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There was once a frog who had been captured by his country and put in a cage. As he was a very scared and naive frog, he believed it when told it was for his own good.  The frog was happy to be safe and not have to worry about predators. He loved the easy food, fully processed, preserved, and always available – even if unhealthy. Slowly he put on weight, didn’t exercise, and became very sick. His chronic conditions caused him to see the veterinarian and go to the hospital often. But the hospitals that he went to were focused on rules, regulations and money. They were set up as gatekeepers, to control healthcare access and make sure no one did anything wrong. They did not really care if he lived or died. They prescribed drugs that were expensive and poisoned his body, but the makers of the “medicines” made a lot of money on them and they shared that money with the veterinarians and hospitals.

The frog didn’t know any better, he accepted his fate and didn’t realize just how much the system was causing his demise. He became sicker and sicker. The sicker he got, the more he went to the veterinarians, who did not counsel him on healthy eating, well-being, community, and exercise, but instead locked him in more cages for hours on end and fed him medicines that helped in the short term but did nothing to cure his conditions. They did not offer him comfort or empathy. The veterinarians did not know of a better way to help people, they had never experienced healthcare that was healing, empathic, and health-based. They too were trapped in the system. The frog had no friends, he had no hope. Truly he felt like he was being boiled alive in chronic pain.

One day the cage door was left open. The frog ventured outside and thought that maybe he needed to find a better way. He ran far away from the country that imprisoned him and found a new place to live. At first, life was hard, as he had to capture his own food or trade for it. But he worked hard to become active, and fit and the process itself was invigorating. He found a local community. He found friends. His new companions gave him a reason to hope.  He felt alive again. Connected. Now, when he needed a veterinarian, which wasn’t very often – he found caring, empathic help, who could help heal him. The frog slowly regained his life back.

See the resemblance between this fable and the LIFE we are all living now?

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  1. I’ll give a none scientific analysis of the way our Country is feeling right now,
    My ma lived in a relatively new subdivision in west Auckland and we have been traveling to that place for over 20 years since the house was built, she recently passed away and I’m staying in the place getting it ready for either selling or renting.
    The distance from our own home to Mums is around 20km, a trip I’ve have made probably a thousand times in the last 20 years ,in the last 2 years that trip has changed from optimism to pessimism, where I’d see houses for sale snapped up in less than a week now there are places that have been on the market for weeks and weeks.
    The last 6 months have seen a turn for the worse with about 15 / 18 housing developments seemingly coming to a standstill completely, even the traffic has become less although the agression levels of drivers has definitely risen lately but I’m not concerned at all because the bus drivers wife Robbo is still saying “look, NZ is in a enviable position financially compared with the rest of our trading partners” and the creature Ardern states from 20 thousands kilometers away in a European summer that “NZ will lead the World’s push for climate regulations” .
    Meanwhile every government dept and agency is as dysfunctional as the Bains family and things get worse by the day as we head toward the slippery slope of inevitable 3rd World status, remember just a short time ago YSBrs would comment about Venezuela being our future ?? well sorry about that folks we are already there.
    In December 2018 I purchased a new M/C to use as my workshop hack for getting around town with ease , at the time it would cost me $18.00 to fill the tank with premium fuel ,on Monday it cost me more than twice that price to fill and the cost to buy that bike has gone from $9000,00 to over$11.000 in that same time frame, I haven’t raised my charge out rates a dime, and to keep the turnover coming in I won’t be .
    We are FUCKED.



    • Condolences for losing your mum rev. Deep breaths, it’s a process and dealing with it all while grieving is awful.

      Many are feeling depressed with the economy and our freedoms being screwed by the incompetent clown car.

      I see a report NZ pets are now being handed into shelters as kitty and the family pooch are sacrificed as too expensive and therefore disposable.



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