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Barbarians At The Gate?




Greece sends 50 naval vessels to guard border after Turkey opens gates to Muslim migrants


The inventors of Western civilization are now standing in the breach and defending what’s left of Western civilization. But will the European Union force Greece to stand down?

“Report: Greece Sends 50 Naval Vessels To Guard Border After Turkey Opens Gates,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, February 28, 2020:

Greece has completely shut down its borders Friday, sending dozens of naval vessels to patrol the Greek islands after Turkey announced it would allow all Syrian migrants to head to Europe.

A government representative, who wished to remain anonymous, told German media that Greece has closed its entire land and sea border with Turkey and will allow no one to cross the border at all, German tabloid Bild reports. Citing sources, the newspaper claimed 50 naval ships — likely predominantly patrol vessels — of the Hellenic Navy supported by helicopters were being sent to the European Union’s external border.

The newspaper also cited accounts of Greek authorities setting off tear gas at land border crossing points as migrants attempted to move into Europe.

The Turkish government has not made an official government announcement that the border is open but a source informed news agency Reuters that all border guards, police and Turkish coastguard officers were ordered to stand down.

Turkish journalist Ragip Solyu added that the border would be open for all Syrians wanting to head to Europe for the next 72 hours.

Ömer Celik, the spokesman for the Islamist AKP party, the party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, alluded to the fact that the borders could be opened stating, “Our refugee policy remains the same, but here we have a situation. We can no longer keep the refugees.”

Can Dündar, a Turkish journalist who fled from the Erdogan regime to Germany, made a post on social media platform Twitter claiming to show a video of released Syrian prisoners heading for the Greek border.

Other news agencies have shown similar videos and photographs and claimed that hundreds of migrants have begun attempting to cross into Greece….

I saw some of the “Syrian refugees” on TV news today. Lots of black Africans there. Let’s face it, characterising these people as “Syrian refugees” is a hoax… this is an Islamic Sea about to flood Europe.


  1. Do not say that muslims do not commemorate things, as they wish to use all their symbolic resources for auspicious points in their religion when it suits them.
    2nd March 2020 Coincidence?

    ….. the First Hegira (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎ hijrah), was an episode in the early history of Islam ….

    The last part of that article is how the muslims played it to that KIng & Bishops in seeking refuge.



  2. I think a better headline for this post would be “Barbarians At The Gates”

    There is no need for the question mark – it’s already happening – and, especially in Greece’s case, there are many gates (islands), not just one.



  3. Europe pays the “danegeld” and they always come back for more.

    Last year Erdogan made several threats to “open the gates” including a threat in September in which he demanded aid from European countries to build a “security zone” along the border to settle around one million asylum seekers.

    “Give us logistical support, and we can build houses up to 30 kilometres into the north of Syria,” he said and added, “Either that happens, or we open the gates.”
    As of September, EU spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud noted that the political bloc had paid Turkey 5.6 billion euros as part of the EU-Turkey migrant pact.


    Turkey taking on Syria, invading Idlib Province to quash Syrian Kurds. Not Syria invading Turkey!
    Turkey thought it could leave its troops there, but Syria is advancing.
    If Syria & Turkey clash, then Russia may throw in aerial support, to pound Turkish troops.
    For Erdogan there will be a risk of just how the Turkish military politically takes things, and needs more NATO & EU support.

    Remember Osama bin Laden saying, the “people will always side with the strong horse”, and Erdogan may look weakened, ripe for a military coup?
    So his way is full on, make or break, whipping up allah, for his power.



  4. In real life – white Europeans were the Barbarians and Turks the Muslim hordes.

    This mass immigration is the direct result of Obama’s regime change and war mongering on behalf of Israel.

    Elements of Jewish groups openly want white countries destroyed. Ordinary jews are not to blame.



  5. This is an act of *war*. It’s that simple.

    Greece needs to attack Turkey. Erdogan is an evil thug – this will **not** stop until he and his government are bombed to ashes.

    Turkey does have an advantage of about 50 fighters (not including the F4 Phantoms of each country), but then again, I’d expect the Greeks to make up for that in sheer bloodyminded determination. Their country is being **invaded** and that tends to give you an awful lot of hatred towards the enemy.

    Despite the best efforts of Ataturk, Turkey has been the West’s enemy ever since Constantinople fell to the Muslims. How on *earth* they became a member of Nato is a mystery.



    • “Advance, ye sons of Greece, from thraldom save
      Your country, save your wives, your children save,
      The temples of your gods, the sacred tomb
      Where rest your honour’d ancestors; this day
      The common cause of all demands your valour.”

      Aeschylus, “The Persians” (the battle of Salamis)



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