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Australian Coal and the Coming War with China.




By David Archibald

The first reaction of our Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham, to China’s ban on Australian coal imports was “But it will increase China’s CO2 emissions!” if China burns Indonesian, Mongolian or Russian coal instead of the high quality stuff that Australia produces. The stupidity and naiveté of that reaction was enough to generate a headline on Instapundit:

Our Simon hasn’t been able to figure it out for himself, and nobody has told him: CO2 as the bogeyman is just a distraction for the masses. China couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about C02. They have said they will be emissions neutral by 2060 and will be increasing coal use up to 2040 in the interim. The details don’t matter because it is just verbiage for gullible foreign audiences, like our Simon.

The politically acceptable line as to why China has banned imports of Australian coal, barley, wine etc. is to punish us for calling for an inquiry into the origins of the Wuhan virus. That is China is giving us a whacking at little cost to itself — there are other sources of wine and barley and crayfish.

But in banning Australian coal, the Chicoms are taking real pain and that means the bans have a higher purpose. Cold is a killer and winter has come early to northern China. Deaths from cold start rising once indoor temperatures fall below 17°C. Even the renewables-driven increase in power costs in NSW caused respiratory deaths to increase by 25% at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney over the last two winters. Renewables have killed far more people in Australia than the virus, due to the elderly being overly prudent in the use of electric power in reaction to power price increases.

In the 1950s the Chicoms brought in the Haui River policy. The area north of the Huai River receives free or subsidised coal for winter heating. The people south of the river miss out. The line is shown on this map:

As a consequence of the particulates associated with burning that coal, Chinese living north of the Huai River have their life expectancy reduced by five and a half years relative to those living south of the Huai River. Traditionally, stone beds in northern China had coal-burning stoves built into them. The Chicoms could put scrubbers on all their coal-burning factories and power stations but they would rather spend that money on building aircraft carriers and other machines to kill foreigners. Killing foreigners has a higher priority in China than clean air and clean water.

Due to the early onset of winter, coal is now in short supply in northern China . The Xi regime has reacted, in some areas, by banning internal heating until the external temperature falls below -3°C. A lot of people are going to die this winter in northern China due to respiratory failure caused by the ban on Australian coal.

So what is the higher purpose of all this? It is to winkle Australia out of the Quad. The Quad is the grouping of India, Australia, Japan and the United States formed to counter China’s aggression. A few years ago a Pentagon study concluded that to win against China, the United States just needed bases in Guam and Australia. President Xi must have come to the same conclusion. He is trying to take Australia out of the picture, and his war is coming soon.

President Xi has been enjoining the People’s Liberation Army to get ready for war ever since he ascended the throne in 2012. The frequency of that instruction has increased in recent years. Banning Australian coal to winkle us out of the Quad is part of the battlespace preparation.

Whatever money we make out of selling iron ore to the Chicoms needs to be spent on weapons systems. Don’t let Simon Birmingham anywhere near that process.

We will be okay. We have chin dribble as our foreign minister. she has suddenly found she is a descendent of the chinks. She will know how to sort them out. They are our rellies, don’t you know!


  1. Noeyeing Myhootas would be jailed in that Country as a terrible example of what a decadent western lifestyle will produce in a human being ,she must be on that famous “see food diet”.
    The best thing she can do is keep her ample fat mouth shut when it comes to the Chinese they are not the same audience as Aunty and uncle down at the local Marae kitchen and will tell her to F–K off quick smart if she tries stepping into the Aussie / Chinese relationship again…
    Her expertise when it comes to the Chinese is centered around takeaway menus .
    I’m not being to harsh here Mahuta is a person that doesn’t give two fucks about any NZr that’s not “Her People” FFS.



  2. Fill the boats, all of them with anything but coal. There are already a big number of boats carrying coal, filled and anchored. fill the rest with sand or some other useless thing, rubbish maybe so they can’t ship coal from anywhere.
    Canada supplies them as do several others. Just stop the shipping and China has a big problem.

    They already have a problem with their exports as most countries are holding back their containers for their own use.
    Shut down their major retail store. Jeff won’t miss the money.



  3. I have a friend who lost his job a few years ago because the huge coal burnng glass factory in North China was closed because it was too dirty. This has happened on a mass scale in China.. the elites have to breathe the same air as the commoners!

    So writer of article is so ignorant on this point you can safely ignore the rest of the article.. as for China’s “aggression”.. name one war they have been involved in for the last 40 years?.. unlike one other Hegemonic power!



    • No one so ignorant as one who cannot see. Open your eyes and look around. Swallow your pride and your bias.
      Communism doesn’t improve the world.
      If you think China is a nice place buy your ticket and fuck off.
      We won’t miss you nor your bad attitudes towards others in the rest of the world.

      How many has your corona virus killed in the world?
      Not a record to be proud of and certainly aggression towards others lust like your spying and thieving of others intellectual property.
      Just another stinking Chinese Pirate.

      Oh and you forgot to remind us of of all the islands you have built of the coast, your succession of Hong Kong and your attempts to destabilize Taiwan. North Korea and least we forget India and of course Tibet.

      Sooner you leave the better.
      There’s bigger list if you want more.



      • Viking you big dope, I LIve IN China!

        Just bumped into an Aussie here the other day who told me “he is never going back, life is to good here”.

        The reason I comment is to try and. point out the reality of modern China is very different than the perception most people in the West have. They have a 1949 to 76 perception, when the reality is that China now really is Communist in name only. I see rampant capitalism everywhere and in many ways there are more freedoms here than the West.



    • Looks like the life of Riley.

      … The revival of the city’s hard-hit nightlife economy offers a glimpse into a post-pandemic lifestyle that many hope will become a reality in 2021, after the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. …..
      ….. Students, musicians, artists and young workers – the backbone of the city’s nightlife scene – told stories of being stuck in their homes for months, many using the opportunity to prepare for a time when the city would recover. …..


      Great when you can live the dream.

      How would that compare to the life on:-
      ….. China, the world’s biggest exporter of seafood, has 17,000 ‘distant water’ vessels …..
      ….. Analysts believe Beijing heavily subsidises its fishing fleet to extend its influence and reach around the world, while also supporting an industry that employs millions of Chinese to ensure they stay loyal to the Communist regime. …..


      Marine reserves are expendable, are some of the people also expendable if they do not comply?
      Tibetans, Falun Gong, Uighur’s? Hong Kong? Taiwan? Freedoms?
      Freedom of thought?

      Xi has instructed all party members to read Marxist works and to adopt Marxist theories as a “way of life” and a “spiritual pursuit.”

      Seems more like a form of “crony capitalism” that only you can be free, if you what you do, is ok with the “state”, and when required, serves the “state”



  4. Not sure what your list of anti China talking points prove Simpleton?

    I was here during the lockdown, all very orderly with no crazy hoarding of toilet paper etc!

    As for freedoms here… most SME’s pay no tax of any kind, the labour market is much less regulated, much less “Nanny State” for drinking, smoking and bringing up kids..freedom from being burgled by P heads.. and best of all freedom from Wokeness!



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