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Czech Republic: Black Hitler on magazine cover  triggers Moonbats

A Czech weekly magazine sparked controversy with its cover page depicting Adolf Hitler as a black man. Footage filmed in Prague on Friday shows the ‘Reflex’ publication at a newspaper kiosk. The black Hitler on the cover and the ‘Black Lives matter’ slogan lied to criticism from human rights activists and a Facebook ban for the magazine’s editor-in-chief. A smaller text on the cover said: “Shall we kneel before all criminals who claim they want to improve society?”

Blacks are now a protected victim class who can do no wrong.

The more I read about these former eastern block countries, the more I want to go and visit. They seem like my kind of people.

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  1. The only parts of Europe for me too, the Visegrad countries.
    I would feel very supportive being a tourist there.

    A deeper understanding of Communism, and how they opposed, will still be in their personal family stories.



  2. It still astounds me how quickly society has forgotten how fucking evil things were behind the Iron Curtain.
    Can the ‘Socialism is just amazeballs’ brigade not remember the whole world celebrating when the wall came down??



    • It came down 9 November 1989 – that is 31 yers ago so anyone under 40, which most of them are, wouldn’t have a clue and I am willing to bet that a good majority of them have never even heard of it.



    • Wee Golriz remembers bullets flying through her backyard.
      She was born 1981 so was 8 in 1989.
      Of course she will remember that but was a bit busy country crashing, and preparing her case notes for defending, ah, helping, ah, giving representation to war criminals.

      So much to do , so little time, … and so little truth.



    • I think they are too young Capricorn One, Most of these stupid kids have no idea of life before the 80s they haven no interest in history at all, possibly have never read anything other then how to play new xbox games etc, so have no idea of what life was like during those times. However they are sure to find out the way things are going in New Zealand with shops filled with empty shelves etc and no jobs for them (to hate) go to but they will have the unemployment benefit as long as these stupid govt are in power. Ah they say Karma is a great thing, (not for the rest of us) will be for them.



  3. Well Hell
    It is about understanding history

    The East Euro countries are strong on identity and would fight for nationalism.
    They have been pushed about over hundreds of years esp with a strong Russia and Strong France.
    Napoleon and all.

    Germany is only a young country; officially younger than New Zealand. 1860s.
    It was late to the party and therefore had no real ‘colonies’ unlike modern days pip squeaks like Portugal (huge empire) and the Netherlands .

    The ‘in-between countries’ have been pushed about by Big Brothers(Ge, Fr, Ru) for hundreds of years.
    Until 1990 they were controlled from the east from the prior 4+ decades.
    Then the West wanted control and offered them sugar and spice via the EU.

    If you look back on recent history the Germans are the aggressor types.
    East Germany (GDR) embraced totalitarianism.
    Whether the brand was communist or Na zi ism they loved the Kontrol.
    East Germany were more communist than Russia with the massive drug treatment of athletes and the Stasi and so many symbols of communism. They had a head start with Na zi ism.
    It was so cool all that totalitarianism that Merkel’s father left West Germany and went East.
    It was not all one way traffic.

    There was no pushback on communism in GDR like there was in Hungary (1956) Czechoslovakia (1968) , Poland and so on.
    These countries wanted their nationality back.
    They experienced what Ardern is trying to create- loss of identity.

    The following YT graphic – 3 minutes- shows the changing borders in the last 1000 years in Europe.
    It is with amazing frequency. Something that people in NZ may have difficulty understanding.



    • I was reading James Michener “Poland” during my first visit to Europe – it was fascinating to begin to understand how that Country was used and abused by all during its turbulent history – no wonder that are now so fiercely protective of their identity now. Good on them.



      • I read a number of the Michener books.
        I struggled with Poland and did not finish but My Aunty read it after me and enjoyed it.
        I loved Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Covenant in a great output of literature.

        Michener was a true philanthropist as well; donating over $100 million for literature and education – in pre 1995 dollars.
        Better than the faux philanthropists of the tech boom era.



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