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Be Very Afraid Of The Left.




Following on from my post yesterday about the Virginia events about to unfold.

Look at this video

Now look at this link to the newshub story.


In the video she mentions a company called SCL. The WP page is here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCL_Group

You will recall last year a story on Cambridge Analytica and the way Facebook was mining your personal data. These are the same companies mentioned above. A quick search of the companies website here show various SCL companies listed here in New Zealand.

The Christchurch incident seemed too well thought out and just too staged. I watched it when it first came out and saw stuff that just didn’t fit what we were being told.



  1. I am very scepitical when it comes to conspiracy theories but there are too many coincidences to ignore the possibility. I keep an open mind and stay aware of what is happening in the world news (fake?). In recent history the communists manipulated huge number of victims with their evil propaganda campaign to divide and rule. Just look at the blatant lies and manipulation by The Democratic Party with the fake Impeachment of President Trump with full television coverage and scrutiny. No shame!!! Thank goodness for the internet or we would be isolated and uninformed and too scared to voice our opinion as we are lucky to be able to express on FREEDOM OF SPEECH forums such as YSB. Thank you ED!!



  2. Soros will make sure there is blood at the 2A rally

    We’re going to see in Virginia – a perfectly staged example of why Soros running the left’s new world order is so very dangerous and why modern socialism has to be crushed beyond any hope of resurrection.

    Take it to the bank – tomorrow in Virginia – Soros-funded Antifa activists will carry out a false flag. Antifa activists will represent themselves as gun rights activists and they will start being violent. We know this is a tried and tested approach of the left, Project Veritas proved this with their undercover footage of the wankers working for the DNC who were sending violent thugs into Trump rallies to start fights in 2016.

    I predict that there is a good chance that Governor “Blackface” Northam – the guy who supports killing babies after they’re born (he calls it “Late Stage Abortion”) so that their organs can be harvested – is trying to engineer a Christchurch-style mass shooting to pave the way for a NZ-like assault weapon ban.

    The left is very adamant that political activism is ONLY ok when the left does it. The Virginia 2A rally is going to be huge and has the potential to spark a nationwide pro-2A movement that will further support the groundswell against the Marxists on the left. They look to Ch’ch as a model for how sweeping gun reforms can be ushered in cheaply and swiftly over the dead bodies of a few members of the public.

    The problem is that the NZ public is very docile and gullible where it comes to tyranny. We are trusting. If a Marxist with lipstick pulls a funny face and tells us something outrageous and undemocratic is being “kind and caring” – we lap it up and ask for more. We are easily programmed into believing lies. The US public are not so sheepishly gullible. They have have once in their history escaped from tyranny, they have it in their blood to not trust tyrants, I think the Soros funded marxist left are reading this wrong – if they try to take guns away – it will not go well. And certainly not while Trump is President. Soros must feel Death’s cold clammy hand on his shoulder and he must be worried that he will not last another four years to see his dream of the destruction of the USA come true.

    He is going to over-reach. It is going to blow up if he pushes too hard. But he won’t care – he just wants to see the world burn.



    • DP.
      Firstly, nice to see you back.

      You are correct in saying NZers are sheepishly gullible,
      I would go further and say weak, in mind, principles, morals and physically.
      This has obviously been planned and orchestrated by willing parties, to decimate any semblance of a healthy society, as quickly as possible and then overthrow them without resistance.

      The deception and falsehoods that spilled forward after the Christchurch staged incident were absorbed as fact, because discernment is neither taught nor encouraged in an authoritarian state,
      Thus, bobble headed globalists and sententious wordsmiths flood screen and print.
      The dullard journalists that persist in reporting weeds as roses need serious culling.
      Northam is the puppet who will pretend to be in control.
      The script has been written and the act has been trialed, many times.



    • “NZ public is very docile and gullible where it comes to tyranny” and would not kick back.
      No fan of Brenton Tarrant, but he said something very similiar about New Zealanders and their response.
      It would ‘seem’ that was one of the very reasons he struck in NZ.
      The timing also fitted into American State politics as well.

      And we are not allowed to read about, or look into, or verify, or quote that! on pain of massive bankrupting fines, or terms of imprisonment, let alone other ‘doxxing’ affects.
      Only “bobble heads” and Deep State, of Human Rights, Academia, Censorship, Race Relations, Judiciary, and deemed Media, can interpret for the masses.



  3. North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy DESTROYS anti-2A arguments at 2nd Amendment sanctuary meeting
    2 mins, 47 secs : Jan 19, 2020

    …. whether or not to make their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary. ….

    “Let’s get on board with this thing and publicly demonstrate to us that you are willing to uphold and honor the same oath I took when I put my hand on God’s word and swore that I would give my life to defend the Constitution,” Kester said.

    “I am not being disrespectful, but regardless of what you do or don’t do, I am not going to enforce an unconstitutional law. I am going to protect the people of this county regardless of what is done here.”

    “Let’s do the right thing and let them know we are not going to allocate any personnel, finance, resources or facility to infringe on their liberties.



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