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Have just witnessed two fully kitted-up cops, going tent-site to tent-site, asking law-abiding NZ families to show them the vaccine passes that gives them a privilege above unvaxxed New Zealanders to camp at the beach.

A disgusting sight that I thought needed to be recorded. By the time I wandered back with the camera, the two cops were making their way to their patrol car that was parked further along the beach.

Spending a night in a tent, several hundred meters from the next group of humans, breathing fresh air brought in by a continuous daily cycle of onshore-offshore breezes and sucking up all that vitamin D, is a public health concern and is verboten for those who have the temerity to defy Dear Leader’s wishes.


Well said Toko.

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  1. Police can be and are bringing bought to account as individuals, this restaurant owner in Ipswich Queensland has started to go after the individuals, they will think twice about dreaming up laws that don’t exist.
    I understand they are supposedly doing their jobs, what they need to understand is if they overstep the mark, it can have individual ramifications. Bad credit rating, no loans, they need to be aware the governments are selling them out.



  2. Called a small Japanese restaurant in Whangarei and asked if they did take-away. After being informed that they did and directed me to their on-line menu the wife and I placed an order. We were told the meal would be ready for pickup in half an hour. When we arrived to pay we were asked to show our vaccine passport and I was forced to leave. At no point were we told a vaccine passport would be required to pick up a take-away meal. There was no signage on the door or in their on-line menu. The wife has her passport and stayed to pay and collect the meal. We will not go there again.



    • Why did she pay? I would have told them to shove their meal up their arse. You weren’t going back so no loss to you.
      Ringback with a big $300 order and when you go to pick it up see what their response will be when you say you haven’t GOT A STUPID VAX PASSPORT. I BET THEY WILL ACCEPT YOUR CASH.



  3. The Good Lady had to take the dog into the Vet in town yesterday. Phoned the usual vet clinic first to see how they would deal with her (the GL) with not being clot shotted.

    The clinic told her that once in town, she was to phone in that she had arrived, that she was to tie the dog up to a chain in their car park, for her to then get back into the vehicle and drive off the property. She was instructed that she was to phone back when that had been done and that she would be advised when she could come back to pick up the dog after examination, which would be placed back on the carpark chain.

    On the second call, she found a vet who wasn’t into this BS.



    • Sooty…
      Good question.
      The local guy who has the contracting job for mowing the reserves, collecting the rubbish and running the transfer station, has a wife who goes around checking on overnight permits….she is the original Jane .

      I had a run in with her last year just after the level 4 lockdown when a couple of Aucklanders camped out the front and she wanted them moved on. It was level 3 and apparently overnight camping was not allowed in L3 in that part of the reserve. The couple could move 200 meters further south in another designated camping area and all would be fine as far as not catching Covid.

      I called her out for the BS and we got a visit from the local cop. on her instigation. I told the cop it wasn’t a Police matter after he threatened the Aucklanders with a Trespass Order and then with a breach of a liquor ban. His bluff was called out on both counts and he decided it was time to leave, and disappeared in to the sunset.

      The Jane got quite upset at the lack of Police action and told me that he had let the community down by not forcing the issue.

      I somehow think the emergency Health Order now allows the Police to stick their beaks in



        • Nasska…
          Our Jane does sport a bar code on her chin.
          I looked into this last year as the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011, removed the ownership of the coastal area from the Crown/Council to being owned by no-one. Which would mean if you camped on the mean high tide mark, you could not be moved on. Local hapu could put restrictions on the C,area under certain circumstances and this is what our Jane was doing under last years lock downs.

          I’ve got a hogmanay bonfire to build so I can’t reply fully by going back to the act to refresh my memory..

          Have a happy hogmanay everyone and lang may ye lum reek for the coming year…



          • My suggestion is to reclassify your “hogmanay bonfire” as a “hangi preparation” to avoid a visit from the local branch of FENZ.

            Apart from that enjoy the New Year celebrations. In the true Scottish tradition get absolutely plastered & don’t wake up until you have three day’s shit in your pants. 🙂



  4. The police have always been at the front line of every oppressive regime.

    The police are there to enforce government edicts on the public. They have no other function. Any good they do is incidental and is largely for image management.

    Yes yes I know there are good one…



    • I fully accept that they are imperfect & acknowledge that they are the puppets of the government of the day.

      Now, pray tell me how you envisage a society attempting to function without them. Extra points will be awarded for explaining the sociological advantages of rule by ethnic criminal gangs & insane anarchists.



      • The Police – New Zealands biggest gang?
        I think Mao said all state power comes out of the barrel of a gun.
        Armed offenders anyone?
        Ben Franklin said something like the man who trades liberty for security ends up with neither, just look at all the complaining about the Police State on YSB every day.
        Are we really better off attempting to function under the police?
        Or are we conditioned to believe so?
        Brings up the whole complex of what it is to be human, eh?
        Whilst the Hollywood image of insane anarchists and criminal gangs is prevalent, what systems did Homo Sapiens employ for the last one hundred thousand years of our supposed existence as a species?
        At least with ethnic criminal gangs they are not posing as righteous do gooders (until the Mongrel Mob went ‘woke’ with their PR girlie recently), and you know to stay the fuck out of their way.
        Insane anarchists ? Surely you mean the latest Joker movie? Maybe you are thinking more Dr. Evil?
        Do I get extra points?

        “Before the Conquest of 1066 the primary responses to wrongdoings in England doubtless came from the victim, the victim’s kin and the community. The state’s intervention was relatively limited and to a large extent reflected the customary practices of the blood-feud and communal involvement. Nevertheless, the codes of law drawn up by Anglo-Saxon kings beginning with Æthelbert (died 616) were expressions of royal authority and as such they sought to rearticulate the rights of the victim and the roles of kin and the broader community into duties owed to a superior authority. The rights of the victim and the community to kill a wrongdoer were restricted and, instead, an expectation was established that offenders would be brought before the courts. The laws of Æthelbert directed that anyone who ‘take revenge before he demand justice’ was to provide compensation (Thorpe 1840: 109), and the laws of Ine (died 726) required that the killing of a thief be justified by showing that ‘he whom he killed was a thief trying to escape’ (Simpson 1981: 74). The codes also restructured the role of the community. The assistance of neighbours in the pursuit of a suspected offender became an obligation owed to the Crown – ‘the hue and cry’. The laws of Athelstan (died 939) stated that a thief who fled ‘shall be pursued to his death by all men who are willing to carry out the king’s wishes’
        ……. recent work on the history of the police and, as a result, our understanding of the period before 1829 has been changed dramatically (see selected further reading; also Zedner 2006). Yet, events after that date continue to have an influence. Much of the new work engages in an argument with traditional police history, showing, for instance, that early watch schemes were efficient according to the criteria of the new police, or that the Bow Street Runners were not as corrupt and ineffective as had been assumed. This involves an implicit acceptance of the definition of police and policing as determined by the organisation and practice of the modern police. The concentration has been, therefore, on officials who resemble the modern police, such as the constable, the watch and the Runners, leaving little room for the work of victims, communities, private security and other officials (overseers of the poor, churchwardens, etc.), or for a discussion of the broader understanding of policing, such as the laws on poor relief, labour and morality and the enforcement of informal or communal ideas of order, which requires that term to be detached from the police. It is not that these areas have been neglected by historians, but that they have been neglected by the historians of police and policing. Of course, this may be simply a matter of definition. Nevertheless, the history of the police is not the history of policing and the history of policing is not the history of the police.
        And FJA



      • Many good points to ponder on, thanks Yggdrasil.

        The narrative is to hold us ransom by creating fears, to hold us to the current status of policing & justice, with a perhaps a supposed tweak.

        But consider, we have through out our lives here in New Zealand, for even decades in younger lives, have been subtlety educated and indoctrinated to accept the systemic systems of the judiciary and policing.

        …… Revisionist history books tell us that the “Wild West” was an anarchic period of time that was not conducive to human prosperity.
        Images of a Hobbesian nightmare – a life that is brutish and short – are ingrained in our consciousness thanks to decades of public schooling and violent images on the silver screen which are light on actual history and heavy on creative license.

        However, individuals who believe in liberty and developing their critical thinking faculties should be skeptical of most mainstream narratives regarding history, especially American history.
        After all, these narratives by and large have been created by Hollywood, a legacy institution that has historically advanced politically correct content with the support of Washington in order to perpetuate the cultural status quo.

        When the curtain of political correctness that’s been draped over this particular period of history is pulled back, we see a much more nuanced picture of the American Frontier.
        In fact, research by historians such as Peter J. Hill, Richard Shenkman, Roger D. McGrath, Terry Anderson, and W. Eugene Holland shows that this period was rather indicative of a “not so wild, Wild West.” ……


        The same goes for anarchy, as it is really much less government, which of course ever expanding government does not want the ordinary citizen to really give it serious thought.
        So it was tarred with being communistic, all anarchy is bad, but that is far from the truth as I am starting to find.

        First much less government all round, then one can figure the bare minimum of what is needed for law & order! and only go as far as that!



  5. Such as these will have to live in a post USSR society one day, when the COVID charade collapses. The Gulag administrators were punished by a vengeful Prison population. As the unjust statists attract more hate they will expand like a balloon.



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