias, and the work at the Centre for Media Monitoring will bring the way issues are reported to the fore, and propose ways to make things better. Through engagement, we hope to make a real difference.”

    “There is no doubt about the seriousness of Islamophobia within sections of British media.
    Even amongst the public, 58% believe the media is to blame for Islamophobia. The status quo has to change. Our goal is for there to be more responsible reporting through constructive dialogue with decision makers. A robust evidence based methodology highlighting issues of deliberate misrepresentation and unconscious bias can only help increase transparency and accountability.”

    This appears to become deeply entrenched into our political system as the “Christchurch Call” shows.



  3. Naz Shah that launched the muslim CfMM above also supported this.

    a social media message telling victims of sickening sex abuse to shut up for “the good of diversity.”

    Naz Shah retweeted and liked a post on Twitter by an account parodying left-wing writer Owen Jones which said: “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.”

    This seems to be who the Christchurch call aligns with.

    Also there seems to be groups and people also supporting similiar views regarding our violent ethnic families.

    All done in revising history to make things kind and rosy. // 🙁



  4. Another government that censors, and gets many other countries to blindly comply, that is fit in with sharia.
    Questions raised at a media “freedom conference” that seems to duck for cover, just as NZ media does.

    “Ezra Levant challenges Pakistan’s Foreign Minister over Twitter censorship”
    2 mins 40 secs

    Free speech is under siege from many different angles, from with in and with out, and not many defending it.



  5. My serious question is this.

    What did our media do to challenge this suppression?
    They have the eyes on the publications and they could/should have agitated the shit out of Jackboot Jacinda.
    But the didn’t/ haven’t.

    What did our Judicial System do to support our constitutional rights? apart from roll over and sigh, collect their forever larger salaries and wander off in their day dream?

    So apparently Freedom of the Press is suppressed.
    Which is clearly a concern.
    Along with attacking Google and Facebook.

    Its very concerning the Simon has rolled along with this. Not fit to be the leader of free NZ.
    Frightened to stand up and be counted on that score.

    Apart from Seymour and Franks, I don’t see many voicing alternative positions.



    • Perhaps we are just nearing the tipping point, some get there sooner than others but then you all go at the same time and then there are other tranches. Someone has to be in the front guard to shine the light. They also need to be authoritative.

      If we don’t stand up for what I consider to be NZ’s values, then when we go to ANZAC services, we are playing lip service. When was the last time Australia and NZ were at such odds?



    • You say:Not fit to be the leader of free NZ.

      Soyboy Bridges is not the leader of ‘free NZ’
      He will never be the leader of NZ.

      He is barely the leader of Labour Lite with 5% support across the country.
      At best he is an annoying placeholder.



  6. Perhaps because we expect that of Islam and it was not a surprise. ChCh was, well it was to me, and by an Australian.

    Who else in any nation’s history, has wrought such change, in such a short amount of time?



  7. Back in the 1960s when I was a young fella still at school the first ten minutes of the 6pm news on the one and only channel was often live action from the Vietnam war.

    There was no censoring of that but showing women’s boobies was censored.

    I discussed this earlier in the year with my aunty who is now in her 80s and she agreed it was a ‘strange morality’ to show this war action on main news.



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