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Without reliable electricity and diesel-powered farm machinery and transport trucks, cities are un-sustainable. In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go back to the medieval green world.

Greens dream of a zero-emissions world without coal, oil and natural gas. They need to think about what they wish for.

First there would be no mass production of steel without coke from coking coal to remove oxygen from iron ore. People could cut trees in forests for charcoal to produce pig iron and crude steels, but forests would soon be exhausted. Coal saved the forests from this fate.

We could produce gold and silver without using mineral hydro-carbons and with ingenuity we could probably produce unrefined copper, lead and tin and alloys like brass and bronze. But making large quantities of nuclear fuels, cement, aluminium, refined metals, plastics, nylons, synthetics, petro-chemicals and poly pipes would be impossible.

Making wind turbines and solar panels would also be impossible without fossil fuels. A wind turbine needs lots of steel plus concrete, carbon fibre and glass polymers as well as many other refined metals – copper, aluminium, rare earths, zinc and molybdenum. Solar panels and batteries need high-purity ingredients – silicon, lead, lithium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, silver, manganese and graphite – all hard to make in backyard charcoal-fired furnaces. Transporting, erecting and maintaining wind and solar farms plus their roads and transmission lines needs many pieces of diesel-powered machinery.

Every machine on earth needs hydro-carbons for engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil and grease. We could of course use oils from, seals, beeswax and whales for lubrication – the discovery of petroleum saved the whales from this fate.

Roads would be a challenge without oil-based bitumen. The Romans made pretty good roads out of cobble-stones (this would ease unemployment). But hard labour would not sit well with aging baby-boomers or electronic-era Millenniums.

Cars, railways, motor launches, aeroplanes, I-Phones, TV and cat-scans would be out. Horses, oxen, sulkies, wooden rowing boats, sailing ships, herbal medicine and semaphore would have a huge revival. Some wood-burning steam tractors may still work and wood-gas generators may replace petrol in some old cars.

This is the return to the “zero-emissions” world that Green extremists have planned for us.

But modern life cannot not be supported by a pre-coal/oil economy. Without reliable electricity and diesel-powered farm machinery and transport trucks, cities are un-sustainable. In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go.

But Greens should not expect us to go quietly.

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  1. Good point about whaling- that was a massive industry for a long time before petroleum took over. There has never been any doubt in my mind the true intention of the “greens” is rabid communism, misery, and a life span of 25 like we used to have a few centuries ago. We’re not giving up our western standard of living, ever. It may take another war or two to preserve it.



  2. I also think your go-back to the Medieval world doesn’t go far enough back in time for Green-topia.

    Forests in Green-topia have to be allowed to ‘free’ to grow wild…otherwise we’d be interfering with nature. Environ-mentalists would demand that forests be allowed grow wild.

    Forests were highly managed in the Middle Ages. They were also highly managed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. No, you’d have to go back to the Neolithic (stone age) to get wild forests again.

    That we have wild forests now is a luxury born from our use of energy sources. Back then, they were needed for charcoal, housing, carpentry, coopering and so forth. Letting trees in forests just grow how they liked would have destroyed civilisation and proto-civilisation.

    So, back to the Stone Age for Green-topia. Your 90% reduction in population is too low. Even 99% reduction might be too high.



  3. I think you target the wrong crowd.

    The greens don’t form any real threat to mankind if only because their numbers are too small to matter.

    It is the reds using green as a camouflage that the world needs to resist.

    We are seeing this in NZ at the moment with the anti-plastic brigade: “We must stop people using plastic and to achieve this we must have total control over all households purchasing decisions”.

    The whole green anti-industry movement (particularly climate change) is simply a tool, a tool to enable the reds to control the lives, and therefore the thoughts, of the populace.

    Once the reds have made serious inroads into achieving this the fact that their entire premis is based on lies becomes buried, never to resurface again.

    At that point only physical rebellion will be able to reverse the procedure, something I personally hope not to see.

    All free thinking people, if they wish to remain free thinking people, need to fight back now. Fight particularly for freedom of thought and expression

    They should not become distracted by the green nutters, they offer no threat at all.



    • I agree with you that the Reds are using a Green camouflage to an extent.

      I’ve known many Green supporters who were Trotskyists for example. They joined the Green Party because Labour wasn’t Marxist enough for their liking and the Green Party were.

      The question then becomes how many Greens are (pure) environ-mentalists versus Marxists? There maybe some intersection between the two sets. It appears to me that all the committed Greens are all Marxists.

      However, both sets harp on about over-population. I have heard some Reds state that Stalin’s didn’t kill enough people; if he’d had more killed, the Socialist Utopia would have been achieved. It’s quite possible that is the underpinning philosophy of the Greens to get to their (socialist) utopia: do better than Stalin and make sure all wrong thinking people are killed. A 90% or higher reduction might get them results that they’re after. Some poll in the USA seems to point out that the Woke crowd only amounts to 8%, so 92% population reduction might get them there…assuming they don’t go after each other first, otherwise my 99% estimate is probably about right.

      On the other hand, Reds seem to be getting confident enough to forego the Green camouflage these days. The rise of Jeremy Corbyn for example in the UK, let alone the “Social Democrats” in the USA; Lenin, Trotksy and Stalin were all Social Democrats too…originally.



    • Greenery is a Trojan horse.
      It is good to figure on sewerage, effluent, as the need to was found in health science. Like wise. exactly what was air pollution.

      The greenery factor, that creates a religion, controlling through academia, using “sciences” of humanities that harnesses feelz.

      To stop the “indulgences” did have a price in some blood.
      Not through a mist of interpretation, used by the vested interests. To win through, over and above feelz. is the soundness of the counter arguments with truth, that must be communicated openly and freely.



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