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State of emergency declared for NSW

NSW has declared a state of emergency for seven days starting immediately as bushfires rage across the state.

Emergency Services Minister David Elliott warned residents were facing what “could be the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen”.

The NSW fires have claimed three lives and so far destroyed more than 150 homes.

NSW Premier @GladysB has declared a state of emergency due to dangerous fire risk and forecast conditions. The state of emergency will remain in place for seven days. #nswrfs #nswfires pic.twitter.com/KxReFn9pGP

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the last time a state of emergency was declared in the state was 2013 when there were extensive bushfires in the Blue Mountains.

Ms Berejiklian warned people to “for heaven’s sake, stay away from bushland” on Tuesday.

“The catastrophic weather conditions mean that things can change very quickly,” she told reporters on Monday.

“You might think you’re OK and a few minutes later you won’t be. Please heed all the messages you receive. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is not the day to be complacent.”

Mr Elliott said the state of emergency was precautionary but necessary.

“We have tools like state of emergency available to us to ensure there is no legal barrier, there are no operational barriers, to ensure that the people of the Rural Fire Service (can) do what they’re meant to do,” the minister said.

There are currently 60 fires burning across NSW with more than half uncontained.

“Catastrophic is off the conventional scale,” RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said.

“We are talking about indices that go well beyond the old scale of 100.”

The blazes are raging from the northern border with Queensland down to the mid-north coast, out to the state’s central west and south toward the Illawarra.

Catastrophic fire danger has been declared for the Sydney and Hunter regions on Tuesday with severe and extreme danger across vast tracts of the rest of the state.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has slammed “raving inner-city  lunatics” for talking about climate change when hundreds of families’ homes in NSW and Queensland are in peril from bushfires.

Accusing environmentalists and the Greens of “disgraceful, disgusting” behaviour, Mr McCormack said he was sick and tired of people like the Greens MP Adam Bandt sitting around in apartments in Melbourne preaching climate change and calling for the coal industry to be shut down.

“Now is the time to put fires out,” he said. “We have a situation that could prove catastrophic,” he told ABC radio.

“What people need now is a little bit of sympathy, understanding and real assistance, they need help, they need shelter. They don’t need the ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies at this time when they’re trying to save their homes. It is disgusting and I will call it out every time.”

He said the Morrison government was trying to take sensible action on climate change without shutting down industries.

“At the same time, we are not going to shut down an industry, say coal, [that provides] 54,000 direct jobs,” he said.

“It’s not about cheap political point-scoring. Not the ravings of some greenie in his apartment in Melbourne, crying out how bad coal is.”

But he warned he would not cop the Prime Minister being blamed by the Greens for the loss of homes and lives in bushfires.

“What really galled me is that he blamed Scott Morrison and the government for the loss of those lives,” he said.

“We’ve had fires in Australia since time began.”

I have deliberately kept away from this subject up until now. The hysteria from commentators blaming these fires on climate change has been way over the top. These fires have been a part of the landscape since long before humans were even here..

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  1. History repeats, while the 1939 Royal Commission Report is forgotten nor lived by.

    The Black Friday bushfires of 13 January 1939, in Victoria, Australia, were among the worst natural bushfires (wildfires) in the world. Almost 20,000 km2 (4,942,000 acres, 2,000,000 ha) of land was burned, 71 people died, several towns were entirely obliterated and the Royal Commission that resulted from it led to major changes in forest management. Over 1,300 homes and 69 sawmills were burned, and 3,700 buildings were destroyed. It was calculated that three-quarters of the State of Victoria was directly or indirectly affected by the disaster. The Royal Commission noted that “it appeared the whole State was alight on Friday, 13 January 1939”

    I wonder if the current administration of the shires, boroughs, counties, local government, as infiltrated by greens have used funds etc. for other so called sustainability, for the sake of vibrancy in naturalism of the environment, and other must have shiny projects.

    Then see the pattern of fires in 1851, a newspaper report, pf the dire times and the desperation.

    ….. At one time, it seemed that the whole of Melbourne would be destroyed. ……
    ….. following year, thousands of gold seekers going north through the Black Forest to the alluvial fields of Castlemalne and Bendigo, were surprised to see
    the trees putting forth a fresh display of green leaves amidst the blackened remnants of the previous year’s fires.


    And so life goes on, the dead are buried, the injured cope and nature renews, and humans forget, or are blinded by ones who have an agenda for power & control.



    • It has gone on forever.

      People have been building stand alone houses or communities further into the bush in the last 50 years.
      This has repercussions.
      This parallels in Australia what is happening in California.
      These are places that can have big rain events that cause brush growth then it is dry over the next, say, three years- which is normal long term- and the growth is simply fragile fuel that has one outcome.

      The death rates have been high over the last century.

      1967 Tasmania 62 dead.
      The 1960s were a very dry period with lots of bushfires.
      1960 still has Australia’s highest recorded temperature – 60 years ago.
      I wonder why the term ‘Global warming’ was dropped !
      I read over 20 years ago that the 1958 to 1970 period was very warm and dry.
      This literature is hard to find now. I wonder why?
      We regularly had the smoke from Aussie bush fires over in NZ in the 1960s.

      Ash Wednesday 16 Feb 1983
      75 Dead
      Cause identified as ‘Faulty powerlines, arson, and negligence after years of extreme drought’
      Not much changes.
      I was in Sydney November 1982.
      It was hot and dry.
      Still the highest November temperatures on record despite the media getting all geed up with their lies in the last decade.
      Over 40 deg was common each day.
      So it is not hard to see what resulted 10 weeks later.

      It is The Dry Continent.
      There is need to balance out lifestyle with being sensible.
      The more stoic Aussie will take it in stride.
      The apartment dwelling, smashed avo munchers, Greta hand wringers, and blue haired lesbos will carry on like it has never happened before.
      In their tiny minds there is no room for memory or recall.

      Best wishes to our Trans Tasman neighbors.



  2. I feel for the people being threatened by these fires and I hope New Zealand sends Australia some help in the form of fire-fighters and equipment to aid their efforts if they need it.

    Poor bastards. So glad we don’t face the same here.



  3. Andrew Bolt had a guy on last night –I only saw the last part of the interview so I did not get the guy’s background but he clearly knew exactly what he was talking about from years of experience (he may have been a retired forest service person).
    Andrew asked him at the end of interview what were the next areas the Australians should be worried about –straight away he said the areas behind Melbourne and maybe the Adelaide hills, but mainly Melbourne. So it seems they have not learnt anything from a few years back.



  4. Australia fires: NSW bushfires threaten 100,000 Sydney homes

    “Around 100,000 homes in the Sydney area are said to be at risk as greater Sydney suffers “catastrophic” fire conditions, fuelled by 37C temperatures and strong winds on Tuesday.”

    The Aus fire service says it is too late to leave fire areas so those who stayed to keep their homes safe will have to hunker down and hope for the best. The wind is due to change round to the south but that means the fires will blow into areas that have so far not been hit by fire.
    Horrible for the Aussies!

    My 84 year old aunt from Sydney will be pleased she is visiting her sister in the fresh air of Tauranga this week.



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