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Australia: Freedom of Speech Under Siege




Alan Jones has seen his Brisbane audience plummet in the fallout over his comments about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Jones had told his audience on 4BC that Prime Minister Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down”Ms Ardern’s throat over her stance on climate change.

The comments saw advertisers abandon the 78 year old broadcaster in droves.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH . We hear people discussing the urgency to protect freedom of speech that is being taken from us, so we have all agreed to black-ban every business that interferes with our right to freedom of speech that our soldiers fought and died for — Lest We Forget. They showed opposition to freedom of speech by withdrawing advertising from the Alan Jones radio program and contempt for our democratic right to express differing opinions — we exercise our democratic right to shop elsewhere. We are members of many Clubs, community organisations with a huge regular contact of ‘friends’ across Australia, we will continue to encourage others to join in our support for freedom of speech. Keep out of our lives or we keep out of your shops and ban your products and services. . We, family, friends and thinking people of Australia do not need you — you need us, just remember whose money and patronage you need — show some respect for the lives of our fallen soldiers who fought and died for this freedom you arrogantly interfere with.

Withdrawn from Alan Jones 2GB . The following companies have committed in writing to withdraw advertising from Alan Jones 2GB. .

Can you imagine our companies here being so “woke?” Well I can and it’s surprising that we haven’t seen a backlash against Mike Hosking and his morning talk show. Every time he interviews Cindy its always the same. “Um-ah-um-um-um-ah…………………….

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  1. That is just ridiculous The world is being taken over by woke pathetic snowflakes. But lies and broken promises are OK Great. What a f..ked up world we are not living in. I might take a look and not purchase anything from those stores as they are too woke for me.



  2. Why are the corporates not free to abandon sponsorship of a viewpoint they disagree with?

    It seems a bit daft to me to do so, but surely if you believe in freedom you wouldn’t want to force somebody to hand over money? They should be able to withdraw their sponsorship once their current, contractual obligations are met.

    And we are free to point, laugh and stop spending money with them.



    • Settle down, Jacinda.

      And if they want to withdraw it because they dislike words with the letter “E” in it, that’s what they are free to do once their contracts are honoured. If they want to withdraw it for lefty or righty virtue signalling bullshit, again – their choice. Not yours.

      You cannot make claims to do what you want to do while telling other people what they have to do. Freedom means free, Melahi. Not only for you.

      And you should teach them a lesson. Stop spending money with them.



    • That is the only real response for us who believe in freedom of speech as individuals to take Alice.

      Meanwhile in Sydney there were also a number of advertisers that left but Jones’ show is still the highest rating radio program in the market, as it has been for most of the last 30 years.

      Also I think there is a large element of group think or herd mentality in the advertisers response.



    • Precisely. And this is why:

      • You don’t visit Kiwiblog and support their moderation and lack of free speech
      • You don’t attend or financially support Massey university
      • You don’t vote for or support Phill Goff
      • etc.

      Money and votes are the only means we have to push back against the socialists.



  3. I’ll agree the firms can pull their advertising dollar but suggest the reasoning is weak. One helpful suggestion from Mr Jones hardly justifies the action suggesting they had been thinking of pulling the advertising probably as it was not effective use of funds.

    I was uneasy over our PM feeling a need to advise Australia how to act. Mr Jones could have used better wording but I understood where he was coming from.



  4. I do wish people would keep things in perspective. We all know Jones mis-spoke, fluffed his line, tripped over his speech, mixed his metaphors. The response by the ‘woke’virtue signalling companies is so shallow, and they deserve boycotting by the sane in society who can withhold their spending for pulling their advertising. We see the whole incident for what it is, a pathetic response to a man doing his job who tripped verbally. He has apologised. That should have been enough.



  5. Police have charged 35 people around the country over possession of the video of the Christchurch mosque shooting.

    A video of the mosque attacks, during which 51 people were killed, was live-streamed.

    The Chief Censor has classified the footage and a publication reportedly written by the man accused of the shootings as objectionable.

    Knowingly possessing or sharing objectionable material carries a prison term of up to 14 years.

    In information released under the Official Information Act, police say that as of August 21 there had been 35 charges in relation to possession of the video.

    The charges have led to 14 prosecutions, 10 referrals to the Youth Court, one written warning and eight verbal warnings.

    Thirteen of the charges were in Canterbury, and seven were in the Bay of Plenty.

    Two charges, both laid in Canterbury, were withdrawn.

    Nine of the people charged in Canterbury have faced prosecution and two referred to youth court.

    In the Bay of Plenty, two people face prosecution, one was referred to the youth court and four people were given a verbal warning.




  6. It should be pointed out that the Thief Censor was a woke cunt like Jacinda and just did as he was ordered. spineless bastard given the shit that he passes any other day, time we canceled that job from the things we taxpayers fund.



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