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The comments above say it all. The police really are in the pockets of Cindy and the COL. For our sanity and safety, we need to get rid of them ASAP.


  1. The thing is that since March 15 th last year this Ardern COL has taken advantage of the public response to that outrage and can get away with nearly anything, the disarming of the law abiding people of our Country is the most disgraceful thing that has ever happened .
    It’s actually this bad ,,, a billionaire nutter buys a $700,000 Lamboghini drives it at 300 kph into the crowd at a rock concert and the COL with Ardern as its leader proclaims “we are going to buy back all cars that can achieve more than 100 kph”
    If this COL gets 3 more years we may have to surrender our sharp knives.
    The person to point your finger at with blame is that once again facing corruption charges,pisshead Peters.



  2. Don’t forget how they set this in motion.
    Definitely no accident and stealthily planned. This reeks of DNC influence and ideology.

    Parkland Students Traveled To Christchurch, New Zealand Months Before Mosque Shooting

    They spent their summer balancing life as regular teenagers with their new mission: spreading the message of gun-violence prevention, promoting voter registration, and sustaining the movement of youth activism that catapulted their school into the national spotlight.




  3. The police were never your friends. Police have been at the forefront of every authoritarian regime. They are there to serve those in power not the public.

    This is not news to me and I’ve been very vocal about that.



    • Worse, there’s little that can be done about it until/unless things get so bad that there’s rioting in the streets.

      Most voters can’t see beyond Godboy fronting the Tweedledumb Party & Hugzilla for the Tweedledumbers. They’re two sides of the same coin!



      • Yes indeed. When have you ever seen a politician overturn existing laws to give them less power?

        Simon will only introduce more laws and the cycle continues.

        The tragedy is we don’t need a civil war, coup or a big fuss to fix it. We just need to vote right.



      • nasska ,you’re right there and that is the problem,all of our politicians are F- – – – G self serving useless bastards,case in point the Ardern crackdown on legal gun owners,one politician out of 120 had the guts to stand up and say “no” the rest of the cowardly clown show were to worried about a public backlash because of the sentiment at the time of the massacre in Christchurch.
        None of the others cared about what was right only about how they would look,absolute cowardly shit bags.
        And Iwill vote for Seymour for his stand and hope all other gun owners will also,this “buyback” by Ardern didn’t affect me at all as I didn’t have any of those targeted firearms but it’s the principle of the matter,what will be next?



  4. Pascal ,apparently he made an off the cuff post about hanging somebody,possibly Ardern herself .
    In NZ 2020 that is definitely a no, no , unless you want a visit from plod .
    The days of saying “lets go down there and hang the bastards are over”.



    • That is a very common turn of phrase in New Zealand and could not be taken seriously under the circumstances.

      He was targeted for opposing the Ardern regime. If he did not film it he may have been dragged off for interrogation.

      Remember – for example we know about there are many more we don’t. Ardern is conducting a Soviet style purge of dissidents. The evidence is overwhelming.



    • I’m aware of what the original quote was saying; I am looking for the actual piece it was said so I can read the context. My understanding is similar to yours:

      “Let’s get rid of all the politicans”
      “Should just crucify the lot of them”
      “Like with the French Revolution; off with their heads”

      It’s an off the cuff comment. I’d still like to see the context though; because I can speak out in his defense if it was said in that context. If it was not, IF he really was saying we should hang the politicians then he’s close to the point where his freedom of speech is turning to inciting violence.



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