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Big Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson To File For Bankruptcy




Big Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson To File For Bankruptcy Before ‘Tsunami of Vaccine Lawsuits’

Big Pharma giant and mRNA manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is planning to file for bankruptcy before the incoming tsunami of Covid vaccine lawsuits hits the company, according to reports.

Johnson & Johnson is facing at least 18 jury trials over the next year tied to claims of tainted talc in its iconic baby powder, prompting the company to consider a third bankruptcy filing in hopes of fostering a global settlement.

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  1. Oh dear how sad never mind. Both my sisters and their husbands are boostered up to the hilt, flue vaccines as well, thought I was very stupid and were worried about me for not having the jabs have had the flue/covid what ever, and one has it again, she is really ill as well, are any of us surprised? NOPE not me. But they would NOT listen to me as I was so stupid for not taking the jab. Jacinda was their single source of truth and silly me well I was a conspiracy theorist of the highest order. Guess what I have not had a cold or flue at all since this covid shit came out.



    • Lizzie you are still a conspiracy theorist according to ‘official sources’ including the Notional party and ACT.

      If you stood for local goo-mint or any profile electable position the media c*nts would hound you; and name and shame you .
      Even today or in 12 months time .
      There is no shame but media filth have always – and always will until destroyed -MSU -make shit up.
      You are a resistor and must be calved off , hounded and destroyed .
      This has not changed.

      The world is binary. You are either approved or unapproved .
      This is the method of the new world order.
      -Maori vs non-maori
      -VaXXXed up the wazoo or unvaXXXed
      -poof and trannie supporters or well, sensible I guess
      -Supporter of Saint George ‘fentanyl’ Floyd or agin.

      This is offsetting people into camps.
      The US has been doing this for years, decades …
      Iraq was their ally from 1980 to 1988 as they fought Iran ; Iran had embarrassed the USA in 1979 and chucked out the US puppet Shah (King) ; taken hostages .
      But when Iraq wanted its reward as promised by USa = Kuwait as the 19th province the US reneged
      The US then did a mass campaign to turn people against Iraq.
      People fell in line , even thought they had been fooled 25 years earlier on Vietnam
      Critters don’t want to be left out of the pack

      People really got taken in on convid .
      I laugh when they run these stories about bank scams and yet over 50% of people of people rushed in to get their stabby juice.
      Several friends told me they would get it as soon as they could. No question.
      As I pointed out ..asbestos was this wonderful product that would save lives with its fire resistance , long life, resistance to corrosion etc. But start pulling it apart …not so good.

      Several have asked why they did it and now realise it was futile
      But it happened. and I believe they would do it again.
      Mass psychosis occurred right in front of us.
      And they can t tell you why.

      I do some business analysis. There is the basic rule that you need to ask the appropriate questions from
      Who, What, When, Where, How, Why.
      Not every question applies every time but usually at least 2.
      I have that as a plaque on my office wall.
      Why get the VaXXX
      What is the benefit
      What is the Threat.
      and so on



  2. This does not make sense to me which makes elements of the article questionable:-

    …Since 2016, J&J has been hit with at least $570 million in damage awards over cancer claims and paid out at least $2.5 billion in settlements, according to data compiled by Bloomberg…..
    So if there are awards of $570 mill why pay out 5 times that much ?



  3. This article shows some of the deviousness that Pfizer did in its phase 2 trials to gain the “Emergency Use Approval” EUA for the phase 3 experimental trial unleashed on the general public, ramped up to be able to also claim “safe & effective”,


    In pulling stunts like this, one would think that all contracts with countries should be fully exposed, and that secrecy & liability means that Pfizer broke the contract.
    It will be slow but over time when taken to Courts it will be chipped away.



    • The money? will be long gone, but I do agree, seize it where ever we can, Proceeds of Crime?
      That will mean we need a proper police forensic investigation as part of the Inquiry.

      Sue Grey raises a number of issues via Corona Plushie

      Sue Grey sharing some thoughts on the imminent end of the PfizerVax provisional consent on 3 November 2023, admissions about Myocarditis and Pericarditis in the Risk Management Plan, informed consent the Health and Disabilities Code and the need for a proper public inquiry to start to restore trust in government.
      21 minutes

      She does explain a number of points quite simply.
      Also some of the points that can be followed by ones who want to push further.
      Whether the “rights” will stand up, but we are the ones, where we can should help & do what we can.
      As we proceed down this track, this becomes a “common knowledge”.
      Just about how many of us have built enough info, knowledge that will now more than match most Doctors on Covid..

      How NZ judiciary system needs to be tested, and see how far it can be pushed.



  4. This ‘report’ is totally inaccurate and it smells like wishful thinking/confirmation bias.

    The issue is nothing at all to do with the covid injections. It’s because of lawsuits claiming that J&J’s baby powder causes cancer. This talc issue was mentioned in passing in the second paragraph of your article, but after that the wording strongly suggested that they were painicing over cancer, heart issues and Guillain-Barré syndrome caused by their DNA injections.


    Much as I’d like to think they are shitting themselves over their poisonous DNA injections, this is simply NOT the case. The article is totally inaccurate and, frankly, it’s disappointing to see how facts can be twisted by someone in order to match their biases.



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