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Since when is shutting down traffic and creating gridlock good for the environment?

The youth climate mafia has come up with a brilliant new way to stop climate change: by illegally blocking traffic and causing traffic jams that force drivers to idle their vehicles indefinitely, pumping gobs of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

During the recent “climate strike” and “global week of action” against global warming, young people all the world over, walked out of their classes and began marching in the streets, with the goal of “blocking key infrastructure” and bringing normal traffic patterns to a “gridlocked standstill.”

Somehow, these climate Nazis came to the conclusion that causing mass mayhem in large metropolises like the beltway is an effective way to “save the planet” from an extreme warming catastrophe, which eco-fascists like Greta Thunberg have convinced many gullible young people, and even some old people, into believing is right around the corner if we don’t take “action” immediately.

In Washington DC, at least 22 major intersections, reports indicate, were intentionally barricaded by climate activists demanding that Congress pass a Green New Deal as quickly as possible. “Black Lives Matter” protesters were also present in some of these locations, screaming about how “minorities” have a right to live in pristine environmental conditions without all that nasty CO2 getting in the way.

According to a Twitter Post by the group “Shut Down DC,” the “message” being sent by these various activists groups during their road-blocking activities is that it’s time to “stop all the ways communities are being poisoned by Trump and the oil industry, and create a world where everyone has a right to clean air and water.”

All of this climate insanity is of course being egged on by the eco-fascist herself, Greta Thunberg, who’s teaching children, as well as children in adult bodies, that screaming and wailing about the climate and wreaking total havoc on society is the best way to bring about positive environmental “change.”

Perhaps the worst part about it is that these deranged groupthink drones see absolutely nothing wrong with their irrational actions, and are actually proud of doing them because they’re so convinced that man-man global warming is real.

“We will block key infrastructure to stop business-as-usual, bringing the whole city to a gridlocked standstill,” an official announcement for the protest brags.

“Parents, workers, college students, and everyone who is concerned about the climate crisis will skip work and school and put off their other responsibilities to take action on the climate crisis,” it goes on to state.

In other words, innocent children and adults lacking in cognition are now being brainwashed into panicking about the world ending in 12, seven, or five years, depending on which climate lunatic you ask, which is triggering many of them into engaging in extreme, and in this case illegal, actions that are putting other people’s lives at risk.

Change the name from Washington DC to Wellington and the story remains the same, especially today.

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  1. How on earth do they get the time off work I’d like to know? Ohhhh that’s right they don’t and receive the benefit which is made up of hard working NZ people working daily to pay tax on their hard earned $.



    • And then those protesting bene’s disrupt taxpayers from getting to and from work. Complete and utter NUTTERS who don’t understand the real world. Do they sit around in a circle-jerk making up their inept strategies while humming Kumbaya. Their benefit should be stopped if they are not out looking for a job that benefits the country not themselves



  2. I am a great believer in what I called the pendulum theory —markets whether they are financial, commodity or political issues go up and down or from side to side over time. But if it swings so far in one direction, as it is currently with the climate issues, then there will be big swing in the other direction at some stage. It may not go as far in the opposite direction but there will be abig correction.
    I will not predict what the trigger will be for the correction in the CC nonsense but I am sure it will happen. It maybe associated with an correction such as a worldwide financial market correction.



  3. I see a headline saying Simon Bridges tells protesters to take it the “woke” Government who are not doing enough on Climate Change.
    What the hell is Bridges doing even acknowledging these idiots, let alone going on about the Govt. not doing enough? Doesn’t he think Shaw’s Zero Carbon Bill having potential costs of 16% of GDP each year is enough ? You would hope he made it as a tongue in cheek comment but I do not think so. He just does not know how to pick battles or simply say “no comment”



  4. Their style does not convince me their argument has any merit. They are just irritating hardworking citizens who do not need this garbage. Peaceful protest is not a protest when commerce and people attempting to work are disrupted. I think they are pushing the margins of acceptability deliberately. They are testing to see how far they can go.

    Gluing your hands to a window is just brainless and is not peaceful or legitimate protest in my observation. Blocking a road or a commercial premise is not peaceful protest.

    My view, a warning to shift or be prepared to be shifted. Tough on the frontline Police but that is what this may come down to. The government, or the opposition, would be wise to not treat this behavior as peaceful protest. It is not; it is calculated disruption testing Police ability to move them on. The real organisers will be well out of likely harms way.

    If the government bows to this stupidity their ability to govern will be at risk. This will not stop if they get any demands met as a consequence of this extreme and unacceptable behaviour over such an orchestrated issue.



  5. The total amount of money invested in businesses and organisations that are dependent upon the myth that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels is causing dangerous global warming (and all the follows) is probably between $1 trillion and $2 trillion. That is about the same size as the total GDP of Australia or Canada. With that comes enormous incentive to maintain the myth, to lobby government and disparage or destroy any opinion to the contrary.




    • It gets worse Maggy and it is the money involved as well as the political capital which will make it hard to stop the scam.

      5 Oct: Australian: UN manadarins call shots over voters
      by Chris Kenny
      If not for environment editor Graham Lloyd’s report in this newspaper last week, who of us would be aware of the UN’s “green new deal” and its plans to redistribute $3.7 trillion around the globe in pursuit of its sustainable development goals? The UN and its member nations want increased government interventions to shift funds from prospective private propositions to what the UN deems as socially desirable investments.
      What could possibly go wrong? What has already gone wrong, and how did we get here?

      Meanwhile, as Cliona O’Dowd reported in The Australian on Thursday, investment funds worth $52 trillion are warning they will hold Australia’s largest companies to account over climate action. The Climate Action 100+ group includes some of our large industry/union superannuation funds and wields enormous shareholder power
      While the ceaseless vanities and rivalries of domestic political ambition play out in sovereign states, the forces of globalisation power on unabated. Clearly this was the case in Australia in September 2015…

      The goals themselves sound harmless — 17 motherhood categories ranging from ending poverty, eradicating hunger, delivering gender equality, fighting climate change, making communities sustainable and reducing inequality — but we all have seen the progressive political interventions that emanate from such undertakings, from extensive and futile climate subsidies to ridiculous edicts about which bathrooms we should feel free to use…

      If voters knew this sort of stuff was happening in their name, on their behalf, with bipartisan support and despite never being put to them, they might be expected to riot…



  6. Ed – the Wellington fiasco was not only youth.

    I heard an 80 year old woman interviewed this afternoon – she wanted to be arrested. I think she was also featured on stuff this morning – silly old woman.



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