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Bikers for Trump and Other Groups Planning to Retake Seattle Occupation Zone on July 4th

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  1. This is the story of the appeasement, rules of engagement, politics that lead to the capitulation of Seattle to Chaz.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “A social media post by a member of the Washington National Guard has been shared more than 7000 times since it was written on June 12th. It’s a true education in mob mentality.

    As Toby Cowern says, “Look how much ‘othering’ has been done already. Once that’s happening there’s a big problem.”

    He’s right – and here’s the shocking truth about what’s really going on in Seattle from a person who had a front-row ticket to the mayhem.”

    ……….. “The bastards torched my patrol car right there.” As she said that, the newspaper headline photo lit my smartphone screen as I could see protesters celebrating around broken business windows and a couple vehicles that were aflame.
    I thought to myself, “Why would someone do this?” As I read through the headlines, I came to realize the businesses were broken into, looted, and then set ablaze… all in the name of “Black Lives Matter.”
    I tried my best to connect the dots… but how does social injustice relate to graffiti, theft, malicious mischief, and arson?
    If there was a specific political statement from these crimes, even the news media didn’t interpret or understand it… it was obviously a crime of opportunity ……
    …….. “You guys keep killing us! You know, your training… don’t you have some sort of limitation where you can’t kill people?! You know, where you can only shoot us if we shoot at you?”
    At this point, I obviously knew she was referring to our Rules of Engagement (RoE) but it was obvious she was trying to provoke me.
    I tried to explain to her that what she was saying wasn’t true, but she kept interrupting me.
    Every time I’d try to speak, she’d raise her voice and interrupt me.
    As she continued to escalate, I recognized she was trying to provoke an exaggerated reaction out of me. ……..


    A long read, that shows the steps to capitulation and being stepped down.
    An interesting narrative from the experience of a well tested experienced disciplined veteran.



    • Will be interesting to see how the bikies handle this. 🙂
      10,000 bikies should wipe the CHAZ,
      Buy them a few beers for afters.
      …………. There wasn’t any construction going on. There wasn’t a pile of concrete or bricks anywhere to be seen.
      All I saw were younger people with heavy backpacks. THEY WERE GRABBING CHUNKS OF CONCRETE FROM THEIR BACKPACKS TO THROW AT US. Why is that important? Why would you carry chunks of concrete to a protest?
      Because you PLAN on using/throwing the concrete… When the concrete began to rain down on us, it came from ALL directions. What does that mean? It was COORDINATED. THEY PLANNED TO ASSAULT US WITH CONCRETE.
      I didn’t realize until later, but I have to tell you… it really pissed me off when I thought about the situation I had just experienced. As they were throwing these items, the [police] Officers tried to protect us by using less-lethal means (OC/CS/etc).
      NO LETHAL FORCE WAS USED. Could the Seattle Police Department use lethal force in that situation? Absolutely… a chunk of concrete to the head can KILL someone…

      What NO ONE realizes, because the media is bias as hell, at least three police officers were injured that day ………

      It is war, so I think the bikies will have their own systems that the police can not know about. 🙂



  2. Hmmm. Ten thousand bikers vs a collection of the vegan unwashed.

    Hard to pick a winner here. //



  3. Remember beating, raping, killing, looting, arson, extortion, racism, and threatening people with guns – are all peaceful.

    Source: The media and left politicians.



  4. The money says they will all go AWOL before the bikers arrive. Gutless ,useless trouble making arses.



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